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  1. For conservatives on this board:  Stop watching the news and stop posting or even reading on sites like this for a few months.  

    You will be amazed at how beneficial it is to remove something from your life that is so diametrically opposed to your beliefs.(watch what the jackals have to say to me below)  I'll see you next summer...Hold Fast.

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    2. Boges


      If this board triggers you by the number of "Liberals" on it, you have a slanted view of political discourse. 

      I suppose you're also disillusioned that Q lied to you. :lol:

    3. Shady


      Good advice.  The hypocrisy of some people on here, particularly the Biden and Trudeau crotch-sniffers is off-the-charts.  You really can't have much of a conversation with people that are so intellectually dishonest, with no remorse or self-awareness.

    4. BubberMiley


      Very good advice. If you can't debate and are just here to incite riots, you're better off "retiring". :lol:

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