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  1. Laws? There are laws and rule of law in Canada? I never noticed that! Having lost faith in law seeing justice was explained to me as this "It might be immoral, but it is legal"..... When I heard that I totally lost all respect for our sweet and cunning judical system. Where is the protection of the state? Where is the justice for junkies - who instead of being protected and their well being sustained...are instead...brought into the realm of assisted suicide?
  2. Traced my history back to about 1860 - and the Lada is not my mamma - seems that my ancestors were from Chechneya....and those Russians were not friends of mine. You might find that you are a spawn of some white guy....who invented the Fiat...and your mama might have been a dwarf that always reclined in the back seat....I don't know what the hell that is supposed to be - but I suppose it is briefly entertaining?
  3. After 40 years of wandering in the desert and attempting to quench my thrist with booze - I have come to the conclution that water is better and sustains life...I believe I have lost my interest in this glamified toxin.
  4. Good Lord.....what a shit hole the east side of Vancouver has become - Having had the experience of living in the hotel called hot and cold running barf 35 years ago - and seeing Hastings Street first hand...You would think that after all this time they would have progressed...seems from the reports I get now that nothing has changed - the so-called progress is regress - Like they are caught in a dark time warp or something...40 years to deal with the problem and the SCC finally solves it by formally admitting defeat.
  5. The only Camels I wish to have are the ones you make that come in a pack. They are a fine smoke. The Iranians must have done a quick study on the weak points in American domestic policy regarding Mexico..that the huge failed state and their hooligans have free access to the interior. That some red eyed crazy henchman for the Mexican mob would make the perfect candidate to hire for a hit on some Saudi - who in realty is also from a failed state - a rich one..but with a very similar dynamic to that of Mexico - tons of poor people who they melt down in barrels of acid - or bury up to their wastes and stone the shit out of...kind of like getting satan to cast out satan...kind of funny...I guess the Americans are against using evil to destroy evil? Cos as we see it does not work.
  6. I smoke the curse - tobacco.. the feds love it. I guess there might be a profit in the continued addiction and the mayhem caused by herion. We have lugans that run about yelling at you for smoking "legal" dope (tobacco) - yet these same people get teary eyed over the thought of their own goodness and social benevolence in letting the sick get sicker...? All l can say through years of experence and observation - that dope...seperates people - it causes estrangement - even chronic pot heads can not be reasoned with...My youngest brother is a "functional" chronic pot user...he has spoken to me twice in 15 years - because he can not get it straight in his confused stoned brain that we really are not at issue - that his fantacy feud will never be resolved because he IS NOT HIMSElF...It is tragic that some one I dearly love is gone from my life for all intent and purpose - because of some damned potion - that some insist is harmless... Back to the junkies - China must be thrilled with this SCC decision...it makes British Columbia that much easier to take over and own.
  7. The bad guys knew that McCain was the son of an important man...they knew that he would say and do anything to please them...He reminds me so much of Biden - who was part of that plot based in the emotional manipulation of electing a "black" president - KNOWING the public would not tolerate one more term of a president that represented fat white cats> ---it was pretty clever. Poor Obama is like a meat puppet and Bidens' hands will never be cold in the winter. The whole Saudi concept is dreary and sickening - that we have those in our midst that are willing to betray their own brothers and sisters to maintain a bunch of boy banging weasils that are about as royal as camel shit.
  8. The sky is blue - I concure! When the sky turns green with the glee of those that have vested interests in oil companies...who also sit on the SCC...then I know that they rule that the sky is green and that a bunch of white trash and natives shooting junk is a good thing - that it will cost the elite nothing in the cause of helping them -----------die....I guess that the SCC are Orwellian in nature at this point in time - that hinderance is help - that death is life - that war is peace - and that harm reduction is exaclty like making sure your kid is supervised when injesting sugar...mean while the teeth continue to rot.
  9. When a welfare worker refered to me as an elitist...a person with no money - no social status...it made me think...That this woman who declared herself a socialist and herself is sucking from the public tit...saw one thing in me that brought about envy and loathing - That I was un-controlable (non-compliant)...How could this man have gone through 40 years of life doing exactly what he wanted - How dare he earn a living doing something that he enjoyed..and how dare he not hand over half of his earnings to the state - that would be money to support the likes of me (the socialist wefare lady) - who also had a job as a prison guard....How dare a person such as myself actually be FREE when she did not have the courage to fight for her own freedom and rolled over in worm like compliance!
  10. Looking back over the years it seems that every evil bastard that embraced the idea of personal sinisterism - has passed away...Those who think that their is a long term profit in evil behavour are proven wrong by time. Sure there is short term gain for being a bastard but it is not lasting...As for old Ernie the arms dealer - gone is the house with the gold plated taps - gone is the Rolls Royce - gone is the Mercedes - gone is the private plane that he used to park at Buttonville - gone are his sons - and all that is left is some poor innocent daughter who now pays for the sins of her father....it's very sad.
