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  1. Pride has been happening for like 30 years now. It's only now that people think it's become toxic. Which speaks to my point that homophobia is seeing a resurgence. If you feel "your" child should not be exposed to such things, don't bring your child to a Gay Pride parade. I still fail to see how lewd acts are being promoting by accepting the Pride movement at a school though.
  2. Heterosexuals can also be perverse too. If you're religious, do you feel you have to vocally speak out against priests or pastors who commit sexual crime? If you're heterosexual, do you feel you need to apologize for a man exposing himself to young girls? We can believe those things are vile and wrong, but we don't feel we need to answer for their crimes. I don't think the Pride movement needs to apologize for those that are also sexually perverse.
  3. I actually don't think the Pride Parade is something children, because people do party and "let loose". But that doesn't mean Pride iconography should be banned.
  4. Look I can concede that the focus on Trans right and the idea that Gender norms are meaningless is somewhat irksome. But they aren't a monolith group. But from a White Straight "Sis" perspective it's pretty funny to suggest they have shouldn't be celebrating their "identity". They just won the right to marry in this century. Last century it was illegal to be gay in many places. What bugs me is the idea that homosexuality = perverse. And you see that sentiment in this thread. Are there very sexual things associated with the LGBT movement? Sure. Its defined by Sexual preference and identity. But it doesn't mean they're perverse.
  5. What schools are making Pride activities field trips. And if there is anything pride related in a school, please provide evidence that it involves explicit sexuality?
  6. And you don't have to attend a Pride Parade or consume anything related to Pride.
  7. Have you seen that movie Up in the Air? Don't be so sure leaders would look to find way to not deal with such things. Let's also put this into perspective. Gas prices were $1.30/litre in 2008. Gas Price increase we see now are, more or less, what you'd see with inflation over the past 15 years. The Carbon Tax was soundly defeated in 2008. Since 2015 a party that has run on a Carbon taxes has won. So the appetite of Canadians seem to support it. That's mostly covered by people get.
  8. So not a reflection on Hetrosexuals as a whole? Why are instances of perversion amongst Homosexuals used to define them as a group? I'm sure you wouldn't say the scores of religious leaders that took part in sexual crime and pedophilia is emblematic of religious people.
  9. Pride is a complex movement. Which is why, associating it solely with the elements you disagree with, is wrong. Flying a flag doesn't automatically equate to support for gender affirming therapies or public displays of hardcore sexuality.
  10. So that means, that is emblematic of all of Pride? Is this emblematic of heterosexuality?
  11. If you think that represents the majority, or even a fraction of homosexuals, you're the problem.
  12. So the fact that Canada accounts for 2% of emissions while making up only a fraction of a percent of Global population isn't relevant?
  13. I guess how serious is subjective, which is why there can't be a consensus on what to do. The point about comparing to industrialization is that developing nations are finally being able to use methods that rich nations have used for decades to build their wealth. It's a tough ask to tell them to stay in poverty for the sake of the environment. Therefore it's the rich nations that need to take the lead on pivoting to Green Energy. I don't see a lot of rushing. Carbon taxes are incremental. The war in Ukraine is raising the cost of living more than any Carbon Tax. No one is being told their furnaces or ICE vehicles are being seized, we are still in early stages of development on this. Lots of progress has already been made.
  14. You don't think Industrialization vastly improved the lives of the people, in the countries that were able to do it first? Just like pivoting to Green Tech will improve the lives of people in Developed countries. Less pollution, less reliance on volatile resources in the hands of despots, the ability to desalinize sea water without polluting more. The list is long.
  15. Not necessarily. But refusing to do so, because you don't want children to be exposed to the idea of Homosexuality certainly is. Kind of like what Desantis did in Florida.
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