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  1. quote 7. In socialism, the state attempts to control all communication “In socialistic countries, centralisation of the means of communication and transport is in the hands of the State.” In communist nations, people are not allowed to have freedom of speech. Violations can be severely punished (I.e., “Meta-owned Facebook and Twitter have been blocked in China since 2009”). Since God owns the world, nobody has the right to restrict free speech, especially the proclamation of the gospel (Psalm 24; Acts 1:8-9). 8. In socialism, a utopia comes from a revolutionary change from the outside in. “Marx’s utopianism lay in the aim of abolishing the distinction between state and civil society, and in the harmony he assumed would emerge.” This goes against the biblical principle that systemic change doesn’t start from the outside. Instead, it starts from the inside when people are born again in their hearts from above (John 3:3-8). 9. Socialism categorizes people as either the oppressed or the oppressors. The Marxist revolutions were started by inciting the so-called proletariat to overthrow the social systems of the so-called bourgeoisie, thus pitting poor and rich citizens against each other. This violates the Bible principles of justice and impartiality in which God commands us not to show favoritism to either the rich or the poor (Leviticus 19:15). Also, a popular form of contemporary socialism called “critical theory” violates biblical principles by categorizing people based upon their sexual identity, economic status, skin color, ethnicity, or gender. Biblically, there is only one human race made in the image of God. In Christ, all the walls that divide humanity have been broken down (Genesis 1:27; Galatians 3:28, Ephesians 2:14-22). 10. Socialists believe the Government is responsible for all social care. In Socialist and Communist countries, the state is responsible for caring for the poor and providing all goods and services necessary for citizens. They would conceptually view families, churches, and nonprofits as competition to the state if they attempted to do the same. Contrariwise, scripture admonishes Christians, churches, and ministries to serve as benefactors to their larger secular community as witnesses to the gospel (Luke 10:25-37; Galatians 6:10; Titus 2:14; Titus 3:8). unquote 10 Reasons Why Socialism and Marxism are Antithetical to Biblical Christianity - Mattera Ministries International (josephmattera.org) The argument democracy produced Socialism is also a false argument. If democracy produced it then the majority are wrong and produced an evil system, i.e. Socialism. The other thing is the democratic system is also at fault. The Liberal or NDP government can win an election with less than 40% of the vote because of the division of votes among various parties. If the system delivered Socialism then it only proves the democratic system is seriously flawed and corrupt and the voters are wrongheaded, which seems to be the case. The majority supported Hitler in the 1930s in Germany. Does that mean he was righteous or a honourable leader? Of course not. You might be able to make the argument that a very limited system of taxation was not Socialism if it were used for only a FEW essential things such as paying for the armed forces, highways, and a few other essential things. But when the taxation is such that it takes a major part of one's income in order to fund all kinds of social programs and have government provide everything for everyone, then that is Socialism. It removes freedom and makes everyone a servant of the state.
  2. The argument you use that taxation is not Socialism is false because there are at least ten strong reasons why Socialism is anti-Christian. quote 10 Reasons Why Socialism and Marxism are Antithetical to Biblical Christianity APRIL 12, 2022/ 0 COMMENTS / UNDER : SOCIETAL TRANSFORMATIONS Karl Marx and Friedrich Engels wrote The Communist Manifesto in 1848, relating it to what they called “scientific socialism.” The 20th century and beyond are fraught with examples of the embarrassing failures of both communism and socialism (I.e., The Former Soviet Union, Venezuela, North Korea, Cuba, Soviet-era Eastern Germany, to name a few). Despite this dubious history, we currently have high-profile political leaders, like congresswoman Alexandria Ocasio promoting a form of Marxism called “democratic socialism.” The following are ten reasons why socialism is antithetical to the tenets of biblical Christianity. Socialism is against the biblical view of the nuclear family. Marxists argue that “the nuclear family performs ideological functions for Capitalism – the family acts as a unit of consumption and teaches passive acceptance of hierarchy. It is also the institution through which the wealthy pass down their private property to their children, thus reproducing class inequality.” Hence, socialism is against the biblical principle of parental rights related to their children and the prominence of the nuclear family (Genesis 1:28-29, Proverbs 22:6, Ephesians 5:22-6:4). 