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  1. I don't support my tax dollars being used to teach kids they can choose whatever sexual identity they wish. Sexual Orientation and Gender Identity (SOGI) is enforced by the BC government department of education and is a perverse lie. The only possible way around this travesty may be for parents to home school their children. Kids need to be protected from this vile brainwashing and other radical Marxist ideology, such as mankind evolved from the swamp slime and is only an animal.
  2. It's pure social engineering and full of lies and exaggerations. It's all about deception to get votes. There is no "systemic" racism. Inclusiveness is the new propaganda word of liberals and left to con the masses of immigrants, LBGT etc to voting for them. Many will believe the big lie even though they have never experienced racism or discrimination. Same reason they all go on the pride parades even though they have never been discriminated against. Just because normal white conservatives don't join in the fake shaming and take part in pride parades doesn't mean they discriminate against everyone. But liberals believe any lie their politicians tell them on these announcements. Normal people are busy working and living their lives, not discriminating against anyone. We're not destroying the environment either. That's anther lie you liberals and left have swallowed. Just an excuse to push forward their perverted progressive agenda and hit hard-working Canadians with ever more carbon taxes.
  3. The Marxist/progressive leaning Liberal leaders (PM and cabinet) are on the CBC propaganda station right at this moment talking their usual virtue signaling progressive propaganda. Talking about creating an energy efficient economy with emphasis on inclusion, diversity (LGBTQ), anti racism, developing a green workforce, creating more opportunity for marginalized, blah blah blah. This will be done with a 2.6 billion dollar green retrofit program. If you read between the lines, the usual suspects in the way are obviously the white, conservative, straight Canadians. This is all about creating division, and garnering more votes from who liberals describe as disadvantaged minorities who are the victims of white supremacy and a racist society. The narrative that Canada is a racist, discriminating society must be pushed constantly. White, straight shaming on steroids. The groups targeted for preferential treatment will be racialized minorities, those with disabilities, LGBTQ, and women. They are creating 2,000 new energy advisor's positions. Presumably these 2,000 "advisors" will be selected according to their diversity/minority status. This is pure government social engineering and vote pandering at it's worst.
  4. You are obsessed with the imperfect world and think somehow with some sort of Marxist ideology man can create a utopia. Well, it's not going to happen that way. The Bible has the answers. First man rebelled against God and became fallen and corrupt with a sinful nature. That's why the world is imperfect and always had wars, crime, and corruption. This will continue and in fact, get worse until the Lord returns. We are experiencing a pandemic but this may be just sign of things to come that may be worse. According to the book of Revelation, large portions of the population may die. There could be nuclear war. That is easy to see since the superpowers are working very hard in building their military capability with the most advanced weapons they can. There is cyber war, there is economic war. There is ideological war with agents and dupes spreading misinformation and propaganda. We live in an open society where freedom provides an easy target for the enemies of freedom. There may be biological war and we may even be in it now. Meanwhile our time on earth is limited and God tells us to be converted to his Son and be saved. That is the way out of this mess. Oh, and if it wasn't for people like me buying goods through Amazon, those slaves might not even have a job. They might be far worse off living on social assistance and food banks. Support Amazon and help a slave!
  5. That's true. Liberal ideology is anti-military. They live in a kind of pacifist utopia in their mind. They are not strong supporters of the armed forces. Perhaps this is all part of their strategy to undermine the armed forces. Most of the public can't see it or understand it. Much of the public and politicians have been brainwashed into accepting the liberal woke thinking.
  6. Don't forget he was the top ranking officer, far above her. Therefore there was a huge imbalance of power. He was in a position where he could do whatever he wished. As commander he could demote her, re-assign her, or whatever he felt like doing if she didn't comply with his wishes. Such situations should never even exist in the military. Should be no women in the same ranks or branches of the military.
