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  1. Some dumb boy - with wounds sees some Amercian mercenary types coming towards him - he assumes that in the fact that they killed everyone with him that he was next - so big deal....as for the need for treatment - Cheney never got his needed treatment - so why should this stupid young man? The whole thing was such a horrific deversion from what was important..was this an illegal war or not - that question has gone by the wayside for ever.
  2. Okay you know I don't like that - so here goes the troll as you say - firstly - I don't take "meds" as you put it...secondly that med comment is so old hat....and shows a lack of creative critizism on your part - and lastly FUCK OFF......oh and while I am at it my dear little friend - I don't give a damn if what I type makes sense or not - I love typing - and if by accident I hit on something useful - someone with less perjudice and more personal security than you have - might just pick up on it...oh - just so I feel a bit better -------------FUCK OFF one more time - lol. Oh - sorry about the profanity - I just don't care - and YOU - should get a job at the SCC - handing out their meds - cos I am sure they are one prescribed drugs - judging from their rulings.
  3. Was over at one of the established pawn shops yesterday - brought them a few pounds of sterling silver...The place was weird - looks like the old owners sold the place to a bunch of east indians..they really like the pile of precious metal that I brought in...waited for about half an hour while the staff dickered about - did their testing and consulted with each other...turned out that it was silver plate - so I walked home and as I crossed over the bridge on the Don River - I tossed the scraps of useless metal over the side - really thought that my old ash trays were going to be worth something...oh well -
  4. Soon as I mention Bush Cheney - instead of the red light going on - all the lights go out...why is that ?
  5. BOB - you have had since 1946 to secure the area and make friends with the neighbours..that's plenty of time to develope the high skill of deplomacy and the garnering of general good will. Israel needs leadership if it is to survive. Most certainly you are spiritually and intellectually capable of it - but - there is a danger as you know - If you bring about peace and harmony in the area - the local mafia might remove you - so I guess you figured in your fear that it was better to join them? This is not benefical to the citizens of Israel - and all this bull shit you preach is all about buisness - you betray the Jews.
  6. Expand your horizons and stop being a control freak...everything is relevant and connected...was it not Conrad that dictated some policy when he controled the Jerusalem Post? Bob my friend - you will have to mature some time and become the leader that you hope to be - rule number one - observe from the middle ground - it is the centralist that controls the left and the right hand.
  7. Yah and some clunker computer would have little red lights go off at some master site..It's not like that today - the observer must have intent and purpose when investigating..the net is so vast that it is unmanageable - unless some one has it out for you in real life. The other day my daugher and I were texting back and forth...She was talking about main stream print media..There was a picture in Vogue Magazine of some 10 year old child dressed like a reclining hooker...Both of us agreed that when mainstream print starts to use this type of sensationalism to increase sales that the world is turning to poop....so - we dropped the subject. ..THEN a couple of hours later my daughter sends the pic through the phone thinking that I might comment on it...I wrote back - "I know you mean well but there are people out there who are crazy - who if they want monitor this crap - don't do that".....anyway the moral of the story is - be prudent..and remember that human nature is such that it searches for defects and weakness in others...technololgy is the perfect tool for the inept and weak to gain dominance over their natural superiours - In the old days if someone wanted to slander you - they might have to face the wrath of a physical slap up side the head - Now twits attack the strong - via the virtual world - weasils use the net to harm...cos they are of little effect in the real world.
  8. Blame creeping socialism - that took the herd and put it in a manageable situation that the capitialist could profit on with ease. Some one had better modernize their thinking and get with the times - old political theory learned in university is date and out of touch - and rhetoricals like "down with capitalism" make no sense. To bad that it is the educated young that are protesting - they really do not have an education - but a conditioning - No one actually takes the time to diligently size up the sytem and see how it is working NOW...instead they chant old Marxist slogans from some by gone era that is gone forever.
  9. Bob is very industrial. He wants to be important - if God came down and world peace took hold - BOB would have no purpose - as with many young Jews - who are much like poor marginalized blacks who are taught to hate white people by their grandmothers...BOB has become what he hates....he sort of reminds me of a young German who really needs to find a hate object to explain why - he is a failure at being a productive - kind - loving and evolved human being - seeing there are no more Nazis around other than 90 year old men who were privates in the army.....He has gone to the other end of the spectrum looking for nourishment....I remember when Harper waited for a few years - for Khadr to mature - and grow a beard - then Harper said :"Mister Khadr has been accused of some very serious crimes" Harper and the rest of them could not take this stance when Khdar was 15 - cos they would have looked like politically motiviated opportunists picking on a little boy - so they waited for him to be a man... Khadr at the time of his arrest and original detention was just a stupid little boy - think...If your 14 year old was arrested and place in a jail - for some internationally acclaimed crime...would you be sympathetic to the little puppy - maybe BOB should have gone to Gitmo and beat the crap out the boy back then - but no - they wait - and they present a mature man that must be made an example of - forget Khdar - and get on to something real!