2. Socialists claim education belongs solely to the state Marxist education aims at producing faithful citizens. Therefore, it is primarily an ideological tool to program children to be loyal to the state. In communist and socialist nations, education and the curriculum are controlled by the state and are not considered the responsibility of the parents. Models like homeschooling children would be illegal. This contradicts the biblical framework regarding parents being responsible for educating their children the way they choose (Proverbs 22:6; Deuteronomy 6:6-9). 3. Socialists claim the state deserves the highest allegiance. In many communist nations like the former Soviet Union and contemporary countries like North Korea and China, Bibles are confiscated, churches buildings are burned, and evangelism is illegal. This is because they see Christianity as a rival religion to the authority of the humanistic secular state. This goes against the biblical command to put first God’s Kingdom and worship and serve Jesus as the only true Lord (Matthew 6:33; 1 Timothy 6:15). 4. “Socialists believe in the abolition of private property in land and application of all rents of land to public purposes.” This is antithetical to the biblical premise of the individual right to own private property and the command for believers to create wealth to promote God’s covenant (Exodus 20:15; Deuteronomy 8:18; 1 Kings 20:6, Isaiah 65:21-22; Mark 10:39-21). 5. Socialism advocates a progressive income tax. In a socialist system, people are taxed based on their income. This is called a progressive tax structure. As an example of the influence of socialism in the United States, “The top 1 percent (taxpayers with AGI of $546,434 and above) earned 20.1 percent of total AGI in 2019 and paid 38.8 percent of all federal income taxes. In 2019, the top 1 percent of taxpayers accounted for more income taxes paid than the bottom 90 percent combined.” This goes against the biblical principle that all people, irrespective of their income, should pay the same percentage which is a “flat tax.” (This is similar to the Biblical principle of the tithe which is 10% of a person’s income (Leviticus 27:30; Proverbs 3:8-10; Matthew 23:23).) 6. Socialism opposes the rights of a family inheritance. In a contemporary Marxist and Socialist framework, either leaving an inheritance to children is not allowed, or the state confiscates much of the family inheritance through double taxation. This goes against the biblical principle of leaving an inheritance to children (Proverbs 13:22). unquote 10 Reasons Why Socialism and Marxism are Antithetical to Biblical Christianity - Mattera Ministries International (josephmattera.org) con'd in next post
  3. Its too bad you don't take your own advice and pay attention to facts presented to you.
  4. You have not explained what Stephen Hawking has to do with the discussion about climate change and Socialism of the carbon tax. Yet you bring him into the discussion as if because he was a physicist, that is supposed to prove something. It proves nothing. Hawking was a physicist as you pointed out. This has nothing to do with carbon taxes or Socialism of the carbon tax. Hawking demonstrated his ignorance by talking about God and theology the way he did. He knew nothing about the subject, yet many people think he was a genius. But that is another discussion which is just a diversion from the subject. You say you would consult the Archbishop of Canterbury or the moderator of the United Church of Canada. But that would not be a wise choice because they are not necessarily followers of the Bible and may not take it literally. The United Church has given a lot of evidence to show it is not a real biblical church. The Anglican church has serious problems itself and could not be a trustworthy source to consult. The only way to know the real truth is to go right to the source of truth, the Bible itself and consider commentary of those who can prove they really believe the Bible themselves and have sound evidence that can be verified by the Bible. Your fear about extinction is far overblown fear-mongering and is unwarranted and unproven.
  5. Pure fiction and fear-mongering. " Oil Reserves in Canada See also: List of countries by Oil Reserves Canada holds 170,863,000,000 barrels of proven oil reserves as of 2016, ranking 3rd in the world and accounting for about 10.4% of the world's total oil reserves of 1,650,585,140,000 barrels. Canada has proven reserves equivalent to 188.3 times its annual consumption. This means that, without Net Exports, there would be about 188 years of oil left (at current consumption levels and excluding unproven reserves)." Canada Oil Reserves, Production and Consumption Statistics - Worldometer (worldometers.info) Before making ridiculous comments, you need to do some investigation to find the facts. There is no shortage of oil. Canada alone has enough oil to last 188 years. This does not include the vast fields of gas under the Arctic areas.
