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  1. It's your choice whether to ignore God's teaching in the Bible on our fallen, sinful state that leads to damnation or seek salvation through faith in his Son and his written word. Faith cometh by hearing and hearing by the word of God (the Bible). All I do is point out the Biblical facts as I see them. What people do with it is between them and God.
  2. You need to do some studying of the subject on the link. Read some of the article on scripture and science. Evolution is the biggest fraud perpetrated on mankind in the last 200 years. Evolution is saying there is no God and the creation just came into being by itself by random chance processes. This has been debunked as an impossibility. One tool of this debunking is mathematics and the law of probability. In science, the proof of something is done with mathematics. The theory of evolution fails the test by the mathematical law of probability. Of course God knew about the fraud. God allow it to occur as part of his long term plans for the world and universe. Man rebelled against God in the garden of Eden and the world has been a fallen, corrupt place ever since. He gave mankind free will to choose what to believe. Belief or faith in his Son and his written revelation is the key to salvation from a fallen evil world.
  3. Secular humanism or atheism is what you are talking about. That is a defeatist ideology which leads to a lost eternity in hell. Secular humanism is actually a religion in and of itself as many embrace like it their religion. Secular humanism developed over the last 200 years. Genuine science developed over the last 500 years and many of the greatest scientists that ever lived believed in God. This all changed in the 1800s and especially when Darwin brought in the theory of evolution. It is what much of society bases their lives on as if it is fact. The reality of God's creation is all around them but they choose to ignore it or give it's existence some other explanation such as the theory of evolution. This has been taught in schools for decades as if it is fact when it is totally unproven. It has been shown to be false on a number of fronts. One is the mathematical laws of probability. Real science is proven my mathematics. The law of probability demonstrates evolution is a virtual impossibility because evolution depends on random chance processes. Well, mathematics shows that anything with odds of less than 10 to the 50th power has virtually no chance of occurring. The theory of evolution is like someone playing a lottery every day for say a year and winning the jackpot every single time. What are the chances of that happening? That is the same category of possibility of the proper atoms and substances coming together to form life. Virtually no chance by a random process, which is what the theory of evolution claims.
  4. The theory of evolution is one of the biggest frauds in the last 200 years. If you want to know the why and how it is a false theory and what the implications of believing the theory of evolution or believing God are go to: Reformation Resources | Reformation International College The theory of evolution is debunked by science. Study the articles under the heading Scripture and Science. God has a plan for you. Life has a purpose.
  5. Quote Prime Minister Justin Trudeau lectured the Conservatives about “anti-Asian racism” and “tolerance” during Question Period on Wednesday when asked about protecting Canadian research institutions from Chinese foreign influence. Recently, the Globe and Mail revealed that at least seven scientists from Winnipeg’s National Microbiology Laboratory collaborated with China’s People’s Liberation Army (PLA) on infectious disease studies while working in Canada. Trudeau made the comments after Conservative MP Candice Bergen pressed him on whether his government was willing to cut research ties with the Chinese communist regime. Unquote Trudeau lectures CPC about anti-Asian racism when asked to end China-Canada research - (phoenixwolfj.com) Trudeau has officially been asked by an opposition MP to apologize for accusing the opposition of anti-Asian racism when they asked a question about national security and has taken the request under advisement. He is a master at giving apologies. Let's see if he apologizes for his own inappropriate comments in Parliament. The Apologizer-in-chief just apologized for imprisoning a number of Italian-Canadians in 1940, WW2 and were released in 1942. An interesting article on the National Post reveals that these people who were arrested were investigated by the RCMP and imprisoned were actually hard-core card-carrying Fascists who supported Mussolini and were only a small fraction of the Italian Canadians in Canada at the time. History has been revised to not tell the facts. It is easier for liberals to get votes by revising history. Colby Cosh: Most of the interned Italian-Canadians were hardcore Fascists. Why is Justin Trudeau apologizing? (msn.com)
  6. China already has Canada over a barrel. This is proven by the fact China holds two Canadians hostage and the federal Liberal government was afraid to vote with Parliament to say China's treatment of the Uyghurs is a genocide. So the Liberal cabinet and PM abstained from the vote proving they are under strong influence of China.
  7. Also, China and Canada are not cooperating in any sense that would benefit Canada. You forget Canada has a tiny population compared with China which has about 1.2 billion people and is a superpower. Saying China and Canada can somehow cooperate and benefit equally is absurd. The CCP's aim is to increase their power and influence in the western world and whatever they do must align with that objective. Their goal is an authoritarian world much like their own system and rid the world of liberalism, individual rights, and democracy which they view as corrupt and destructive. Therefore everything must be geared to that end.