  7. I thought there were regulations against a high-ranking officer even having a girlfriend in the military. Isn't it an extreme imbalance of power and enables him to manipulate her. Doesn't that put him in the wrong? But again there should be no women in the same units or in positions where they are in proximity to men and can become familiar in the military. That has proven a failure. Liberals ignore human nature and are following their woke ideology of feminism.
  8. You should not have even been involved in having to deal with men and women situations in the military. That is a huge distraction and not what the military should be involved in.
  9. Nobody knows how many allegations are false. There have been no reports of false allegations on the news, but repeated reports of large numbers of sexual abuse cases. Whether they have all been verified as legitimate I don't know. The news reports don't say. But I can say mixing women among men in the ranks was a huge mistake. It is against human nature and ignores the natural sex drive of males. There should be a separate branch of the military as I believe there was back in the 1940s. The liberal ideology of feminism, i.e. treating men and women as if they are sexless and the same, is a total failure. Of course men are going to be attracted to females in their ranks. That has been the way it has been since the creation of men and women. That's the way God created mankind.
  10. I disagree. Working for Amazon is far better than living off taxpayers on the government dole and far better than the slave wages of the millions of workers in many other countries. The world is not a perfect place and America and Canada are among the best places in the world to live and work, even if the job is not the best-paying. Nobody is guaranteed to be paid at a high level, but everyone is guaranteed they can take training and leave the job and find a better-paying one. People are free to move to a place and try to find better pay. There is no right to have high paying jobs in a free and democratic society. But there is freedom to quit and go somewhere else and try to get a better job.
  11. Since the subject is this error-prone government, take a look at this article about the Liberal government's immigration plan to bring in 1.2 million immigrants over the next three years, falsely claiming it will be good for the economy. Diane Francis: Trudeau's immigration scheme is just another way to redistribute Canada's wealth (msn.com) I agree with the article completely. The real reason is to bolster the Liberal's ethnic voter enclaves and redistribute wealth. Out of that 400,000 immigrants per year, 103,500 will be family class (mostly parents and grandparents) and 65,000 will be refugees and protected persons. These groups will not be contributing to the GDP for the most part but will be an added strain on an already strained health care system and other government services. Overall, this amount of immigration will likely increase the costs of housing for Canadians and further strain the economy and add to the federal and provincial debts of Canadians.
  12. Actually the government allowing foreigners to buy up real estate in Canada demonstrates they are globalists. They don't put Canadians first or protect Canadians. That's why they bring in vast numbers of people from the third world and allowed migrants to walk across the border and get on all the benefits. I don't know why you would say my comments are not worthy of being on the discussion forum if you believe in freedom of expression. Who on here has a monopoly on the truth?
  13. Government intervention in every aspect of life is part of Liberal ideology. We see the results of that in every area of government policy. The energy industry for example. Trudeau killed two major proposed pipeline projects and caused great harm to the energy industry in Canada because of his radical climate change agenda and interventionist spirit. Now the liberal government is trying to bring in through bill C10 control of what people post on the internet. They want to use the government bureaucracy, the CRTC, to control private internet companies, which in turn would censor private citizen's comments on the internet. A prime example of Marxist or Communist government control and a violation of freedom of expression.
  14. You seem to be missing something. The fact that in the military men and women are mixed together in their units which allows men to become familiar with them and opens the door to temptation.
  15. No, I never blamed the victim. I laid the blame squarely on government "progressive" feminist policies. That's the root of the problem. That has created a lot of sexual abuse victims.
  16. I could give lots of examples of the failure of government control or intervention: 1. Very slow pandemic response by government. Refusal to properly close the borders and stop the thousands of Covid-infected people from flying or driving in. 2. Failure to have vaccine manufacturing capability in Canada because of past government policies that drove pharmaceutical/ vaccine manufacturing out of Canada. 3. Trying to negotiate with Communist China to get vaccines, which failed. Sending PPE's to China. 4. Sexual abuse in the military a result of government policies on feminism. 5. Long gun registry that cost billions of dollars and accomplished nothing and was finally abolished. 6. High real estate prices in Canada partly because government allowed foreign investment to buy up real estate in Canada. Also excessive intervention, taxes, red tape that drove up the real estate prices.