  11. How can you take any part of an administration seriously when guys like McKain - who were prisoners of war...shot their mouths off for some cookies and tea - causing the shoot down rates of American planes to double during the Vietnam mess?
  12. Oh there is contract law involved here - some one has to sign a contract with the provincials and have it apporved by the feds - to run the damned clinic - those that work at such places as Insite - are more parasitic than the junkies - at least the junkies are honest in their hopelessness - where as the "contractors" that run methedone clincs...and the likes of Insite...are suffering from some sort of self dellusion that they are good guys - all they are - are people that pick up a pay cheque generated by the institutionalization of human misery. As for drugs being legal or illegal - It's about law - and law is nothing without law enforcement..Our establishement such as the SCC rules on one basis..."does the ruling keep the rich and privledges status quo in power - so they INFORCE laws that are good for THEM - and do NOT enforce laws that are good for the public at large - elitists really don't care about the public - It is not their sons or daughters that are shooting junk and behaving like the walking dead.
  13. You know the problem is not capitalism - nor is it the striving by some fair minded youth for some sort of socialism..It is this super finacial complexity combined with fiat currency that has morphed into an intangable thing...no one knows what is of true value anymore - so we create a fantacy that as we know - when illusion is the replacement for reality that reality always rears it's beautiful head and spoils the dream....People who acquire unbridled wealth by simply having wealth - who in turn...generate more supposed wealth...then more again - creating a disparity - and a situtation that can not continue in the real world without screwing up the natural order of things...Those so-called 1%ers are there artifically - NOT because they are smart - because they had the unwavering ambition to have wealth at any cost - and dedicated their every waking moment to the accumulation of more wealth - BUT - were blinded to the reality that the wealth was NOT material... So of course things are off kilter - when idots have control of the material world via - fiatism.
  14. How can you have free speech when language is in a state of mutation? Orient meant to the east - we can not call someone from the far east an "oriental" - and some guy that is shacked up to another guy calls himself "a husband" - There can be no free speech as long as politcal correctness - and public fear dictate that it is realistic to censor language - words - It's like forcing a painter to use certain colours...and insisting that red is now green...how the hell can we communicate freely when we are persecuted for speaking our true thoughts?
  15. Certainly this other writer does not pay attention and is blinded by some sort of muddy mixture of prejudice and mindless intellectual compliance to a Canadian style herd mentality...When are Canadians going to think for themselves when they deal with America - a nation is a variant group of people - not some cluster of humanity that are robotic.
  16. Beware - the members on this site used too call me a "rube" also. Some of the best and most practical thinkers are rubes my friend....and it seems that Gandi might have something to say about your approach that is a wash in mindless arrogance - "It is a small man that gain his self worth through the humiliation of others" to para phrase...and yes - I am that small man.
  17. So President Obombyah can lean back in the big leather chair and say, lets wack so and so today...but when someone wants to wack a Saudi - who as we know, all need a darn good wacking...and when that someone is motivated by Iranian interests.... Then that is a big NO No - makes you wonder if the saying - what is good for the goose is good for the gander might be an accurate analogy? Right after 9 11 - The Americans should have gone after the pay masters of the Saudi dupes that flew the planes into the towers - but NOOOOOO - the Saudis are buisness partners...and so what if they paid for the hit on 3000 innocent people - such double if not triple standards here!
  18. Last Sunday I and a couple of my daughters went to dinner at my semi-estranges younger sisters house - She has not been quite her self to say the least after spending the last 13 years in Central America...it might have been the multiple stab wounds she suffered at the hands of a robber that did it..poor thing has aged - but strangely enough she is back and in the life extension youth buisness...in other words she is a modern snake oil sales lady. So a mystery guest arrives..It is my sisters friend in crime - a very attractive female Iranian doctor - who has found it lucrative to be in the "wellness buisness" - The woman brought along her son - a six foot four vegan the result of some marriage to a Ukranian - what ever...The big oalf had the hand shake of a soggy wet gym towel...and nothing to say..kind of a Canadianized liberal non-man type. We had drinks and dear sis insisted that I should allow her to give me a shot of human growth hormone from China...."no thank you" - Then out popped another vile out of her medicine bag..."how about some male hormone" - Jezz I was scared at that point...."no - I will call you when I need it" sheeeesh...the plot thickens. In walks the second guess with this skinny old lady...the second guest was the youngest daugher of that old arms dealer....a weepy sort of girl..who sells costumes to strippers.. Her father was the guy that once said to me "Ronald Regan pardoned me" and - "I saved lives - I sold weapons to Iraq AND to Iran" - well it was odd - her sat the daughter of doctor death the arms dealer - A limp wristed son of some Ukrainina gangster...and an Iranian doctor...who probably lost a lot of family because of the fire power provided by the dad of the G_sting sales girl....It was very weird - the two young sons of the dead arms dealer - I found out were also deceased - young strong men - who liked to lie rape and pileage - I guess the moral of the story is all is un-well that ends badly in the wellness industry ...after a gap of almost 14 years all of the villians got their just deserts...and the surviors are left lingering in semi-misery. As for my younger sister - for someone into life extension and the preservation of beauty through cash...looked 15 years older than myself....and the sad part was...all the material wealth that the arms dealer lavished on his children was for not. The wages of sinisterism is insanity and eventual premature death...Don't mean to gloat - but staying poor might have had it's benefits.