  8. I have done significant reading about China and what is going on in the world and don't accept your benign fictitious view of cooperation and collaboration between China and America. Maybe a bit between CAnada and China because liberals are more leaning toward acceptance of Communist China. There are many naive people in Canada and in the government.
  9. No, China is not a "Capitalist" country in the sense of western democracies. China allowed private companies, which are not really independent private companies in the same sense as the west. The Chinese Communist Party control everything and all companies if they see a benefit to their system. They may not be Communist according to the strict definition of Communism, but they are totalitarian, deny human rights, and a brutal regime. That headline is more propaganda, probably from China supporters. If you understood the struggle between America and China-Russia in the world in all spheres you would understand that talk is just nonsense. China keeps things secret if they deem it might be in their own interest. They don't admit to any fault or allow America to investigate the source of the Wuhan virus. You are really mistaken if you believe they are cooperating on much more than anything superficial. Any "cooperation" would only be if they saw something of significant benefit to themselves.
  10. Already explained that the question 'Is Canada becoming Communist" is inter-related with all these questions. Canada has been too deeply involved with China for years.
  11. All of this is related to the subject of Canada becoming Communist. Canada's involvement with a virology lab in Communist China raises big questions about what Canada's relationship is with Communist China. That is a lab that could be involved in producing biological weapons to use against the west, including us. All these questions are interconnected in some way.
  12. No, it's not just the Post Millennial reporting on it. "Ottawa funds COVID-19 research project that is collaborating with Wuhan virus lab" - Ottawa funds COVID-19 research project that is collaborating with Wuhan virus lab - The Globe and Mail Once again Google easily finds the answer.
  13. That's easy to answer. If you too tried Google you would easily find my comment was not junk information. This is strong evidence the Post Millennial article was factual contrary to what you think. " US liberal media's Covid U-turn: A year after TRASHING theory that COVID originated from a Wuhan lab because Trump supported the suggestion - America's woke mainstream news outlets suddenly start asking if it's true! The first reported fatality from COVID-19 was in Wuhan, China, on January 11, 2020 By January 21 the virus was in the U.S.; a week later The Washington Times speculated about a 'lab leak' The suggestion, picked up by Trump and embraced by China hawks, was ridiculed by the left-wing media A year later, a growing acceptance of the possibility of a 'lab leak' has formed - ignoring past skepticism Dr Anthony Fauci, the nation's top public health official, now says that he believes it is possible The WHO sent a team to investigate earlier this year but were not given full access to China's laboratories " A year after left-wing news TRASHED theory that COVID originated in Wuhan lab outlets now BACK idea | Daily Mail Online
  14. There is a news report on The Post Millennial: "Trudeau government gives $828,000 grant to Wuhan lab where virus may have originated | The Post Millennial" Can this really be true? Another report on CNN says investigators have found there were cases of severe illness reported in the Wuhan Virology lab back in November of 2019, shortly before the Coronavirus reportedly began spreading. This needs to be investigated further. We also need further information as to what the Trudeau government's involvement with the virology lab in China was and for what purpose. The public needs to know these critical things. Why do we hear the American news outlet CNN talking about the sick cases in the Wuhan virology lab in November 2019, but not a word about it on Canadian news outlets? We need to know if these were Covid cases and details about what was going on in that lab. Nothing heard on CBC either about the government donating to the Wuhan lab.
  15. You notice how Trudeau's committee to find potential candidates to be the new Governor General is taking months. This delay is because Trudeau and Liberals hate the idea of having to appoint someone higher than the PM who might sometime have authority over them. It goes against the grain of authoritarian, totalitarian mentality of dictators. They must take their time to find someone who will be submissive to the will of the PM.
  16. When I listen to Trudeau or liberals promote carbon taxes and hear Erin O'Toole reply with his own form of carbon tax which he claims is not a tax, I do think it is a "Hegelian dialectic" debate. Sickening! All deceptive semantics.
