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  1. The definition of genocide means there was no genocide of the residential school children. There is no evidence they were killed. Sure they were in many cases abused physically and mentally. But that doesn't equate to murder. There may have been neglect in caring for them and some died as a result, but that still doesn't meet the definition of genocide. The cultural genocide is a false claim. The purpose of the schools was to assimilate the aboriginal children into white man's society but calling it a cultural genocide is a stretch. Using the word genocide is deceptive and misleading. Natives drive pickup trucks, cars, and live in houses. Are they really complaining about that? No. They use the public health care system instead of going to a medicine man. Are they complaining about that? No. People who throw the word genocide around need to wake up and act more responsibly with their words. They are inciting hatred and possibly criminal acts.
  2. White immigrants from Europe are not involved in crime. Your insinuation is pure fiction. Where did you come from? Did you hear on the news somebody in Haiti just assassinated the President of Haiti? Great place! Haiti has a history of instability, violence and coup d' etat. Even the liberal CBC admitted that this morning. Yet how many immigrants or illegal border crossers came in from Haiti? How many of the Toronto gun criminal's parents or grandparents came from Haiti? Those are the kind of places that should be on the ban list. Trump had the right idea when he closed the borders to certain countries. Those are the exact kind of places Canada gets a lot of it's immigrants from.
  3. If Biden and his cronies say the military must take biological men claiming to be women in, the brass will do what they're told if they want to keep their jobs.
  4. The truth is not all men are rapists or perverts. But definitely there are some who are. Biological men who claim to be women and go into women's washrooms or change rooms is a problem to begin with. Any biological male can claim to be a woman and go into women's facilities with ulterior motives. I would not be happy if I had a daughter who happened to be in such a situation.
  5. Interesting how certain groups get special status in Canada, making the rest of us second class. Even the French who married natives are called Metis and given special status. Figure that out. What makes them so special? Some Canadians with special status get certain benefits the rest of don't get and have to pay for ourselves. "The Government of the Northwest Territories (GNWT) sponsors the Métis Health Benefits program to provide eligible Indigenous Métis residents of the Northwest Territories access to a range of benefits not covered by hospital and medical care insurance. Through this program, NWT residents receive coverage for eligible prescription drugs, dental services, vision care, medical supplies and equipment." NWT Métis Health Benefits Program | Health and Social Services (gov.nt.ca)
  6. I have seen a hacker come into my computer after I made a political comment on an elected MLA's Facebook page. The timing of this hack seemed more than a coincidence. Be aware, there may be more going on behind the scenes as far as surveillance than we realize. I could see the hacker going through every word on my screen and highlighting each word in yellow or blue. This is not normal computer behavior but is obviously a search by an intruder, a violation of privacy rights. Or it may be a state tool to intimidate or silence opposition critics on the internet. I found a website which has software and shows how to trace hackers. I will look into this. Freedom exists to a certain degree only if we stand up and defend it. Otherwise we lose it and we become more like a totalitarian Communist or Fascist state. "When your computer is hacked, a hacker will typically install a Remote Access Trojan, or RAT, that will allow them to gain access to it again in the future. This trojan will listen on a TCP or UDP port and wait for connections from the remote user. Once the remote user is connected they will have full access to your computer and be able to access files, programs, screen shots, and possibly your web cam." from: Tracing a hacker (bleepingcomputer.com)
  7. Canada is bringing some bad people into the country. That needs to stop. Why is the media hiding the information about the suspect who reportedly deliberately killed the police officer in Toronto? Where did he come from and when did he arrive in Canada?
  8. What happened 50 or 100 years ago is no excuse to destroy property that belongs to Canadians. The criminals need to be brought to justice.
  9. It was on BC Global TV news tonight. Minister Farnsworth possibly of Public Safety condemned the comment.
  10. Kind of like the head of the B.C. Civil Liberties Association who apparently tweeted "burn them down". She is under heavy fire from government and other sources. Doubt she will keep her position in an organization like that. I'm pretty sure she just ended her career in that position. Many people have lost high-ranking positions for saying a lot less.
