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  1. Ontario ending vaccine passports March 1st.

  2. BOMBSHELL: Clinton Campaign Paid Tech Company To ‘Infiltrate’ Trump Tower, White House Servers, Durham Says

  3. Booster wanes after 4 months.

    1. betsy


      With Justin - it waned in weeks!

  4. It’s not true. It’s deadly to particular age groups and people in very poor health. That’s why the average age of a covid death in Canada is over 80 years old.
  5. Bill Maher torches Justin Trudeau for attacks on truckers. ‘Now you do sound like Hitler’

    1. Shady
    2. betsy


      3 weeks on Parliament Hill .........this protests really showed to the world our pathetically weak PM.

      The convoy had scored massive points just for that alone.


      I bet many country leaders are silently cussing out Trudeau for the way he's handled this.  The Canadian convoy had inspired copycats in other countries.

  6. Trudeau is sowing the seeds of his own Tiananmen Square.  

    1. BubberMiley


      It's fun watching you get stupider but I'm serious about checking for lead.

    2. Shady


      It’s fun to see your side make the full turn against working people.

    3. BubberMiley


      My side? You mean the side opposed to spreading the virus as much as possible as quickly as possible?

  7. There were more crypto transactions last year than Visa transactions.

    1. Boges


      That include NFTs? 

    2. Shady


      I’m not sure but I would assume so.  Also, Visa has a crypto card now, so that might be why, and might have skewed the results toward crypto.

  8. The answer to this question is an absolute yes. It's not even up for debate anymore.
  9. Steve Schmidt blames Republicans for the “insurrection” going on in Ottawa!  Lol!

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    2. BubberMiley


      You sound confused. Is Steve Schmidt part of the media? Is it his job to ensure he criticizes everyone equally? How come you don't apply that standard to yourself!

    3. Boges


      1) Steve Schmidt isn't Leftwing. 
      2) The site they went to was used for Jan 6 protestors
      3) Republicans seem to care a lot about funding fake Truckers in Canada. 

    4. Shady


      1.  Steve Schmidt is deranged.

      2. So what?  Lots of people use that, just like lots of people during the riots in 2020 used GoFundMe.  Why didn’t you say anything then?

      3. Some do, some don’t, so what?  That’s not an argument for anything.  Lots of Canadians care too.

  10. The convoy is getting bigger by the day. I don’t know how Trudeau can stay in hiding.
  11. Branch Covidians have become completely unhinged as they see their power dwindle in the endemic phase of covid.
  12. Anti-convoy protester arrested for purposely hitting anti-mandate protesters with his car.  

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    2. Shady
    3. BubberMiley


      When Xi and Putin announced their anti-NATO alliance, you must have wept tears of joy.

    4. Shady


      It was bound to happen.

  13. Trudeau loses 200,000 jobs!  That’s the equivalent of 2 million jobs in the United States!

    1. TreeBeard


      Luckily, it’s only the equivalent of 0.2 jobs in Île-à-la-Crosse, Saskatchewan.  Not so bad…

  14. Neil Young’s music catalogue is owned by Pfizer.

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    2. BubberMiley


      Fashioning whataboutisms from delusions is a mental illness. You need to take another break from the Internet.

    3. sharkman


      Keep on token’ Bubber, whatever helps you get through the red pills.

    4. BubberMiley
  15. Trudeau’s now threatening to use the military against convoy protesters.  

    1. DogOnPorch
    2. DogOnPorch



      It's never sometimes appropriate for Canada to use the Army against its own citizens.

    3. betsy


      Where did Trumpity-Trump-Trump go?

      probably busy, doing a counter-protest against the convoy? ?

  16. Huge news.  Fusion power plant to be built in Ontario!

  17. Well, in emergency situations there can sometimes be TEMPORARY interruptions. The key is TEMPORARY. Two years later, it’s no longer a surprise, no longer temporary, no longer a reason why governments can’t go through the normal process of passing laws.
  18. No, I said I can understand shutting down for a period of time for information gathering. To gain a better understanding of the virus, etc. I specifically mentioned that in a previous post. It would be necessary so that people can have an idea of how best to protect themselves, and determine what kind of risk they’re acceptable with.
  19. Justin Trudeau autographed a Neo-Nazi flag in 2017

    1. BubberMiley


      Even your blogs had the integrity to include the word "unknowingly". It's hilarious that you would delete that part. It shows what a shitstain you are deep down. :lol:

    2. BubberMiley


      Also, where'd you get the flag? Do they just sell those at Walmart in London?  :lol:

  20. It should be up to each individual as to the risk they’re willing to accept. It’s not up to the government to decide for me.
  21. Initially yes, to figure out why people are getting sick and from what.
  22. No. Shutting things down isn’t for limiting deaths. You’re still operating on that false narrative.
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