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  1. Politics? Economics? Social issues? I really do not know a thing about them...I just fake it.

  2. It was an act of faith..that won the second world war...REASON - was encapsulated in the address of Chamberland regarding the Nazi threat - that he found Hitler "reasonable" - Faith dictated that victory must be attained - It was the faith that the allies had - that won the war - The Germans had a "reasonable" faith in Hitler - The allies had faith in GOD..who as we found in the end - was the superiour power - that goodness prevailed over evil.
  3. She enjoys the idea and the feel of luxury - this pleasure can blind someone to duty. Of course she stammered - because she was embarassed that she had forgotten the first rule of service - that you as a public offical in a domocratic society are a SERVANT - Not a British Lord gone bad from some long lost era.
  4. The problem with our system is money spawns more money. In effect you can eventually grow a fortune out of thin air if you know the game and are privledged enough to be part of something that is void of human responsilbity. Sure the kids have lap tops - and they have another thing - the idealism of youth - They actually in their innocence care about the fact that some exective gets 20 million to go away after doing a poor job - while another person scrambles for a bite to eat...while the endoctrinated young up starts on Wall Street justify their actions through the reverse telescope of Darwinian justification - and they believe they are the fittest - that they are the strong - and it is natural that they sit on top of the human heap..but in reality - these folks would not survive in the natural world - and Darwinism from a finacial point of view is a mistake...and since about 1856 - the so called rich went crazy in their thinking - since Darwin introduced a half baked idea of survival of the fittest - which is totally wrong - It is survival of the mutually dependent...and co-operative. What is happening in finacial circles is that this idea of disconnection from the human race has caused a gap of disparity - that will eventually cause a social explosion - Eventually if things keep going this way - the poor will out number the rich - a million to one - and like fire ants will consume these non-co-operative - freaks of nature.
  5. All socialist are poor and need to finance their "movement" - so where do they get the money? From opportunist capitialist - who love the enslavement that socialism causes. The poor need to be protected - as do the poor rich - who might have more material - but as just as dumb as those they think are inferiour....People do not understand that material wealth is not wealth - Health is wealth - BUT when a poor mans life is shortened through poverty - then the dumb rich should ensure their own survival by granting kindness to the poor - because without the poor - there is no rich!
  6. What election - there was no election....just a shell game and a waste of tax dollars.
  7. Greed is stupidity...kindness such as corporate bailouts...supports that stupidity...making stupid people strong and dominant....for instance - If a hungry man asks for bread - It is intelligent that I grant him charity...because in time I will be hungry and if I do not show him kindness - he will not return the favour....where as if you ask a greedy man for bread and he refuses you...In time that greedy man will be hungry and he will be refused - so greed in the long run is real stupid.
  8. The more man kind stores his intelligence in machines - the less he stores in his scull - welcome to the brave new world of artifical intelligence - and the de-evolution of real human intelligence....You are going to need a big brother to take care of your stupid ass if you keep depending on that stupid out side your skull device.
  9. The spoiled Greeks like the company of pretty boys and girls - but they were not homo-sexuals as some like to perpetuate - the Greeks did not take it up the ass..."For that would be to much like being a woman" - Greeks held females in contempt and any mimicing of females would be a down grade in their books - unlike our society where men mimic woman in order to gain female privledge and protection.
  10. Khadr is a non-issue and a non-starter. What is at issue is how the public got caught up in this ancient corporate feud between the old Christian Jewish elite - and the Islamic elite - Both of these bastard mafia groups want to suck the whole world into their bullshit.
  11. It's not like that - to God, in my estimation there is no death...just a time to vacate for some - we think in temporal and fearful tones. The term sin - or sinister simply means to turn left - I have observed in nature that there are paterns of progression and travel that grant a full life cycle- sin is not about smoking - cursing or all those other human things - it's about direction - For instance I notice that bugs on a pond circulate to the right - I grow vines every year and they from my view always circulate to the right also - that to me is the concept of righteousness..about following the laws of phyisics which is the law of the natural world. Because we have choice and a high intelligence as creatures and are god like in many respects we some times choose or are forced on to a path of collision - a path where we are impacted by forces that disrupt our very phyisical existance...It takes a want and need to observe how things operate in the natural world. Religion gets in the way and attempts to create a code that is defective. Bad things happen to good people and good things happen to bad people. These are not things you can blame on a creator. These are things that sometimes are random as we move and vacilate along our paths. The point I was making was from a very primative perspective..maybe some ancient knowledge that I might have stumbled across - looking at the life of Christ - I took the view of disecting what contained logic and what was myth - I disguarded - but I did notice a very modern way of thinking - that was in the core of Christianity - or gnostic thought - that the rule of natural law was the basis for the sustaining of all life....I will give this some more thought and get back to you.
