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  1. What happened to the Canadian f'tard arrested in China as a drug smuggler . . . . . was about the same time as the Michaels ?
  2. The Michaels are in a bad situation with no options . . . . no winners here. The US played us perfectly.
  3. It's been said that American Jews tend to vote as a block . . . . no American President will piss-off Israel. Don't know if this is true ??
  4. Of course I do . . . . thanks for your concern.
  5. They're a predatory entity . . . . Trump appears to be better prepared to deal with them than past presidents have been. Canada/Trudeau/Freeland are a sad joke. The Michaels will pay the price. Canada's f'kd !
  6. Don't waste your time trying to decipher her responses to anything. She is the poster child for the left-wing dingbats who control this country now. White/non-white supremacists are Canadian citizens now.
  7. I'd like to punch that fuckers face in . . . .
  8. Where do you get this stuff? You have an 'altered reality' . . . . . wtf
  9. Have you ever seen any teacher that's happy . . . . with job, or pay, or class sizes, or with anything? Disgruntled 'ne'er do well's' teaching your kids to be just like them. If being a teacher is too hard for you . . . quit! Get a real job. F'k !
  10. I wear a moccasin and a cowboy boot . . . . both fit, both comfortable. I cross the border at will . . . citizen of North America.
  11. I wept (openly) when Aimo Cajander passed away . . . . . such a wonderful Prime Minister of your country.
  12. Ministry of Silly Walks . . . . . Monty Python nailed it.
  13. Hilarious . . . the Royals are Britain's case of athletes foot. Country of cripples . . . economically, politically, and morally. A win-win-win situation if there ever was one. The truly funny thing is that some folks here bow down and kiss that athletes infected foot . . . .
  14. The Prince of Lizards . . . . . a reptilian creep. Jail, or carry on as usual ?
  15. Our dumbf'k 'leader' flying to London to answer to his NATO masters . . . .
  16. Was loading an off-road logging truck . . . driver jumped out of the cab waving his arms and we listened on his radio . . . . I liked her because she didn't fit in with the lizards.
  17. Who cares? British royalty is irrelevant in this day and age. Besides yourself, who thinks 'the gingers' are anything special? You're living in the past. Somewhat sad.
  18. Kid Rock's ex wife . . . the lovely Pamela Anderson, has moved back to her hometown of Ladysmith. Have seen her around town a few times. Canada's first born on July 1st, 1967.
  19. Scheer does not exude power and confidence. These qualities are needed nowadays with a visually lulled electorate, irregardless of the issue or policy. The Conservatives are stalled with Scheer at the helm. He will not win a Federal election. Step down Andrew, you just don't cut it.
  20. So you like Quebec . . . good for you. Too bad that a very large and growing segment of the population/provinces are seeing Quebec for what it is. Quebec is a parasite.
  21. Guessing you're a fair skin/haired person in need of dental work and a pair of Ray-Bans? Apologies, I should have used a different descriptive example. Who's Julie Payette ?
  22. Support the Monarchy? Support a bunch of in-bred 'gingers' with bad teeth, and light sensitive eyes . . . . well, some confused members here like them . . . I guess. Kinda' sad really . . .
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