  6. The fact is the atmosphere is far more complicated and far larger than a test tube as I have told you. The atmosphere cannot be replicated in a laboratory. Man-made CO2 is only 3% of the total CO2 in the atmosphere. Out of that 3% Canada's emissions are miniscule. It won't make any difference what the people in B.C. or Canada do. They cannot control the climate. It is just an opportunity for Socialist governments to scam the people with carbon taxes. The rest of the world is continuing as normal. It is only the liberal NDP coalition in Canada that is ripping the people off. The third world is demanding the west pay them billions in compensation. Stephen Hawking Says Heaven is a Fairy Tale. What Does the Bible Say? | United Church of God (ucg.org) Stephen Hawking Was an Atheist: His Words on Death and God | Time If you want to be a follower and admirer of Stephen Hawking that is your choice.
  7. Dividing the Conservative between so-called social conservatives and the rest of conservatives is just what the liberals and left want. Throwing around the phrase social conservatives is actually helping liberals. It implies there is something radical or wrong with them when in fact they are the ones who are correct and are on the right track. I don't see drag queens or gender orientation as being in the centre of society and attention as a positive future for Canada.
  8. Yes, we all know you are a loyal follower of Greta. The Climate Change charade is a Socialist scheme to transfer wealth from the developed nations to the third world. We all know the U.N. is the puppet master for the war on climate change and Greta is one of their puppets. Doesn't take much thinking to realize it is a Socialist scheme. Greta has apparently announced her opposition to capitalism and want to fight against free enterprise now. That should tell you something.
  9. What is wrong with Socialism? Quite simply, what’s wrong with Socialism is that it is a system at war with the individual, seeking to make mankind robotic and subservient to the State even as Socialists insist their vision is the most humane and liberating." " Put simply, Socialists view society as one great, big entity, and they view the State as responsible for treating society as a good doctor would treat a sick patient. Never you mind that the supposed cures of Socialism are worse than the diseases they’re meant to remedy. (When I asked a doctor specialist a question, his response was "that's not your worry or concern; that is my business". Socialist thinking: the individual has no rights; the state and those appointed by the state will take care of us) Socialists see each man, woman, or child as mere cells within the organism of society, pieces of tissue which are as good as dead apart from the whole. This approach gives incredible focus and passion to the Socialists’ efforts, yet this way of perceiving individual human beings is also tragically how the Soviet, Nazi, and Maoist States – to name the three most infamous branches of Socialism – justified the heinous acts of evil they perpetrated against their own people. Socialists don’t see the trees for the forest, and they don’t sympathize with the individual when the needs or desires of the collective are at stake. Instead they demonize as monstrously selfish the most basic of human ambitions toward self-determination, free speech, and private property, and then proceed to make war on those who pursue these things without the express authorization and oversight of the State. Given Socialism’s fundamental misapprehension of and hostility toward basic human nature, any country which sees Socialism creeping in should be very much on its guard. As an individual American man who has lived his entire life in the United States of America, whose wife and children and extended family and friends are all individuals who live in this country, I am deeply concerned at the very real prospect of America’s humanity being swept away before my eyes by a tidal wave of Socialism. What sort of nation will my descendants inherit if we cannot turn back this tide? These and similar concerns have inspired me to write what you are reading now. Socialism In America Socialism is here in America, and it has been for quite some time. Socialism is, after all, the real heart of the Democratic Party. This fact became increasingly apparent to me as I watched the Democratic candidates for President debating the issues at the beginning of the primary season leading up to the 2016 election. The question in the early debates especially was not whether the State is the solution to all the problems of society and of the world; that was a foregone conclusion. Rather the debate was over how quickly and transparently America should become a Socialist nation and tackle these national and international problems as such. Read the history of America’s Democratic Party and you’ll see that Progressives have been more or less trying to conceal their true identity for the better of the past century. Now they’re finally taking the mask off, hoping the objects of their affection – American voters – won’t find their real face hideous having come to love and depend on them for a vast array of social welfare programs. In truth the American public has been like so many frogs in a cook pot of water, the Progressives like so many Fabians turning up the heat gradually so we don’t all jump out of said cook pot. We may now be approaching the point of no return when the frogs are too much cooked to jump out even if they suddenly decide to." What's Wrong With Socialism: Eugenics and Abortion (onthe.rocks) The carbon tax does nothing to reduce CO2 emissions because people must still heat their homes. Canada is in a cold climate. Families must still take their children to school, go to get groceries, drive to the doctor and live their lives. Nobody is going to stop their normal lives. That was another lie of the Liberal/NDP.
