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  1. A weak ineffectual Prime Minister completely absorbed with himself . . . foreign infiltrators and enemies of Canada gaining a greater hold on the business of Canada . . . great times ahead!
  2. Sam Cooper: GlobalNews national investigative journalist. Author. 'Wilful Blindness' . . . How a Criminal network of narcos, tycoons and Chinese Communist Party agents infiltrated the West. If you're concerned at all about Canada's open door policy towards China's underworld, financing terrorist groups abroad, and the infiltration/influence into Canada's political system, read this book. Names, dates, and places all included.
  3. You are the one who is bigoted, unaccepting of others who do not think as you do. Unaccepting of others beliefs. I don't believe anyone has slammed the Bible here, but there are some that question the Bible's content. Through the centuries the many translations, interpretations, lost/omitted books, and the constant change of words/meanings, etc. leave the Bible open to interpretation and question(s). There are some that have questioned you and your motives also.
  4. How do you know that? People have various and differing 'truths' but they are their 'truths' none the less.
  5. Messiah Complex? Why are you so intolerant, unaccepting, condescending and condemning of other folks beliefs?
  6. 'My God's tougher than your God' . . . . as blackbird implies. A sad, rigid, blind blackbird.
  7. Perhaps the natives thought the missionaries and Christians were 'the heathens' . . . .
  8. Doubt that the CBC would be so embarrassed and defensive if their bias wasn't so blatant and fawning . . . .
  9. Ahhhh herbie . . . . . . did you finance your 'Anger Management' and your 'Equivocation Disorder' classes with your credit card?
  10. Stephen Harper . . . Bachelor's Degree in Economics (1985) . . . Master's Degree in Economics (1991) Justin Trudeau . . . Bachelor's Degree in Arts (Literature 1994) . . . Bachelors' Degree in Education (1998) Who of the above would most likely know how Canada's largest company, which is Canada itself, operates to the advantage of its shareholder citizens?
  11. You're all missing the point . . . get free money from the Chinese government, hire illegal Chinese immigrant labourers to complete the job, furnish it in the timeless and classic Chinoiserie style . . . . . everybody happy!
  12. Ever heard of the 'Squirrel Whisperer' . . . ? I like to converse with the trees, although they get real quiet when firewood goes into the stove.
  13. For you urban folks, there's an applicable bit of old wisdom: Everyone who lives alone in the bush is crazy . . . it's just a matter of degree.
  14. On a lighter note . . . . Perhaps the 'Dipsy-Doodle Dipshit' owns a credit company and will issue credit cards to his loyal enablers and followers ?
  15. Besides the damage this Liberal government has inflicted on Canada . . . eg. massive debt, lost investor confidence, over-reach into many personal/private initiatives, ratcheting-up tax increases with nothing to show for it, soft on crime, etc., etc. . . . It has done damage to the inherent enthusiasm the Canadian citizens have to make this country work as a country. We are divided as never before, all on the whims of a fool.
  16. Run along now little man . . . . Justin has your 'Enabler' badge . . . wear it with pride.
  17. The word 'fear' isn't in my dictionary. I consider Justin Trudeau an enemy of Canada, therefore, my enemy. You 'fawning' apologists are the enablers that keep this country on track for its third world status goal. Get a grip yourself, open your eyes and look around.
  18. Your above quote is a concept that TreeBeard, eyeball, and others have no grasp of. The Emergency Act was abused by an inept government and its weakling leader. If not reined in, that weakling leader will use it again . . . and who knows for what.
  19. I don't agree with your views, but appreciate your straightforward answer. Thanks
  20. blackbird . . . why/how did you become a zealot? Were you abused, or an alcohol/drug abuser, abandoned as a child? How did you become the person you are?
  21. Why is your religion so full of frauds? That is the question I'm asking you.
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