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  1. Adrienne Clarkson . . . . . useless pseudo royalty. An expensive joke.
  2. David Icke thinks she's a lizard. Can you prove him wrong?
  3. Begs the questions: Why would any thinking population want to house/support an in-bred family of aliens? What would the benefit be to the diverse resident home population? Leave them in England. The English deserve them, adore them, get pissed on by them . . . . . while the rest of the world guffaws. There's probably only a handful of residents in Canada who think that the British monarch is something special . . . .
  4. You seem to be the only poster here that has a compulsive need to present your credentials . . . . please tell us again how 'educated' you are.
  5. Canada's case of chronic 'athletes foot' . . . . the queen (small case q) Don Cherry
  6. Coach's Corner . . . . . with Brian 'brain-dead' Burke, and Ron 'zipper-man' MacLean. Should be a real suck fest. Is there anyone as arrogant and stupid as Burke ? I don't think so.
  7. Grapes doing a lacrosse commentary/show . . . . . supposedly 'Canada's game'. Lots of my Indian brothers play tough and mean. Let the 'sensitive new-age guys' (snags) have their politically correct hockey. Just so you know, 'snags' are standing dead trees . . . they've lost their 'cones' and are good for fk'all. Little bit of logger jargon . . .
  8. Did he mention "South Asians' . . . ? Why are you trying to beat everyone over the head with your fucked-up assumption of what Don Cherry meant, rather than what he said. Grow up fool.
  9. Do you ever get tired of lighting your hair on fire? Don Cherry commented on his observation. Nothing racist/bigoted about that. This country has been 'pussified' . . .everyone like you view themselves as a victim. Get over yourself.
  10. This site is over-moderated . . .. . the ebb and flow of conversation is stifled. Time-outs, demerit points, deletions, e-mail conformations, constant chiding, etc. make this site a ponderous proposition.
  11. "percentage of profits...." Assuming that a "percentage of losses" would be included in your utopian plan ?
  12. Most game animals will be safe . . . . . there'll be no guns. Folks will be eating leaves like the moose do. Don't eat the big leaves . . . . . you'll need them for ass-wipe. This country is fk'd
  13. Still doesn't change the fact that your shoes are on the wrong feet. Andrew Scheer will never be PM . . . probably a nice guy, just doesn't have the 'royal jelly' . . .
  14. You could also advocate for spelling and punctuation . . . .
  15. Sad fact is that the CPC will never govern Canada again . . . .
  16. Road block by the Hell's Angels . . . . or some FN group. Let's guess who is arrested.
  17. Daylight Savings Time . . . . . . all the time.
  18. Simple fact: Andrew Scheer will not win an election for the CPC.
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