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  1. Perhaps you'd be happier in a different location . . . .
  2. Racist ? You seem capable of making anything/everything a 'racist' issue. The sun rising in the morning is obviously a Catholic-Illuminati-Muslim-Republican issue to you.
  3. "Elect a clown, expect a circus . . . " The clown has pissed away a mountain of money . . . and we have nothing to show for it. Crisis looms on the horizon, we have little in resources to deal with it. Up the carbon tax on the appropriate date of April 1st . . . . That smug prick is a traitor . . . . an enemy of Canada.
  4. Probable scenario: Five 'hereditary chiefs' stop pipeline, twenty elected chiefs and band members strangely silent, governments drop their pants and shit a mound of tax $$ and give the pipeline to the Indians, Indians have cash-control-jobs . . . . just the way this fiasco was supposed to play out. Indians gear-up for the next 'crisis'. Backed up by the anarchist riff-raff. Trudeau is a traitor . . . . we've been 'played'.
  5. Who is 'we' . . . . other tree planters from Port Alberni ? Your 'boy' Justin has done a wonderful job of destroying anything/everything that held this country together . . . . carry on.
  6. Have rifles that give a whole new meaning to that old AT&T advertisement phrase "Reach out and touch someone" . . . . that little .357 pistol-ette of yours just ain't gonna' cut it.
  7. You're happy with the formation of race based countries within a country . . . . . . carry on!
  8. They call each other 'Indians' . . . . it's an inside joke. The politically correct snowflakes are laughed at by the 'Indians' . . . .
  9. Town folks have the romantic notion that they'll 'live off the land' . . . . . naive and idealistic. This notion, if acted upon, often ends badly. Leave the bush to the folks that know how to live there. For experienced bush folks, life ain't all that great . . . .
  10. Five old men condemning the up-coming generations to all the wonderful benefits of living on an isolated reserve. The fulfillment of chronic unemployment, poor water and waste systems, the superb freedom from never knowing the meaning of 'work ethic', the exhilaration of dependence on money hand-outs, etc. . . . . . the list is long. Hereditary 'Chiefs' = selfish and stupid. Elected Chiefs = know what and how to truly help their folks to better themselves . . . Times have changed: The buffalo are gone, they're not coming back - - - get over it. Shady's post above nailed it.
  11. How did you come to that conclusion? Imagination ?
  12. Another thread smothered by Charles Anthony . . . . ?
  13. You have made a fool of yourself and insulted the logging industry. Would like to see a few of these protesters singled out, convicted, and jailed. Everyday, arrest a few more . . . convicted and jailed. Not the mass arrests that get all the media coverage, just peck away at them and deal with them harshly.
  14. In your opinion, is there any way the taxpaying public could find out the details/payouts/greased palms/etc.of this sordid affair? Was Mark Norman an honorable man - would it be dis-honorable to speak of his inquisition? Just asking . . . .
  15. You're making a fool of yourself, and you're off topic. Care to comment on the back-up of commercial marine shipping and the consequences of the protesters actions ?
  16. You sound like a politician . . . this thread's about pipeline protesters, and whether or not they should be jailed.
  17. Logger . . . 43 years. 'I suspect' you didn't learn much.
  18. Typical leftwing response . . . . you don't really understand what drives this country. Resource industries.
  19. Just how are all the social programs you left wingers expect . . . . to be paid for. You really come up with some ignorant statements.
  20. Quebec is the cancer of Canada . . . . Manitoba west would be a very viable country in a decade. Eastern seaport at Churchill for access to European markets, Vancouver & Prince Rupert for the Asian markets. Food and fuel . . . we have it all. With a 'tight' country as the west would be . . . investment money wouldn't be scared off or discouraged. There'll never be anything as long as Quebec is involved.
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