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  1. Hey Bob - what would you and your type do if there was suddenly world peace and harmony............
  2. Oh I will take back that slight against the dead and do what the very diplomatic careerist Michael Coren would do or say - " I am sure that Steve Jobs was a very nice man - but"
  3. Democracy consists of having a choice on who we will send forth to do our bidding - to represent us. This choice or freedom is what it is all about - I was just wondering as we see in our about to be completed provincal election - that consists of NO real choice what so ever ---- should be considered a democratic exercise? It appears that the choice presented looks like this...VOTE for Bob - Bob or Bob. The public is so aware and enlightened these days that they clearly and firmly understand that who ever they vote for will have no effect what so ever on the current state of affairs - so what's the point?
  4. MMMMM salmon wine....fermentaion consists of bacteria waste product - bug poop - it's a toxin - hence intoxication..the slight poisoning that we get when we drink is as the french say...the little death.....this little death has the odd quality of granting euphoria...I wonder if you get the same little buzz when you take your last breath?
  5. Great contribution - he assisted in the creation of millions of people who developed a type of obsessive compulsive disorder - and a fixation on pressing little buttons and the stroking of screens...that in the end are just toys - we should celebrate the life of JOBs ----and Santa Clause....Jobs helped create more human insects ...who in the end will give up their humamity for some high end computer chip that places our intelligence out side our brain and in a machine - hope Jobs is in hell where he belongs.
  6. Are we talking about railroad builders imported from China who were Buddists? Yes that is true Budda did help - so did Jesus - and Moses - and all the others who laid down a doctrine of behaviour...the bulk of our social benevolence and progress orininated in the teachings of Christ - forget what the renegade Catholics did as far as residential schools and the like - Mis-interpretations of Christianity were destructive..but the core was good...it was not Marxism - that made the place thrive...it was GOD and the belief in something higher than being a self serving survivalist animal.
  7. Who ever has sustained control over the flow of large amounts of money eventually become the controllers of all - Canada is corporation...a huge company ...a very large neo-colonialist estate - and the lord of the manor had better learn benevolence and forget the use of corporate contempt for the average person as a means of justification of crimminality and common usery of the public...time for our real bosses to mature into social beings and stop being crazed and cold auto-crats,
  8. When unbridled capitalism peeks - poverty appears....and socialism must be used to sustain many people - if they are not sustained to some degree then the whole system goes into a state of chaos and absloute ruin...capitalism ceases to exist - and it's spawn socialism disappears - leaving barbarism to thrive. No system is sustainable for ever - be it leftist or rightist...They BOTH have to compromise.
  9. The cosmic dream - the devine vision...inspiration does not come from reason - by it's very nature great things are totally unreasonable and faith driven, All great works of art are and always will be driven by the intangable thing called faith...it's a cosmic decision to produce something oringal - it is creation and the creative process....when a great jazz or blues player - or a violist go into "the zone" - they black out...and in comes the most heavenly solos ever heard...you become just an antenna - a tool...logic is left behind and you go into the realm of greatness...What is this phenomena when an artist goes beyond his own logical capablities and touches the devine? It defys reason..but if you have faith it comes.
  10. Why is it that inferiour human beings who do not have a drop of genious -not a bit of social or spiritual dynamics needed for leadership - and no real gift what so ever WANT TO RULE ALL OF ONTARIO ...all the candidates are dummies - we have no choice but to vote for those who are not as smart as us..? I always thought that leaders were supposed to be the best of the human herd - the cream of the crop! Instead we are about to be stuck with an individual that is of below average smarts....It's like being given a so-called democratic choice of who is worst for the job...is this what democracy has become - that are worst strive for power and our best are excluded...this is corporatism...and as said by a corporate head..."We do not want the exceptinal we want the mediocre" This is not about improving Ontaro - it is about the continued running of the place as if it were a mindless machine - a fucking company..that none of us really has a share in...but they want our money --------slavery - none the less ...
  11. Were not the Judeo Christian ideas of Kabutz and "sell all your property and put the money in a common purse" Ideas - of communistic notions that originated in old Judea? You Bob are the orignal spawn of socialism.
