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  1. It's not a theory. At least 2 whistleblowers have corroborated the account.
  2. Bank of America strategists are warning of a big drop in the S&P 500 by March. “Fed tightening always breaks something” https://www.marketwatch.com/amp/story/fed-tightening-always-breaks-something-s-p-500-will-drop-to-3-800-by-march-warn-bank-of-america-strategists-e86be31e “Hopes for a “soft landing”, that would see U.S. economic growth slow gently without tipping into a recession as borrowing costs rise, have faded recently following stronger-than-expected economic data. A “hard landing” where the economy does fall into a recession is not likely either and as a result the talk has been about a “no landing” outlook in which the economy keeps growing even as central banks keep raising interest rates.”
  3. But it’s a start. And there are a dozen or more separate bombshell revelations from BC to Quebec, with hidden whistleblowers waiting for someone they can trust in the media. The Liberal party. Members of the Conservative Party. The CBC, and CTV. The RCMP. The Justice system(look no further than the Emergency Commission). Various premiers. The Covid overseers. And Trudeau was a very bad boy in his younger days. Tick tock.
  4. This will snowball. The whistleblowers are starting to come forward in Canada. The media are starting to break ranks. Did you see that Globe story?
  5. This is what we in the right(hehe) knew when this commission began. It's a white wash. But it served a very important function. Tons of Canadians waking up to the reality of Trudeau attacking our freedoms one by one, and becoming somewhat aware of this commission part way through. And thinking that it will obviously find the Liberal government guilty of a horrible over reach(freezing innocents' bank accounts). And then this happens, a finding that Trudeau did the right thing. This finding will wake up more Canadians than the trucker convoy, guaranteed.
  6. And here's another story on the tough situation of the auto market in Canada. It's a car bubble, much like a housing bubble. People getting behind in their car payments due to the higher cost of living(inflation), higher interest rates(on their variable rate mortgage, credit lines and or credit cards), and higher cost of the used auto purchased in the last 18 months https://ca.style.yahoo.com/more-canadians-falling-behind-car-payments-after-big-run-up-auto-prices-170916778.html "Typically, when consumers are in a very tight spot financially, they stop making payments on things like credit cards, lines of credit and personal loans long before they would ever do so on secured debts like a mortgage, their rent, or a car loan," said Scott Terrio, a certified credit counsellor and manager of consumer insolvency at Hoyes, Michalos Licensed Insolvency Trustees. "But given the choice between making your shelter payment and your car loan, the car loan will always go delinquent first."
  7. I’m almost stunned that the response from the left of center in this forum is so supportive of this story, that is evidence of election meddling in Canada. Even though it damages the Liberal government…
  8. Well good on you for being able to examine the evidence and seeing where it leads.
  9. And Seymour Hersh discusses his investigations into Nord Stream 2 sabotage.
  10. Ah, here we go, I missed this due to all of the nonsense.
  11. Okay, looks like the peanut gallery can’t do any critical thinking beyond what their media programming is. We are getting closer to all out war and all they can do is personal attacks, insults and harassment. Still waiting for a serious response…
  12. Sorry mate, you just got made. Just trying too hard...
  13. Did you know that the Russians have a nuke carrying ship in the Atlantic somewhere off the coast of the continental US? For my next joke, a Ruskie and a moonbat walk into a bar…
  14. Here’s a report that says open war between Russia and the US is nearing. Russian top officials are being quoted. https://www.zerohedge.com/geopolitical/russian-diplomats-issue-dire-warnings-war-us-close “The Kremlin’s top diplomat has warned that Western involvement in Ukraine is nearing "the point of no return," accusing the United States and the NATO bloc of attempting to transform the country into a "Russophobic military stronghold." Meanwhile, Moscow’s UN envoy declared that all of Russia’s "red lines" have already been crossed. ”
  15. You don’t want evidence, you want proof. All wrapped up in a pretty bow so you don’t have to bother with critical thinking. Your lazy programmed brain… Same goes with the economy and so on.
  16. Russia is requesting a UN Security Council investigation into the Nord Stream 2 sabotage bombing. Rumour has it that the MSM is staying away from this story(of the US possibly being responsible), because it would help Russia. If the MSM is now deciding on what to report based on who it helps, then they no longer are news organizations, but are propaganda disseminaters. And if we have come to the point where the truth helps Russia, then we have lost the moral high ground. https://www.globalvillagespace.com/russia-wants-un-probe-into-nord-stream-blasts/ “The proposal describes the blasts as “an act of international terrorism” and a “monstrous sabotage,” calling on the UN to hold accountable both those who gave the order and those who carried it out. The criminal act has threatened the security of all Eurasia, TASS reported, quoting the text of the document.”
  17. "Are you still having them?.” ”Yes, from time to time. They say it (unintelligible) your arteries, I need to get it checked out”. Then the other person relates that he never got the vaccine until now, which means he only ever got one.
  18. One other thing. Near the end, the topic of sources comes up. Hersh has been quoted as saying his policy on his stories is there has to be more than one, even if one of them is kept under wraps. He demurred any further questioning about sources stating that he had to protect them. He also related how the story was not hard to find, and I assume meaning people willing to talk off the record. He stated that those in the pipeline industry say it’s not hard to figure out who did it. In listening to the interview I was impressed with how mentally agile Hersh is. He sounds younger than 65, let alone 85. The interviewer later admitted that at times it was difficult to keep up with him
  19. Some tidbits from the interview: Hersh says there is no direct law against blowing up another country’s pipelines at sea. The old telegraph lines apparently had law written to protect them. Also, the only news media that has contacted him about the story is Fox News. Not one other news organization has so much as called him. My view on that, is this signals that the media, or at least some of them, are out and out covering for the Biden administration. You have to admit to yourself that if this had happened under a Trump presidency, the media would be wall to wall on this for a month. You have admit to yourself that Russia would not harm its own interests and blow up its own pipelines. Germany wouldn’t do it. It has to be someone in the region, or the USA. Whose president threatened to do it. Who else even has the capability to do it?
  20. The kind of intimate details that were revealed in Hersh’s story could only come from someone with the highest classified clearances. Someone in the inner circle, so to speak. And for such a plot, you know that that it would have been a small group. So there must be quite the witch hunt going on right now. They would want the whistleblower more than they wanted Snowden, for instance. This link takes you to the audio recording of an interview of Hersh talking a little bit more freely about the story. https://www.patreon.com/posts/radio-war-nerd-78596220
  21. Hey, does anyone commute by vehicle to work? I’ve been noticing that there are more accidents than ever. It has me wondering what the cause of all of these extra accidents is, if you can pick up what I’m laying down…
  22. The reason I ask is, I believe that there is some sort of committee hearing thing starting up this week.
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