  10. When your kids are grown - the state can not steal them...when you are old you are pretty much useless to the state also...so I can shoot my mouth off and it does not matter much - but what I do realize is that there is a future for young people - mine is pretty much limited...and within that future - human nature has it that those researching you via the net - are more than willing to feel powerful and believe the worst...so when I see some kid say "kill the president" - He is not about to get a job at the WHITE HOUSE ever! - Yah I know of one such twit...he intentionally provokes through the net hoping that some guys in black suits will come to his door...so he can feel important - just by clicking the keys - but seeing there are a million twits out their - this kid will wait and waste a life time thinking that he is of importance.
  11. Of course she would have not known where she was - she was totally enthrawled with the taste of shrimp and must have blanked out in ecstacy.
  12. As socialism entrenched itself in the Canadian scheme of things...equality resulted - and with the mass equal - the cut throat opportunist became the leader or the boss - funny how the very adaptable capitalists ended up running the socialist empire - odd.
  13. Ego can blind the judement of any minister who does not fully understand that minister means public servant - not lord and master.
  14. Islamics and their shemite bothers the Jews are very similar - both believe they are superiour to the common Christian pagan. BOTH originate in a hate for the natural world...and both don't like pigs - yet they carry themselvse as such at times.
  15. Nothing wrong with being in harmony with nature - (paganism) seems like a better idea than being a religious fanatic that they call an environmentalist! At least the pagan is connected..where as the rest are not - Jesus Christ practiced a bit of ancient shamanism - making plant wilt at will is pretty high up there>
  16. Be a trusting kid and post your life on Face Book - you have created a potential quasi-crimminal record that those that control your income can access - that is big brother in the making.
  17. My land lord is an terrorist ...he insists that I pay a huge utlity bill that was not part of my lease agreement - seeing I can not afford to do so - and he knows it - Mr. Liberman expects me to clean the halls of his other slum tenaments...in eccence enslave me...frankly my family did not survive a revlution and a war to become the servants of some chump called Liberman - and when he told me that his poor aging aunt "who depends on the rental income of these properties to survive" - I felt sad for the old lady - I asked the go-between nephew where his dear poor auntie was today...he said - the poor suffering old woman was IN LAS VEGAS....does this scenario give Jews a bad name BOB? All I know is anyone who manipulates through threat causeing fear of homelessness - is a bit of a terrorist...BOB.
  18. The kid is his ancestoral turf (which I am sure you can realate to BOB) - He is involved in a fight with an advesary who for all intent and purpose are invaders of his HOME land (which you can also realate to BOB) - a vicious fight takes place - planes come in a bomb the compound - killing everyone except for Khadr - then in comes the victors who as any sane person would assume are there to finish the job and kill the surving combatants - The kid in his mind tosses a grenade...kills one of the advesary and is taken prisoner - sounds legit to me BOB...other than him coming from a family of fanatics (which I am sure you can realate to BOB) is no big deal....maybe we should trade 1000 Canadian citizens to get Khadr back quickly?
  19. Bundle hugh? Get the spare room ready - I am coming to stay for a month or two...and I expect a bit of expense money to make touring about the hood more enjoyable ....oh - I will need a nice car also - and a driver....which makes me think of Miss Daisy...how is your eye sight old man?
  20. There should be no intellectual pleasure derived during the process of judgement. All rulings should come about through cold and stark pragmatic thinking - the SCC seems to enjoy the acedemic luxury granted to them by the tax payer a little to much!
  21. Right here in the above is the methodology used by our courts - the above is exactly how they think - like some childish little game of called mental masterbation. Instead of asking themselves "Is this good for society or is this bad for society"? and making the appropriate ruling - they do the above...some circle jerk mental dance that facinates and amuzes the legal mind but does nothing for the rest of us!
  22. The only person that should be prosecuted by Canadian law is you - for making the situation as muddy as possible- "Complexity is the santuary of scoundrels" - you must be a lawyer?
  23. Kind of like standing off to one side of the room during the party as mum comes in with the vacume.
  24. Classic example of denial of reality and the granting of choices to a foolish public that can have what ever colour they want...free choice - abortion - being a junkie - what next?
  25. Don't really know anymore BC...the proponents of human evolution and progress seem to be full of shit...almost biblical in scope - like the classic "nest of vipers" --- I can't tell the difference between the good guys and the bad guys...It's that same old rusty can you open up and all you see are a mass of worms. Maybe the U S should have let nature take it's course and did what took place back when the Duke was shot by the "anarchist" prior WW1 - to this day the shot that sparked the war has never been resolved - on who was really responsible....If this situation regarding the Saudi envoy had taken place 20 years ago - the Americans would have let the murder go down and entered a lucrative war with Iran...Manipulated it a bit - Had Iran kick Saudi ass then take the oil from both contestants...But it seems that America understands that it is not up to waging a full scale fight...not at this point - It is not usually like the Americans to interfere with what could have been a very good occurance in the act of stimulation of the economy - seeing their is no economy to stimulate...they held back.
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