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  1. Ministry of Silly Walks . . . . . Monty Python nailed it.
  2. Hilarious . . . the Royals are Britain's case of athletes foot. Country of cripples . . . economically, politically, and morally. A win-win-win situation if there ever was one. The truly funny thing is that some folks here bow down and kiss that athletes infected foot . . . .
  3. The Prince of Lizards . . . . . a reptilian creep. Jail, or carry on as usual ?
  4. Our dumbf'k 'leader' flying to London to answer to his NATO masters . . . .
  5. Was loading an off-road logging truck . . . driver jumped out of the cab waving his arms and we listened on his radio . . . . I liked her because she didn't fit in with the lizards.
  6. Who cares? British royalty is irrelevant in this day and age. Besides yourself, who thinks 'the gingers' are anything special? You're living in the past. Somewhat sad.
  7. Kid Rock's ex wife . . . the lovely Pamela Anderson, has moved back to her hometown of Ladysmith. Have seen her around town a few times. Canada's first born on July 1st, 1967.
  8. Scheer does not exude power and confidence. These qualities are needed nowadays with a visually lulled electorate, irregardless of the issue or policy. The Conservatives are stalled with Scheer at the helm. He will not win a Federal election. Step down Andrew, you just don't cut it.
  9. So you like Quebec . . . good for you. Too bad that a very large and growing segment of the population/provinces are seeing Quebec for what it is. Quebec is a parasite.
  10. Guessing you're a fair skin/haired person in need of dental work and a pair of Ray-Bans? Apologies, I should have used a different descriptive example. Who's Julie Payette ?
  11. Support the Monarchy? Support a bunch of in-bred 'gingers' with bad teeth, and light sensitive eyes . . . . well, some confused members here like them . . . I guess. Kinda' sad really . . .
  12. Nice utopian dream . . . . too bad it's not reality. The reality is that Quebec isn't interested in contributing anything to hold this country together. Always got their hand out for other folks money, and bitching about it. Want them to separate, want them to leave. Want them to stfu. Canada's cancer . . . Quebec.
  13. That might be your reality . . . . . it's not mine. Canada, a country divided along racial, economic, and regional lines. Canada is the Humpty Dumpty busted at the base of the wall.
  14. 'We' meaning Ontario/Quebec ? This country just ain't that 'great' anymore . . . . Time for some big changes.
  15. "So what do you understand from the word 'money' ? " . . . . . . . good socialist rhetoric in your above post. How about 'taxpayers dollars' to pay all the un-necessary 'deadwood' in the traitors new cabinet ? Ministry of Middle Income . . . . wtf
  16. Are federal inmates able to have the costs covered for a sex change . . .?
  17. Dislike about the Liberals . . . . . ? The Liberal government is what it is . . . . . corrupt liars championed by a entitled f'ktard. What I really detest are the voters that think this behavior is acceptable and voted accordingly. Sad.
  18. Scheer isn't viewed as a leader . . . . weak presentation of indefinable policies, combined with poor body language . . . . He didn't look capable of delivering your evening paper. Predicting he's gone after a Leadership Convention . . . .
  19. What do I hate about the Liberals? . . . . What I like about the Liberals now is that they have polarized Canada and have brought the separation of the west to the forefront. I want to see Canada cleaved in half. I want to see the four western Provinces and northern territories as a separate country.
  20. The real head scratcher is why would a beautiful young American woman, Megan Markle . . . . give up her country and career to go and live in a shithole country of fog, fish 'n chips, bad teeth, pale complexions, and unfounded arrogance? She could be cruising to a California beach in her Benz convertible, sunshine, hair blowing in the wind, milkshake in hand . . . . Just doesn't make sense. Megan made a mistake, just like Diana did. Hypnotic attraction to lizards? Some folks here are also under the reptile spell . . . . sad.
  21. Blue blood . . . . . Prince Pedophile. The British royals are so special . . . . f'kn lizards.
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