  17. "Are non-Muslims' fear or dislike of Islam "irrational" or "exaggerated"? Muhammad killed thousands of non-Muslims (see Religion of Peace), his Quran tells Muslims to "kill" non-Muslims (see No Compulsion in Religion), and Muslims are killing non-Muslims indiscriminately around the world, including in USA (Boston, Orlando, San Bernardino), UK (London, Manchester), France (Paris, Nice), Belgium (Brussels), Spain (Madrid), Germany (Berlin), Russia (Beslan, Saint Petersburg), Indonesia (Bali). The are also killing Christians discriminately in the Middle East (e.g., Iraq, Syria, Saudi Arabia, Pakistan, Turkey), Africa (e.g., Egypt, Sudan, Nigeria, Niger, Libya, Cameroon, Chad, Mali, Ivory Coast, Somalia) and Asia (e.g., The Philippines, Indonesia). Therefore, the fear or dislike of Islam is neither "irrational" nor "exaggerated" nor "unfounded," but eminently rational and founded in light of the instructions in the Quran and the actions of Muhammad and Muslims today. It would in fact be irrational to not fear or dislike those who are trying to kill you. After all, would you accuse the Jews in Europe in 1942 of suffering from irrational "Naziphobia" (see Hitler and Islam)? "Islamophobia" is a misnomer coined by Muslims (see Muslim Brotherhood) as part of their campaign (see Taqiyya) to neutralize the opposition to and prevent the criticism of Islam that it deserves." ISLAMOPHOBIA — What Is The Definition of "Islamophobia?" (billionbibles.org) Watch the video at that link.
  18. I support it unless it's goal is to deny everyone their basic freedoms. Every right has caveats or limits. Even freedom of expression has limits. Any group that has a history of terrorism should be banned. "* In the United States, Canada, United Kingdom, and other European countries that resist the Sharia law, it has proven adept at infiltrating elements of the society that are left vulnerable (see Sharia law in America and Islamization of America)." SHARIA LAW — LIST OF KEY RULES — What Is Sharia Law? (billionbibles.org. An equally big threat to western civilization comes from the liberal or left movement who has no understanding of the threat posed by political Islam in the world and think they should be allowed in under the claim it is just freedom of religion. This is very naive and self destructive.
  19. Exactly! That is the problem in a nutshell. I support freedom of religion but Islam is a political-religious system that opposes our basic western values and human rights. What are liberals and left thinking by letting them into our country? It doesn't make sense. Freedom of religion is available to everyone but that freedom must be within the bounds of other basic freedoms. If a religion cannot accept that and denies people these basic freedoms, they should not be here. Sharia Law clarifies what the problem is: SHARIA LAW — LIST OF KEY RULES — What Is Sharia Law? (billionbibles.org)
  20. You are holding to a false belief system of what home schooling and Christianity is all about. I forgot the word for holding a false biased belief about something. Maybe you can recall it. The theory of evolution has been debunked by many scientists. Maybe do some reading from another point of view instead of automatically believing everything the secular humanists / atheists tell you. Try the website creation.com There are many Christians who believe vaccines are good. They have saved millions of lives. But there have also been the odd case of serious bad reaction to vaccine. That is why it should always be a matter of choice except as I have already said, when a person is in close proximity to older residents in a care home. Aside from that vaccination should not be mandatory in a free society. Home schoolers must follow the provincial required curriculum. But, they can also include the Biblical viewpoint by having the Bible included as a extra subject. That is what freedom is all about in western civilization. We still have freedom of religion. Same as private schools. Some of them include their religion as an extra subject, which is an important difference from public schools, which do not. We don't live in a fully Communist state yet and still have some fundamental freedoms. Kids run away from all kinds of homes, not just Christian homes for a variety of reasons. Again you single out Christians while there are countless people who left their non-Christian homes. Trying to blame Christian families for kids that run away is ludicrous. There is no basis for it. I have known many Christian families and can tell you many of the ones I have seen are stable. Many of the young people have grown up well and gone on to university. I can't say the same thing for a lot of non-Christian families where there is drug abuse, alcoholism, broken homes, and rebellious children. But some kids often rebel regardless of how stable or good the home is. They are often heavily influenced by their friends in the public schools as well who may be wild. Sometimes young people just rebel for no apparent reason. The influences from the world are very strong.
  21. The RC religion, if examined in the light of the Holy Scriptures, is a false religion of idolatry and a false gospel. In that religion a person must work their way to heaven and must believe in the RC religion and partake in their sacraments, which is contrary to the Bible. So it doesn't matter what they say about who is heathen. It is neither here nor there. All that matters is what the Bible (Holy Scriptures) teach. I know some people believe indigenous culture should be supported or encouraged, but nobody says exactly what that means. Most people who have any knowledge realize indigenous people cannot return to the ways and beliefs of their ancestors. Today there are many red power activists who want to capitalize on their ancestry in order to extract what they can from the land and natural resources developed by white men. I can see why they would wish to remain separate and self governing in order to extract what they can from society.