  10. There are many different shades of politicians and political ideologies. The world is not black and white. But most of them can fit under the heading of Socialists of one form or another if that makes you feel better. Socialists lump every individual under the mass group. That is exactly what Health Minister Dix in B.C. does. You can hear it in his words when he is speaking about problems in the health care system. Thousands of surgeries for cancer and other problems have been put on hold and delayed. Yet the government just announced it has 5.6 billion dollars surplus in B.C. Why didn't they fix the health care system and why has it been failing and many died as a result? A woman recently on the news has a huge tumour behind her ear and has been on the waiting list for surgery for months. This has grown immensely and they may have to take half her face and side of her head off. How long will she survive? If she survives, this will be life changing. Thank the delay on the waiting list. Yet one NDP MLA who became a cabinet minister recently had her department donate 15 million dollars to what is basically an environmental organization. That's taxpayer money used to promote Socialism.
  11. Communism ..definition -" a political theory derived from Karl Marx, advocating class war and leading to a society in which all property is publicly owned and each person works and is paid according to their abilities and needs. " Redistributing income fits the definition of Communism. If it walks like bird and talks like a bird, it must be a bird. Liberals, Socialist, Marxists, and Communists basically believe the state owns everyone's property and finances. Hence you have many Socialist policies by government. You may own some things now and have some money saved, but lurking in background is the state that is only allowing you to have it for the time being until and unless they decide they have a need for it or to pay for a social program. That is why they had no qualms in telling the gullible people they were bringing in carbon tax to save the planet, and that the people would get a rebate. The people naively believed every word and thought what they paid would come back to them. Little did they realize the government had other ideas such as redistributing it to lower income people first and giving it the lower income person in a family even though the person that paid the most carbon taxes was the higher income earner in the family and in society in general. So the Socialists were not telling the truth to begin with. This is only one program which they use to redistribute money. The slant of the NDP is to spend on programs that benefit their own voting base. That has been going on all along. Then they set up a system where the average person does not know what he should get back and cannot easily find out. Someone else posted on here that he did not even get any rebate payments.
  12. Sounds like you're fine with a totalitarian system like the dark ages when the King ruled the peasants by royal decree. You think we live in some kind of feudal system? The people did not vote for Communism by an NDP government in Victoria. We have been told repeatedly that the people will receive rebates for the carbon taxes paid. That was lie. You're ok with that because you like liberal Socialist ideology. Wealth redistribution was not part of the rebate promise. Exactly how the rebate payments are being made was not told the peasants and the system of payment is not publicized by the media. It is just another fiasco much like the failing health care system that is costing a lot of people their lives. The NDP government in Victoria also was a total disaster in protecting the people from criminals. They had five years to do something about it and did nothing. The ideology of catch and release for criminals many of whom were repeat offenders caused widespread suffering with daily assaults, stabbings, and the government just let the people suffer. They put millions of dollars into the drug overdose crisis, set up supervised injections sites, and the number of people overdosing has gone up. Totally incompetent government.
  13. I believe B.C. pays the highest carbon taxes in the country and perhaps in the world and has been paying since 2008. Yet it is unclear and questionable what B.C. residents are receiving back in the form of rebates and how it is being paid. The fact that they would send out payments in the forty dollar range in each of the first three quarters of 2022 and then a large payment of between $350 and $400 in the fourth quarter. supposedly which includes a GST rebate and some kind of inflation support simply clouds the whole thing. Their website says the maximum Climate Action Tax Credit payment should be $521.50 for 2022 unless a couple's joint income exceeds fourty something thousand per year. Then it would be reduced. The monthly payments simply do not add up or make any sense.
