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  1. Synagogue hostage taker was given a visa by the Biden administration 3 weeks ago.

    1. Mighty AC

      Mighty AC

      Yeah, people get into the country that maybe shouldn't. I doubt Biden was on the immigration desk at the time. The former president attempted a coup that caused people with families to die. So...there is that. Go Republicans and their sycophants!


  2. Forged FISA applications is a big deal.

    1. BubberMiley


      Doesn't completely undermine democracy though, does it?

      The only thing stupider than a whataboutism is a completely failed whataboutism. :lol:

  3. Yes, much like the spectacle of the riots in the spring and summer of 2020. Regardless, how would it succeed? Please explain in detail. Is the military automatically required to stand down if the capital building is occupied? Are the election results certified by each state automatically nullified if the capital building is occupied? Please explain.
  4. Nobody that went inside the capital building was armed. You really should read the details of the charges if you’re going to post about it. It’s important.
  5. No, it’s only sedition if it’s actually sedition. I don’t know what you mean by succeeds. How was a riot going to succeed in overthrowing the government? Please explain in detail. Walking illegally inside of the capital building isn’t sedition. I feel sorry for everyone that’s been brainwashed by the mainstream media. There is no way election results can overturned by a riot. There is no way a government can be overthrown by a riot. This is insanity.
  6. Is this comment a joke? If it’s sarcasm I apologize. But a riot can’t succeed in overthrowing a government. Especially 300 unarmed people against a country with the largest military in the world. Stop sniffing glue.
  7. Trudeau 'dehumanizing' unvaccinated, using them as scapegoat, says historian

  8. "It is now clear, at least in this Omicron wave of the pandemic, that lockdown policies cause harm in our communities, often with little or no benefit." - Saskatchewan Premier

  9. Well, today the number of people in Ontario ICUs went down, for the first time in probably a month. Hopefully it’s the beginning of a trend.
  10. Biden gets 4 Pinocchio’s for his civil rights arrest claim.  Remember when libtards really cared about President’s lying?

  11. Omicron will infect “just about everybody,” Fauci says

  12. LOL!  Joe Biden down to 33% approval rating in new Quinnipiac poll!

    1. sharkman


      So about 1/3 of the nation is in denial?  Or would those be the actual deplorables?  

  13. In Australia, one hour of outdoor exercise has been deemed not essential.

  14. Time for a fatty tax!

    1. Aristides


      We already have junk food taxes in BC.

    2. Aristides


      Lets tax people for every pound they are over their normal BMI. How do you think you would make out Shady?

    3. Shady


      I would make out fine.  I definitely support you proposal!  The problem with your BC tax, is that it only applies when people buy something.  We need something similar to the vaccine tax, which applies to people who don’t do something.  Like not losing weight.  I like you BMI tax very much!

  15. That’s how I feel about the fatty tax. Exercise your right to lose weight, or pay the tax baby! Fatty tax! Fatty tax! Fatty tax!
  16. I suspect that we are either at the peak, or we should get to it within the next 5-7 days. Cases seem to trending down the last 7+ days, but it will probably be another week before hospitalizations and ICUs start to as well.
  17. Bloomberg:  EU Warns Repeat Boosters Could Weaken Immune System.

  18. Heart disease kills three times as many Canadians as covid every year. When’s the fatty tax being introduced?
  19. The data is out. 46% of hospitalizations in Ontario are with covid not because of covid. That’s kind of a big deal isn’t it? And so far, it’s 17% non-covid in ICUs vs 83% because of covid.
  20. 46% of patients hospitalized in Ontario with covid were hospitalized for other reasons.

  21. Schools in Ontario to open January 17th.  Branch Covidians hardest hit.  

  22. The purpose of lockdowns isn’t to prevent deaths, it’s to prevent the health care system from being overwhelmed.  Branch Covidians have forgotten that.

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    2. BubberMiley


      Why would they not want to overwhelm hospitals? Perhaps because that would lead to unnecessary deaths? 

      You don't get embarrassed by how stupid you are?


    3. Shady


      Right.  So why when you reference deaths from say Florida aren’t you differentiating between deaths that occurred because of overwhelmed hospitals?

    4. BubberMiley


      The lockdown is to prevent deaths. Full stop. Whether they're from covid or from covid overwhelming the hospitals

  23. CDC Director Admits: Over 75% Of COVID Deaths In People With ‘At Least 4 Comorbidities’.  The truth is finally coming out!!!!

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    2. Shady


      It’s funny when the truth is classified as misinformation.

    3. BubberMiley


      Waldo already schooled you on this. You omitted the part where it says he is only talking about the vaccinated. Why did you not clarify this? Is it because you're a lying piece of shit?

    4. Shady


      Copy n paste.

      It’s a distinction without a difference as the same is true of unvaccinated.  Unvaccinated with comorbidities make up the vast majority of deaths of unvaccinated people.

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