  12. See you guys later - I am bailing out - and about to land in the real world.
  13. I did not judge - I observed...as it says in old scripture- `God rains on the good as well as the wicked` - If God does not give a crap then surely I don`t - but there are laws of action that have consequence - In this story I told - It seemed like those who partook in sinisterism - did not sustain as long as those that believed in God and goodness as the superiour life giver. Yes I will fade from this world in time - perhaps in the next second - or in 40 years...but - I do suspect that if there is a God - and I believe there is a force for life - that a certain way of living allows one to live longer and better.. The last time I saw this arms dealer - he was sitting on a matted old couch - he looked like Howard Hughes at the end of his life - His nails were long - he was unshaven - his hair was a mess - and even the bottle of booze that sat on the table had gathered dust - he gave up - gave up hope...then he simply died...The one price paid in the form of life force - for sinisterism - is the thing of most value - hope - so I felt sorry for the old guy - He had made a mistake in the path he had choosen - it was the wrong one - all ended badly for all concerned. It could have been better - but he did not know better.
  14. The American nation might be a mess as far as economy and general domestic management of their nation - but their military is a well oiled and orgainized force - with the finest weapons and experts to deploy them - any conflict between Iran and America would end in a day...with America not even breaking into a sweat - but CHINA might no like it..that`s the clitch.
  15. Right or left it does not matter - if an army travels thousands of miles to occupy a land that is as a whole no real threat to Canada that would seem like an invasion to me. If say - a Canadian citizen who hated China - went there and attacked the citizens - and China in turn send a huge force to British Columbia where they believe that the offender was `trained` - would that Army from China be considered invaders...... of course... Khadr is and always will be a non-issue. Much like the people at Toronto city hall who are spending counteless hours debating on whether snacks and coffee should be provided. Our policy is as such - that we don`t care if those that hate the west immigrate to our nation...so why all the fuss about this one person.....as for moral equivalence - there are no morals when it comes to violent conflict..so why bring morality into play............I kill you - you kill me and so forth - do we stop to discuss who is moral and who is not - the fact the we are engaged in such activity drives morality out of the picture.
  16. Cuba has got it right - you crash into someones car - Jose` sends you to his brother in-law who has a body shop - no charge...
  17. Don't like Khadr's thankless family - don't like the attitude of immigrants that have no loyalty for the national family that granted them the luxury of steady food and lodging and freedom to speak. As for the then kid being treacherous and guilty of treason against Canada - ask your average Canadian who served in Afganistan if the "mission" was worth it. From what I understand most of the returning soldiers believe it was a waste of time, resourses - and of lives...so who really committed the treacherous act against the Canadian public....was it this stupid kid - or was it our government............ You can not convict the government - but it is easy to use this stupid kid as a scape goat - people love to hate - one individual - but to hate a duely elected governement would amount to hating ourselves - and we are not about to do that - so it is easier to take the path of least resistance - persecute some dumb boy.
  18. Go ahead and waste some more time - that's what we are doing here...is it not..
  19. So formality and decorum is out dated....I guess that would make rule of law out dated also...
  20. Like a drunken dad that commits the odd familiar blunder - America is much like this - but at least dad brings home the bacon...So who is better - the guy that abuses you and gives you nothing - or the one that abuses you and buys you dinner..........The relationship we have with America is like that of an honest John that always pays the prostitute in full. If you are going to get screwed may as well take the money - I suppose.
  21. Would rather hear the culprit speak than not - and commit the violence in secretive silence.
  22. If we be so lucky that we have a Big Brother - personally I believe that the whole damned thing is on auto-pilot - and we are sadly on our own with out even a bad protector brother.
  23. Traditionalist - I the male husband the woman. Got a problem with that.....In your world that state practices animal husbandry on the people - which is fine with you I am sure. Oh to be honest - if the wife wants to pretent she is the husband and puts herself at the head of the table as mine did at Thanksgiving - I will gladly take the place of less honour as long as I don`t have to do the dishes.
  24. Yes I have heard this version..and it is probably true - here is the picture that I see - You have Khdar - who is an ethnic to the region - You have American military who have traveled thousands of miles and now stand on ground that they have no buisness being on - The ethnic fanatics...and I am sure they are fanatic about their heritage as most of us are - had the shit beat out of them by superiour forces - Super sonic planes with bombs - a substantial ground force...and so on - Some how I don't get how a nation that declares that a war crime has been committed against them - when it is fine for them to shoot the enemy - but a crime for the enemy to fight back - that would mean that every last German soldier that fought the allies back in 1943 should have all been hauled off to Nuremburg ------------Now in the alternative _ if Khdar and his group had done what they did - in Boston - then that would be real grounds for crimminality. The rest is bull shit. It seems that the victor always gets to write history...and the victor is never the crimminal.
  25. Maybe not illegal in a legal sense - but a little immoral and diversionary - IF the backers - facilitators...and motivators behind the attack on the World Trade Centre were all spawns of Saudi Arabia and the actors were all Saudi citizens - would it not make sense to go and invade Saudi Arabia and take care of the problem at it's root? Instead of galavanding all over Iraq and Afghanistan making a profit through very lucrative military contracts...and duping the average dumb American with the idea that Sadam Hussein was at the controls? It's bizzare - the core of the problem here is that American enterprisers did not want to lose any money by taking care of the real enemy...so they lured the public mind into an area concerning "little girls going to school" - and this Khdar diversion...how stupid are the people? I would say real stupid - as for Iraq - look at the place now - I would surely say that something both illegal and immoral took place by judging it's present state!
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