  19. Hello BC - was not planning to come back - but I guess you and your humour might make it worth it. Did have a conversation with Mr. Big Dog the other day...all he said was "people seem to be getting more stupid as the years pass....and this guy used to appoint judges at one time - I don't know if he still does - but it seems that this new group of legalists are what he might be talking about....Must be a bit of a let down for Mr. Big Dog who ran Bay Street and the courts for years - to see in his old age - his empire turn to shit...Yes even the devil is ashamed of his spawns these days...Kind of like wondering why you gave birth to a family of idiots.
  20. Guess I will have to go over to Bay and Queen and babysit on Saturday morning...nothing worse than institutionalise stupidiy from both ends of the spectrum....as dad would say to the lugan kids in the basement "don't make me come down there" - Have the protestors ever considered going to Bay Street on a buisness day and maybe just maybe arrive cleaned up and apply for a job at one of the corporations that they "hate" - They might be surprised and find that they will be hired - "if you want to change things - change them from the inside" - banging on the door cursing will get you no where. People do not realize that those "at the top" actually want your help! They are not that smart and running a system is not a job they really want - If YOU want it TAKE IT!
  21. Even the Netherlands the bastion of chronic cannabis use has determined that Marajuana ---- is to be soon classed as a hard drug - the folks in Amsterdam have finally figure out through trial and tribulation that dope is simply not good for the population of the health of a nation....Yet we in Canada are so back wards and behind the times that we are about to unloose herione on our nation - are we fucking nuts?
  22. In the last 75 years socialism has had many variations - is it time to firmly define what real and good socialism might be? Could it be time to blend this ideal with what we call capitalism and create a new hybred that might be helpful in this changing world? I leave it to my learned friends to give good reason why or why not this ideololgy should or should not exist...in the meantime - I stick to my belief that the great statesman - Wiston Churchill had it right - that it is an un-natural and troublesome doctrine. "Socialism is a philosophy of failure, the creed of ignorance, and the gospel of ENVY...It's inherent virtue is the equal sharing of misery" It is apparent to me that the word envy is paramount in this statement...secondly- the idea of MISERY - the slow conditioning of the people into a miserable state - a state that is not clearly percieved by the suffering mass....who share a pain that is absolutely un-ecceptable, but some how taken as normal...it is the debasement of society...and a battle of common utility against the progress of beauty - a movement fueled by envy - or insanity - No matter how torrid you envy you will never become what you covet...so it is a futile polical mission to say the least -----------------FREEDOM _ TO BE WHO YOU WERE BORN...FREEDOM TO BE WHAT YOU WORK TO BECOME!
  23. Harper is a bit old fashiohed and actually thinks that the people in Forest Hill (an old community of super rich Jews) has political clout) This beautiful area..with it's grand trees and ten million dollar homes if full of OLD PEOPLE who don't give a damn......Harper actually believes that some rich old Jews - have power and he must cow tow to them,,,The old rich Jews are not interested at the end of their lives in Harper- they don't vote - and they don't send a million bucks in support of some old cause -Harper like some dumb anti-semite is under the impression that the Jews are movers and shakers- they can barely shake their worn out hips..............................get with the time Harper!
  24. look at the artifcats within Egypt - their kings and queens bred with each other in the hope of purity....and as the the historic human artifacts show.....they ended up with heads the size of and apple......if the human brain was a high end computer - the larger one would win out - a cross bred dog is smarter and lives longer than some man engineered Beagle...that is prone to mental illness and pissing on the floor.
  25. No not silly! The breeding practice of Jews- and some Muslims is restricted to procreation of their own "pure" breed- this is wrong - science has stated the the crossing of genetics brings out the best- apparently they are not bringing out the best in their stock - if they were - we would not see these problems - why make more stupid people in the misplaced and archic idea of purity --- purity creates people with small brains and the inablity to adapt. So in desperation they resort to war to survive.
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