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  1. When you have nothing to hide, you show up to testify. When you know you're guilty, you don't. 

    1. BubberMiley
    2. Shady


      You must also support stop and frisk policies too right?  

    3. BubberMiley


      Nope. You have to have obviously committed a crime---like posting "burn it down!" during a riot.

  2. Theo Fleury says Calgary mayoral election was rigged because his side lost and that's how Trumpers lose.

    1. Show previous comments  2 more
    2. BubberMiley


      But there's a difference between complaining about a specific grievance like gerrymandering or foreign interference and declaring an election to be fixed with no evidence or even a credible accusation. One is pro-democratic and one is anti-democratic.

    3. Shady


      No police were killed on January 6th.  And less police were injured than during the BLM Antifa riots you said nothing about.

    4. TreeBeard


      Mental illness is sad.

  3. Trump sues to keep his role in Jan. 6 insurrection attempt secret.

  4. "I'm not into golden showers." - Donald J. Trump

  5. "The fact that the Capitol was overrun and sacked and there was no effort whatsoever to evacuate the president out of D.C. to a secure, remote location tells you all you need to know about who launched and directed the attack." - Don Winslow
  6. Why would anti-vaxxers feel the need to take horse dewormer to cure a hoax?

    1. Show previous comments  25 more
    2. BubberMiley


      Nobody said it wasn't his choice. You're just changing the subject again to avoid the question I asked.

    3. Boges


      And it's other people's choice to consider him a blowhard moron. 

    4. Shady


      He’s anything but a blowhard moron.  His podcasts are 2-3 hours of in depth discussions.

  7. You didn't say anything about mortality. You just said it doesn't spread in gyms and restaurants. And you can blame your source for your misinformation but you're spreading it now too, so you're equally to blame.
  8. Why do you think the virus stops acting like a virus in restaurants and gyms? What do you think is to be gained from the "control" they have to suppress commerce, beyond limiting the spread of the virus? Should they have just nipped the virus in the bud by declaring the whole world to be one big restaurant?
  9. I learned the word "transunvaccinated" today. It means "an anti-vaxxer who got vaccinated but now regrets it after becoming brainwashed by QAnon blogs."

    1. OftenWrong


      Yes little princess, you can learn new things.

    2. BubberMiley


      I'm glad you didn't kill yourself...again...but nobody else seems to care.

  10. I think he finally got out of jail recently. But oftenwrong is correct in that I'm always right. You are mistakenly referring to a verse from "Vancouver Town". And I agree with you about its irrelevance. I was just curious why you would start talking about an imaginary song by a convicted pedophile. https://vancouversignaturesounds.com/hits/vancouver-town-71-rolf-harris/
  11. Are you referring to the one alternate verse of the song "Vancouver Town" by the pedophile Rolf Harris? Why?
  12. You are wrong...again. https://repolitics.com/forums/topic/40851-we-charity-scandal/?do=findComment&comment=1420615
  13. I find it creepy that you think you know everything I've said in the past 2 years. But you don't.
  14. That's true too, in that politicians that don't take it seriously inevitably lose.
  15. Covid response is almost entirely a provincial matter. That's why you see outrageous numbers in Alberta.
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