  17. I don't see drawing cartoons in France as having anything to do with the subject of women in the military. You know there are a lot of Islamic terrorists in the world and nobody can guarantee being protected from them. If you can't see the problem is the mixing men and women together in the military has proven to be disaster. Nobody can predict who will be an abuser. It is an enormous disaster based on liberal ideology of feminism and equality of the sexes but completely ignores the truth of human nature.
  18. Yes, but also the military should not be designed in a way that creates temptation. Everything has boundaries and protections. Why do you think people have locks on their homes or fences around their property, or banks have security guards when money is being shipped in or out? Common sense is necessary to protect against the depravities of humans.
  19. Of course it doesn't excuse those doing the assaulting, but if you drop handfuls of money on the street on the way out of the bank, and don't notice it until you get home, don't expect it to be lying on the ground when you get back and don't expect it will all be returned to you. Face it, the world is full of weak, dishonest people.
  20. The problem is with liberals or Liberals, whichever you prefer, that can't seem to understand the simple facts of human nature and try to re-design the military in a way that puts many of the men in positions of temptation. And then expect nothing will happen.
  21. You need to ask the 500 plus women in the Canadian forces who were assaulted. Ask the generals how it happened. It is a simple fact when temptation is placed in easy reach of men, you know what happens. Simple logic that you don't seem to want to admit.
  22. OK, I'll give you a concrete example, although there are many of the failure of government intervention. The widespread sexual abuse scandals in the Canadian Forces is a prime example of government imposing it's ideology. Liberal feminism is what forced the military into integrating women into the ranks of male armed forces ranks. The rampant sexual abuse is the consequence. A prime example of liberal ideology completely ignoring human nature and the sex drive of men. Women should have remained in a separate branch of the military as I believe they were during WW2. This would have kept the sexes apart more. But this goes against the liberal ideology of feminism and that the sex of the person doesn't matter. Well, it has come back to bite the liberals hard and they have no solution. An example of government intervention (progressivism) proving it is a failure.
  23. Government proves over and over how bad Socialism is. The pandemic response failure and slow vaccination rollout is a prime example of the disaster of Socialism and bureaucratic control.
  24. You need to look more at the good side of things. Amazon has grown into a fantastic service that allows people to easily order goods from an infinite variety of choices from the comfort of home and for a relatively small fee have it delivered to their front door within a few days. This has made life much easier, especially with the pandemic, by allowing people to cut down on going into busy department stores with people everywhere. It also saves time and gas and is an enormous convenience to millions of people. It also provides thousands, maybe tens of thousands of jobs to Amazon workers in various places. This is what innovation and private enterprise does that authoritarianism and Socialism fail to do. Sure maybe the jobs are not paying as well or don't have all the benefits that some government workers have who live off taxpayers with their government unions, but Amazon workers could unionize and time negotiate better benefits for their workers. This is far better than Socialism and inefficiency of government running things. With the government/bureaucratic, inefficient postal service it has always taken weeks to order something from somewhere and costs a fortune for shipping. Amazon is fantastic.
  25. Another clear sign we are moving toward some kind of authoritarian Marxist / globalist state: Much of the former power cabinet ministers held has been removed from them and centralized in the PMO's unelected staff and Prime Minister himself. A clear example of this the SNC Lavalin/Jody Wilson Raybould issue and the Harjit Sajjan/ military sexual abuse problem. The minister of defence, Sajjan, refused to listen to a complaint against Vance and declined to take action, a clear sign he has little or no power to do anything. Gives the impression ministers are afraid to do anything for fear they will be shot down by the PMO or PM. This is a result of removing decision making from the elected and appointed cabinet ministers and centralizing it in the PMO, some of whom are unelected bureaucrats.
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