  11. There were non-biblical sources. Probably one of the most well known was Josephus, a Jewish historian, who lived around the time of Christ. Quote: 4. Flavius Josephus A Jewish historian, became a Pharisee at age 19; in A.D. 66 he was the commander of Jewish forces in Galilee. After being captured, he was attached to the Roman headquarters. There are three valuable references for New Testament students. One (Antiquities xviii. 5) describes John the Baptist just as the Gospels do. The second (Antiquities xx. 9) describes the death of James: The reference to Jesus being the brother of James fits the New Testament data, but that Jesus is further identified as the Christ is remarkable in light of the following quotation from Josephus. Here He is already called the “Christ,” i.e., the Messiah. The third excerpt from Josephus is of special interest because of what it says about Jesus: Jesus is called a wise “man” (hinting that he might be more than a man), did wonderful works, was a great teacher, was the Messiah, was condemned by Pilate (at the instigation of the Jews), rose from dead on the third day (in fulfillment of the Old Testament), and a movement of “Christians” continued at the time of Josephus’ writing. Value: This is the strongest corroboration of the resurrection of Jesus and his mission outside of the New Testament documents. Unquote Historical References to Christ From Non-Biblical Authors | Free Thinking Ministries There are several other historical figures that are described in this article. Of course anyone who saw the miracles that Jesus performed while on earth and then saw him after his resurrection would be "eager to promote Christ". Because that is something worth promoting. They put their lives on the line and some died for the faith. People do not promote something they know is false, but when they know something is true, of course they would promote and support it with all their strength. Your claim that the Bible is heavily edited is nonsense. The King James Bible is based on the Hebrew manuscripts for the O.T. and the Received Text for the New Testament. These are the majority Greek manuscripts from the early centuries. About 5,000 early Greek manuscripts or parts of manuscripts were preserved down through the centuries. The only edited Bibles are the corrupt modern translations which were produced in the last 150 years. They are based more on the corrupt Sinaiticus and Vaticanus manuscripts. The four writers of the four gospels are Matthew, Mark, Luke, and John. These are traditionally believed to be the writers of the four gospels. If you are looking for forensic evidence, I don't know if there is any that would fit a legal definition and is not considered a requirement for the past 1,900 years. The Bible Journey | Who wrote the Gospels?
  12. Thank the woke, progressive politicians like Biden and Democrats for this situation. Now male perverts pretending to me females can expose themselves to women and children and there don't appear to be any consequences. Any male can put on some women's clothes, claim he is a woman, and go into a woman's facility and expose himself or sexually assault women or young girls. In fact they have Antifa types defending this behavior and using it as an excuse to assault people. Seems to me Biden was working on legalizing biological males using women's facilities under the alleged claim of equality for all. This problem is purely man-made.
  13. All events and facts of history are written down accounts of witnesses. That is just a fact of life. Courts of law accept it especially when there are multiple eye witnesses. So why wouldn't you accept it with the Bible?
  14. Oh! Then why is it illegal to walk out in public naked exposing yourself? Isn't swearing in a public place actually illegal? Behaviour is a word that could included anything. I'm sure there is a long list of things under the title behaviour that would be illegal. And lots of things that are illegal behaviour actually come from the Bible, like stealing, killing, and harming other people. Afraid you lost badly on that claim.
  15. Churches are being burned down and people are being hurt. The Rebel Media is one of the few media outlets that are speaking out about this and has offered a reward for information. Political leaders are saying very little against burning down churches. The police and justice authorities are saying very little. What are they actually doing? There is a lot of hate against Christianity in the world in general as Jesus said there would be, but this burning down places of worship is a special kind of hate that needs to be dealt with in Canada.
  16. The Bible condemns making marks on one's self, yet I see a lot of people covered with tatoos. Is this a consequence of ignoring the teaching of God's word in schools and everywhere? Secular humanism (atheism) says everyone can do their own thing. But the rest of us have to look at it in public places. "28 Ye shall not make any cuttings in your flesh for the dead, nor print any marks upon you: I am the LORD." Leviticus 19:28 KJB
  17. Learned men of God in the early centuries A.D. chose which books were inspired and which were not for the Bible because some writings had things in them contrary to for example the teachings of the Old Testament which had already existed for centuries. Other books were rejected because they obviously conflicted with the other books of the Old Testament or conflicted with the Bible as a whole and the message it was conveying. It was more a process of rejecting heretical books. These were godly men who were led by the Holy Spirit. They did not choose the content of the books that made up the Bible. Remember God chose fallible men on earth to convey his written revelation to mankind. They were not angels, but they were believers that God chose for his work in the same way God has chosen men for various tasks down through the ages. We read and study God's revelation and the Holy Spirit teaches us. God uses the Holy Spirit to teach man through his written revelation.
  18. Men determined which books were inspired or Holy Scripture, but these were Godly men who believed in God and Jesus Christ. They did not determine the content of the Bible other than which books were inspired. They did not "edit" the Bible. There were very learned translators in the middle ages who were very knowledgeable in the Greek and Hebrew languages who translated the Bible into English in the 16th century.
  19. The books we have in the KJB were determined as Holy Scripture by the early believers in the church. Some Romans were believers but as a whole the Roman Empire in the first three hundred years persecuted believers and threw them to the lions. But it was believers in the first few centuries who determined what were inspired holy Scripture and what were not. They rejected writings that they believed were not Holy Scripture. The Apocrapha is a collection of books which were added by the Roman Catholic Church but were rejected after the Protestant Reformation. That's why we don't see them in the King James Bible. They are not considered as Holy Scripture. But to sum it up the books that are accepted as Holy Scripture were determined by believers themselves (men of God).