  12. Strange having an election with no one to vote for - this is a first! In other words democracy does not exist this time around - because all the choices have been removed ----pretty bad...and it might get worse...it's bizarre.
  13. What's McGinty's message? That he will help you kill the unborn and put the surviving infants into an all day soviet style day care - so the mother can be enslaved while the kid is estranged and raised by some early child hood educators with a cheeze ball degree from some run down community school? To late - socialist liberal conditioning has taken hold....woman believe they are free when they are not - men are afraid to be men - and children are raised by strangers who understand that kids are property of the state - great - just great - more McGinty the swinty henchman for Nazi bankers.... glad I am old and will not see the out come of this engineered slave farm.
  14. Even if we do not use our old churches - preserve them as a reminder to Muslims and others - who started and established this great nation of opportunity and freedom and it was not Mohamid...the new comer.
  15. Like Prime (first) Minister (servant) Harper actually knows his place and postion and is doing a good job.....a president is a representive of a large squabbling committee who all expect the public to be their servants.
  16. The media are like a receptionist at some big guys office...they make the bad guys look good - that's what they are paid for - the media is the culprits voice to the world...oh well.
  17. B C I can see you wandering up the path as I type - enjoy your afternoon - nice of you to confide in all of Canada and finally explain that America is our oldest enemy..Now that we have that cleared up we can get back to some real free trade..our bonds are economic...and when it comes to money - NO one has a friend...just partnerships and mutal co-operation between enemies....they call it buisness....like a couple of happy dogs eating out of two bowls - one no matter how friendly will attempt to eat the others portion. IF you let it.
  18. Why bother having them...if you keep your mouth shut long enough - your percieved oppressors will simply get bored and go to bed.
  19. AND three hundred years into the future.. what was nice is that no war was started during this little chat concerning faith in reason and reason in faith...all is well that ends well.
  20. The solution can be found in the heart and mind of the individual..not in some collective storming the tower whinning in wild protestation....want a revolution - stop clusttering like a herd of hungry rats and stand up with dignity - that is the answer...wealth is not contained in some tower - as Christ said - the kingdom of heaven is within you! ONE person standing up - who has no king but God is a powerful force - the war cry during the American Revolution was "No KING but Jesus" - now those were true heros...who understood that materialism was temporal - That is the crux of the problem..the occupation of Wall Street is a materially instigated movement - It has no real power.
  21. Independence...means to be free from slavery ----------Here in the great white north - they tax small buisness to the point that the owner works as a tax collector and never gets out of the hole - that used to be called slavery. Canadians don't seem to mind it....nor do they care where the tax dollars go. When you see a mayor of a major city intentionally quash a lucritive contract.....just so the contractors can get away with out doing any real work - who simply send in some lawyers to pick up the big bundle of cash...that consists of tax dollars - makes you wonder why Canadians are so trusting..they get what they deserve - NEVER worship someone with money in the hope that there is a trickle down effect -------------all that trickles down is waste product...bitter rain for fools.
  22. Water - good old fashioned clean - well water....now that is the drink that will make you very very strong - but when my bro was building a house high on a hill over looking a little kettle lake - the town stepped in and insisted he dump a ton of cement down his well - with the most pure water you have ever seen...and CONNECT - to town water pumped up from the treatment plant...that gets it's water from the same place where the sewers empty out...no wonder people want to get drunk.
  23. I cost a few bucks to get a copy right....lawyers lawyers lawyers - what the hell did god make them for?
  24. GUESS i mentioned those old banking lawyers with that old title - queens' council....they still report to mum....at least you gave your dad a slap up side the head and left the house to strike out on your own - back in 1776 ----- we are still in mum's basement on face book.
  25. Interesting....so the Palistinians are going to breed the Israelis out of existance hugh? Maybe the people of Israel should stop being bossed around by their mothers - getting all gayified - and secular....AND start having creational sex instead of this re-creational stuff....give it time Israel might just debach itself out of existance.
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