  14. Another issue is the amount that B.C. is rebating with the B.C. Climate Action Tax Credit. People should really look at what they are receiving. When I look at the Federal rebates to other provinces from the federal government and then look at the amounts paid to B.C. residents by the B.C. government in the first three payments in 2022, they seem like a pittance compared with the amount stated on the federal rebates. Also, the B.C. Climate Action Tax Credit website does not state in simple terms how much will be rebated while the rebates to other provinces are clearly stated on the federal government website. Why does B.C. make it so difficult for someone to see what they should be receiving? Why were the first threee payments to my spouse for 2022 in the forty dollar range when the total annual payments in other provinces are around the $500 range per year? The provinces under the federal rebates seem to be receiving far larger payments than the people in B.C. who receive their payments from the B.C. government? quote CAI Payment Amounts for Single Adult (or First Adult in a Couple), for 2022-23 Amount Ontario Manitoba Saskatchewan Alberta Referred to as a qualified individual in the legislation. Amounts do not reflect the 10 per cent supplement for residents of small and rural communities. July 2022 (Double-Up) $186.50 $208.00 $275.00 $269.50 October 2022 $93.25 $104.00 $137.50 $134.75 January 2023 $93.25 $104.00 $137.50 $134.75 Total $373 $416 $550 $539 CAI Payment Amounts for Second Adult in a Couple (or First Child of a Single Parent), 2022-23 Amount Ontario Manitoba Saskatchewan Alberta Referred to as a qualified relation in the legislation. Amounts do not reflect the 10 per cent supplement for residents of small and rural communities. July 2022 (Double-Up) $93.00 $104.00 $137.50 $135.00 October 2022 $46.50 $52.00 $68.75 $67.50 January 2023 $46.50 $52.00 $68.75 $67.50 Total for 2022-23 $186 $208 $275 $270 Climate Action Incentive payment amounts for 2022-23 - Canada.ca These charts are from the federal government website. B.C. does not have any charts that are easily found. You will not find a similar statement of payments on the B.C. website. They are not being transparent. You can debate back and forth about how the payments are being made in B.C. which is highly questionable, but it is equally important to examine how much they are paying. There is no statement or clarity on exactly what they are putting in people's accounts and it is not possible for anyone to just go on the internet an easily find out what they should be receiving in B.C.
  15. No, I am not concerned about that in our case because my spouse gives half of it to me because I pay all the bills. The problem is the NDP Commie ideology that thinks they have the unfettered right to just arbitrarily take people's hard-earned money under the pretext of fighting climate change and redistribute to those who they deem most worthy and then claim everyone is getting a rebate for the carbon tax. This is a lie. Most carbon taxes are paid by the people who put gas in the vehicle, buy the groceries, pay the mortgage or rent, pay for home heating, pay the taxes, and the countless other things. The carbon tax drives up the price of everything. The people with the income pay most of the carbon taxes and are being told don't worry, you are getting rebates. In fact they are giving the rebates to the lower income bracket people who paid the least carbon taxes or none. The government has been misleading everyone.
  16. After noticing that there appeared to be no carbon tax rebate on my bank statements, I decided to dig into it a little and find out how the rebate process works in B.C. I read the information on the BC government website where it says the rebate is called "BC Climate Action Tax Credit" and it is paid by the CRA (Canada Revenue Agency) along with the GST credit four times per year or quarterly. Reading the BC government website I learned that the full rebate goes to couples with the lowest combined income and above a certain annual income, the rebate is reduced a certain amount. This still did not explain why I did not see any deposits from the CRA in my bank account in the past year. So I decided to phone the CRA and find out how it works. I was surprised and somewhat amazed to learn that the BC Climate Action Tax Credit and the GST credit are deposited in the spouse's account with the lowest income. This surprised me because that would mean, in many or most cases, the payments are made to the wife or female partner in a common law relationship because that is probably the person with the lowest annual income in most cases. What is bizarre about this is the fact that most of the carbon taxes would have been paid by the spouse with the higher income. That would normally be the man who puts the gas in the vehicle, pays for the utility bills, pays the property taxes, pays for the rent or mortgage, and buys the groceries. So why is the BC NDP sending the rebate to the spouse's bank account with the lowest income? The answer I would speculate has to do with the NDP ideology of income redistribution or Communism. This makes no sense at all since the spouse with the higher income pays most or all of the bills and paid the carbon taxes to begin with. This is what I found out unless someone finds that I am wrong, this is the latest information I determined. There is also the fact that the size of the BC Climate Action Tax Credit is reduced for those with a higher net family income even though the persons with the higher income are likely the ones who pays far more of the carbon taxes than a family on a lower income. Again using Communist ideology to pay the rebate. The October 2022 and January 2023 government grant to compensate for inflation will also be paid to the spouse with the lower income as it is added to the BC Climate Action Tax Credit.
  17. I'm proud of telling people what I believe and encouraging people to be saved and go to heaven and warning about hell. If one person in a hundred or even a thousand gets something from it and is helped by God's grace to go to heaven instead of hell, I will praise God for it as it's entirely God's doing and grace. I will try my best to not let the Devil discourage me by comments on here. It only proves I am on the right track.