  20. You are fabricating a narrative about where the Bible came from. It was actually written by prophets and apostles who were inspired by God. Almost all of the writers were Jewish prophets and they wrote what they were inspired to write. There are I think 66 books of the Bible by various authors. The King James Version is based upon the received text and is therefore God's inspired Bible. The Old Testament actually was the Hebrew Bible and was extremely carefully copied down through the ages in Hebrew. Some of the Old Testament is historical that tells the history of man (Genesis). The first number of books are historical which recount the history of Israel as Israel was/is God's chosen people. The whole Bible is God's revelation to man. The truth of the Bible is verified by the miraculous events which were recorded by eye witnesses. The most important event was the resurrection of Jesus Christ who was seen by eye witnesses after the resurrection. This means what Jesus said while on earth is factual and he is God as he taught. Someone who raised the dead and was himself raised from the dead in no small matter. It is what God considered important to say to mankind. I don't think you know anything about it and are just throwing out bull crap.
  21. Christianity and science are compatible. It is just a question of understanding the place of each subject and how they fit together. Christianity is based on the Bible and the Bible tells us that God created the universe and life in six days. This was a supernatural event of course. Some people have a problem with that because they think everything must fit into some kind of scientific explanation. The truth I believe is God created the universe, earth, life, and man with a certain age at the time they were created. He did not create man as a baby, but created a full grown man (Adam) and Eve. Therefore it is reasonable to assume all life, and the earth itself was created with an apparent age. So it is reasonable to assume the earth had geological age built into it at the time it was created. Science tells us a lot of things, but science is man's observation and theories of the universe. It does not necessarily have the answers to everything. Science is not meant to give the answers of explanations of things in the spiritual or supernatural realm. The Bible is a supernatural book and it's contents are of a supernatural character. There are countless articles, videos on the internet, and books that deal with this subject. There are scientists who can explain how the earth appears to have an long age but actually is a much younger age that fits in with the Bible account. Some theologians and many Bible believers who take the Bible literally and say the earth is six, ten or so thousand years old according to biblical dating. There are of course people who profess to be Christians but do not take the Bible account literally and go with theories of evolution and a long earth age. They are assuming science is more reliable than Biblical revelation. There are problems with that reasoning. The Bible is meant to be taken in general in as literal way. That is how the account of creation given in Genesis is written. It is impossible to try to reconcile the biblical account with a long earth age claimed by many scientists. People who believe in an account of the history of the earth based on a long earth age of hundreds of millions of years are people who do not believe or accept the supernatural account given in the Bible. One must accept that the creation of the earth was a supernatural event and that the Bible is meant to be taken literally, unless there is some biblical reason why not. The Bible gives no reason why it should not be taken literally. The Theory of Evolution contradicts the Biblical account of God creating everything in six days. However, the Theory of Evolution has been found to be doubtful by some scientists for a number of reasons. But the reasons for that does take some time and effort to understand. There are different websites which have information that go into that. It is an important subject because the Theory of Evolution has had a negative effect on the world as it attacks the authenticity of the Bible and Biblical truth. This has led many people to accept secular humanism as a world view rather than biblical truth. Secular humanism is purely man's reasoning and rejects God's revelation to man, which is the Bible.
  22. Orange shirts (red power and their left wing radical supporters) in Winnipeg just brought down statues of Queen Elizabeth II and Queen Victoria and the authorities did absolutely nothing. If authorities continue to do nothing or next to nothing, they are sending a message to anarchists and lawbreakers they can do whatever they feel like with impunity in Canada.
  23. In the past 18 months the alt left or antifa/BLM destroyed and burned many properties and vehicles in various cities in the U.S., but we hear very little about investigating that. Yet the Jan. 6 riot at the WH is the centre of attention to the Democrats in the U.S. and they say very little about the carnage caused by antifa in the past year and half, which was far greater damage than the Jan. 6 riot. The difference is the Jan.6 riot came into the corridors of power and scared the heck out of the federal politicians. But when antifa burned down businesses across the U.S. it doesn't seem to bother them. As for Canada, the government took action and declared the Proud Boys, the Three Percenters, and possibly a few other tiny groups as terrorist organizations although they had done no damage to property or harmed anyone in Canada as far as I know. At least I don't recall seeing anything on the news. I suppose they think they are being proactive, but I'm not sure how that fits in with the Charter of Rights. If thinking a group are terrorists (meaning potential terrorists) without them actually having committed any terrorist acts in Canada is enough to declare them as a terrorist organization, then I can think of some other groups in Canada that could be declared as terrorist groups. What about all the churches that are being burned down?
  24. Oh Canada, our home and native land. Where did it go? We still have the Queen. God save the Queen. We still have some wilderness where one can escape the maddening crowds of liberal and left progressive politicians, media, and their drones. And most important we have God and his revelation, who is in control above it all and will deliver those who by his gift of faith and salvation trust in his Son. According to the Bible, those who believe the gospel are saved for eternity while those who reject it will be lost for eternity. So the circus on earth is just passing noise.
  25. One reason real estate prices are out of sight in Vancouver, Victoria, and other major cities is because of money laundering of foreign money from rich foreigners or crime sources. Canada has become a Narco state and vast amounts of money have been pouring in and is being invested in real estate, driving the prices up. Even rich people in Communist China don't trust the Communist government and believe if they leave their money in China it could be seized by the government at any time. So the safest way to store their money is to put it in real estate in places like Vancouver.
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