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  1. Military members . . . . .what do you think of an unarmed Canadian public? It seems we are headed in that direction a degree at a time. Is the backlash militia groups as seen in the US? Are the US militia groups comprised of mostly right-wing, libertarian, Republican, Conservative type folks? Are these types the ones that made their countries great? Too many questions . . .
  2. Kind of like the military? On the taxpayers dime but showing allegiance to some foreign queen, president, country, or what ever flavour of the day is . . . . show some deference.
  3. Hey! This just isn't about handguns in the urban/inner city, it's about every law-abiding gun owner that owns a firearm that the two twits deem as 'assault, military, or scary looking(to them) regardless of action style, mag capacity, colour, or visual style. I live in western Canada where long guns are used regularly, and where they are considered no more important than that wheel wrench to change your tire. Guides, outfitters, farmers/ranchers, hunters, target shooters are all in the sights of the Federal Liberals. This is a hunting culture where I live. We eat wild game and grow our vegetables . . . . and may 'look after things' if push comes to shove. Every gun owner should be concerned . . .
  4. Trudeau & Blair are going to ban a lot of long guns that look military . . . . and a variety of sporting long guns. This, according to them, will curb gun crime. Trudeau & Blair are way out of their depth. Canada has a lot of gun laws that are never used or upheld. Trudeau and the UN are dangerous.
  5. What's the source of your hydrocarbons/oil information ?
  6. When all oil is gone . . . . that's when changes will come. Not until then. Get used to it.
  7. The rest of your post is indicative of a city dweller. There are rural folks that pack. I was licensed to pack while prospecting. Minimum .41 caliber for permit. Not the weapon of choice in G-bear country. Short shotgun is best, but it's always getting banged up with your pack frame. Ruger Super Blackhawk was what I packed. Travelling alone in thick coastal G-bear country is anything but relaxing . . . . always watch your backtrail. Trudeau and Blair are idiots.
  8. Many of you may be aware of the Federal Liberal's new legislation/push to ban hand and long guns in the wake of the 30th anniversary of the Ecole Polytechnique massacre in Montreal. The dis-arming of lawful Canadian gun owners is an attempt to 'trigger' public alarm, and distract from the very real problems of a country coming apart. Thoughts . . . .
  9. What happened to the Canadian f'tard arrested in China as a drug smuggler . . . . . was about the same time as the Michaels ?
  10. The Michaels are in a bad situation with no options . . . . no winners here. The US played us perfectly.
  11. It's been said that American Jews tend to vote as a block . . . . no American President will piss-off Israel. Don't know if this is true ??
  12. Of course I do . . . . thanks for your concern.
  13. They're a predatory entity . . . . Trump appears to be better prepared to deal with them than past presidents have been. Canada/Trudeau/Freeland are a sad joke. The Michaels will pay the price. Canada's f'kd !
  14. Don't waste your time trying to decipher her responses to anything. She is the poster child for the left-wing dingbats who control this country now. White/non-white supremacists are Canadian citizens now.
  15. I'd like to punch that fuckers face in . . . .
  16. Where do you get this stuff? You have an 'altered reality' . . . . . wtf
  17. Have you ever seen any teacher that's happy . . . . with job, or pay, or class sizes, or with anything? Disgruntled 'ne'er do well's' teaching your kids to be just like them. If being a teacher is too hard for you . . . quit! Get a real job. F'k !
  18. I wear a moccasin and a cowboy boot . . . . both fit, both comfortable. I cross the border at will . . . citizen of North America.
  19. I wept (openly) when Aimo Cajander passed away . . . . . such a wonderful Prime Minister of your country.
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