  18. You obviously don't understand anything about true or biblical Christianity. The majority of what the world claims as Christianity is the Roman Catholic church which is a false religion. It is totally unbiblical. But you think it is a form of Christianity because many of the liberals, left politicians belong to that religion but do not "proselytize". Roman Catholics do not evangelize or spread the biblical gospel. Many liberals are Catholic which would be the ones you approve of because they don't try to convert anyone or "proselytize". They prove they are not Bible believers when they support abortion, same-sex marriage, assisted suicide, etc. as the liberal party does. That is how you divide Christianity into two groups when in fact there is only one definition of a Christian, one who believes the Bible. You mock true biblical Christianity by accusing the true followers as "proselytizing", a derogatory term meant to demean and insult. Yet you yourself proselytize your own political views and opinions and anti-Christian opinions such as supporting killing babies not yet born under the claim of freedom.
  19. I don't trust any political party. I vote for the lesser of several evils. They are preferable to the liberals and far left NDP. Not voting is giving more power to the liberal and left which is not a good option.
  20. There is basically only one kind of Christian, that is, one that believe in and accepts the Bible. If you think Christianity is divided between Bible believers or what you say is "Bible thumpers" and those who don't believe the Bible, you don't understand anything about Christianity or the Bible. One cannot be a Christian without believing in the Bible's basic teachings which includes spreading the gospel. If one is a Christian they would understand what the gospel is and spreading the message of the gospel is a fundamental part of the Bible teaching. There is no such thing as a Christian who is not a "Bible thumper" which means someone who believes in the Bible and would support its teachings.
  21. There is far more to it than "religious messaging" and abortion. Talking about social conservatives opposition to abortion does not present an honest picture of what concerns so-called social conservatives. That is just one issue of out many. The whole thinking of the liberal left is from the pit of hell. Their thinking is corrupt from beginning to end. If something good comes out anything they do, it is only by pure accident. Christians oppose the woke agenda that the liberals and NDP are forcing down the throat of Canadians. Like doctor-assisted suicide. teaching school children they can choose which gender that suits them, same-sex marriage, not to mention countless other things, like pandering to every perverse lifestyle and ideology that comes along and is brought in from the third world. Social conservatives are concerned about laws, education, Marxist globalism, Socialism, excessive reach and control of everyone's life and businesses, which means loss of freedom, and many other things that the liberals and progressives are doing. It also seems the BC NDP are bent on setting up a separate legal system for aboriginals and giving them special privileges that nobody else has. When will the billions in payouts for past wrongs ever end?
  22. Canada is self-destructing, and the Conservative Party largely is following down that path in the destruction of Canada. The only part of the Conservative Party which takes a different view are called the social conservatives, but they are in a minority and overall given the bum's rush by the insiders and leaders of the party. The president of the Quebec College of Physicians now wants to explore the possibility of the euthanasia of babies. This is a new low and he is putting forward his arguments to the parliamentary committee which has oversight and studying the changing euthanasia law. The Liberal government had already decided to open it up to the mentally ill and the new law takes effect this coming Spring. This is an all-time low in morality and demonstrates how far our country and government has sunk. "The president of the Quebec College of Physicians wants to explore the prospect of euthanizing suffering babies and believes it’s nobody’s business but doctors’. To be fair, Dr. Mauril Gaudreault would let parents have a say as well, so he’s not being totally arrogant. Gaudreault’s rather obscene suggestion illustrates just how far down the slippery slope we have plunged when it comes to mercy killing, euthanasia, Medical Assistance in Dying (MAID) , call it what you will. It is worth quoting Gaudreault extensively from his testimony last week before the special parliamentary committee looking at MAID. “Medical assistance in dying is a form of care, a medical act that may be appropriate in certain circumstances,” he said, according to the parliamentary translator. “It is not a political or moral or religious issue. It is a medical issue.” So basically, you can trust me; I’m a doctor! No need to have discussions on the meaning of life, the value of a human being, or the philosophy of existence. No need, even, for society to take a stand, just leave it to the medical profession." Michael Higgins: To Quebec doctors, killing babies is just another 'form of care' (msn.com) Where are all the churches in Canada on this? Where are the politicians and conservatives who claim to believe in God and the sanctity of life? There seems to be a strange silence as well as the media very selectively only allowing liberals and progressives to be reported and speak to the public. How often have we heard opposing views on such subjects as abortion or MAID on MSN such as the CBC or CTV? Very rarely and very little. Trusting MSN for your spiritual food or guidance on any morality is like trusting the Prince of Darkness. It will lead you deeper into the depths of iniquity.
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