  22. What in the world is with PHAC, the Public Health Authority of Canada? First they said is OK for Canadians to cross the border into the U.S. to get vaccinated. Then a few days later, they withdraw permission. "On May 17, in response to a request from local officials in Windsor, Ont., for guidance regarding Canadians getting vaccines in the United States, PHAC confirmed to David Musyj, president and chief executive officer of Windsor Regional Hospital, that receiving a COVID-19 vaccination is indeed a valid exempted reason to cross the U.S. border; that confirmation was shared with local media. In an interview with the Post, he said that he had two main questions when he reached out to PHAC. There are already scenarios in which PHAC has helped source critically needed medicines for health-care workers in Windsor from the United States; he offered an example of a rare anti-venom that was urgently needed and was sourced, with PHAC’s aid, from a zoo in Michigan. PHAC told Musyj they’d look into that. Fair enough. Musyj also sought clarity on whether a COVID-19 vaccination would qualify as medically essential care — because if so, a Canadian who got vaccinated in the U.S. would not need to quarantine. PHAC confirmed to him that, yes, that would be a valid exemption. The email to Musyj, sent May 17 by officials at PHAC, is clear. “The (emergency border closure order) allows an exception to the requirement to remain in quarantine for the purpose of attending essential medical services or treatments at a health care facility, including undergoing a COVID-19 vaccine or molecular test .” (Emphasis added.) That’s a clear answer from PHAC — getting a vaccine qualifies. This was great news. Until PHAC walked it back. In a new statement sent to the media on Thursday, PHAC reversed its original, extremely clear statement. “The Order In Council provision that outlines testing and quarantine exemptions for travellers returning to Canada after receiving essential medical services (in) a foreign country was not intended to be used for those seeking to receive a COVID-19 vaccination,” the new statement says. “This provision is in place to allow Canadians who are seeking life-saving medical treatment outside of Canada.” The statement also says that PHAC hopes this helps clear up “misinformation” being published by the media, and that vaccines are now “widely available” in Canada. Have these people gone bonkers? This is an agency that has already been roundly criticized, and deservedly so, for bad, unclear and inconsistent communications. Fifteen months into it, they’re still so bad at this that they’re reversing themselves in days on issues of awfully significant public interest. And they’re saying that journalists who reported on the obvious plain reading of their own original statement were spreading misinformation ? With leadership like this, our continued struggles with the pandemic make more sense, don’t they? There’s no guarantee this plan was ever going to work. The border works both ways. American officials have to be willing to let Canadians in to get vaccinated. Officially, the United States says they do not consider getting a vaccine an approved reason to enter the United States during the emergency. Unofficially, it’s clear certain border guards are interpreting that policy extremely loosely, to the benefit of their Canadian friends and neighbors. Your mileage very much seems to vary on this one. Still, it’s worth noting that PHAC could be demanding Canadians go to the U.S., and if the Americans don’t play ball, nothing happens. But they could still be doing everything on their part to make it feasible. They aren’t. Musyj said he was communicating directly with health-care providers in Michigan about setting up an operation where Canadians could have gone to Michigan, gotten jabbed in their car and returned to Canadian territory without ever setting foot in America or driving onto any public roads there. It would have been a perfectly contained vaccination loop. That’s exactly the kind of program we should be trying to hammer out with our ally, but instead, PHAC is finding ways to sloppily rule it out, in the most confusing way possible. “Take a walk in my ICU right now,” Musyj told the Post. “You’ll see it’s full of people who couldn’t get access to the vaccines they needed. The people who didn’t have a chance. Forget a ‘one-dose summer.’ Let’s get them vaccines now.” --National Post Matt Gurney: Canada's public health agency goes bonkers reversing vaccine exemption for border crossers (msn.com) If hospitals and ICUs are full of people who never had a chance to get a vaccine shot, what is the matter with PHAC, that they would decree an order denying people the right to cross the border to get a vaccine shot, which is free, and gives people the chance of choosing which vaccine and even getting a second shot sooner? The only way we are going to get over this pandemic is if as many people as possible get their two shots as soon as possible. Why does PHAC stand in the way? Is politics getting in the way of common sense? In another pandemic news article: Conservative Health Critic: ‘we do have to be questioning the health minister’s competency’ | Watch News Videos Online (globalnews.ca)
  23. Correct me if I'm wrong, but the Canadian Forces and RCMP swear allegiance to Her Majesty, which represents the country. This is because Canada is a Constitutional Monarchy.
  24. I don't think Trudeau is going to get very far with that. There are likely many people and groups anxious to challenge it in the courts. Seems like he wants to start a civil war over basic freedoms.
  25. Of course the Holy Roman Inquisition which lasted for about 400 years was a great evil that killed millions of people. There have been many evils done in the name of Christianity or religion; however this does not negate the truth of the Bible or gospel which was taken to heathen nations. There has been much savagery in various parts of world. It is nonsense to suggest aboriginal culture is somehow something to be admired or encouraged, without knowing what all it entails.
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