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  1. No one can force you to take dope - it is a decison made or broken...people are responsible for themselves....If we live in a country where one group that profits from the sale of alcohol gets preturbed by a competator growing pot - so what...how come the booze seller gets police and governmental assistance in the protection of their enterprise and the dope dealer does not? Both who are selling the toxic substances are both parasites...why is it one is high class and the other lowly?
  2. Want one too - the real heavy gage foil...and maybe some viking horns or something - see what you can do.
  3. I have a very mature version of AADD.....Like chicken man or the little g god - I am everywhere all at once.
  4. Copyright only works for big fancey law firms that specialize in branding....for the little guy - they just pick through intellectual property - registered or not - steal the good ideas - disguise them and off they go - the common guy has no protection when it comes to property of the brain...it is totally legal to pick someones brain....The richest people stole all of the good ideas - Look at Thomas Edison - the weasil had 20 bright guys working for him (who signed wavers) - when one of them came up with a good idea - HE registered it in his name...and we all think he was a hero - when he was a common crook and stealer of intellectual property
  5. Drugs are decriminalized informally as we speak - go out into the street and buy some pot - no cop is going to trail you home and toss you down and cuff you - go and see your local cocaine dealer who operates with impunity year after year - go get a script for some synthetic opiates from a corrupt doctor...no one is going to bother you _ It's not like the old days when I was caught with a roach...and crimminalized for life --- there is no will within law enforcement or in political circles to curb the use of "illegal substances" - UNLESS - it is a million dollar load of dope - then they take notice cos...its then about the money...big money.
  6. Yah - a limited person would be maybe a cross between a monkey and a man....that would describe the corporate world nicely.
  7. Hey - don't walk away BC - I'm talking to you ....no way are we going to let you plead poverty - want some oil - we will pump it down - now relax - it's not over till the fat lady sings - and we have her gagged and bound.
  8. If it were not for the Greeks - Italians would still be sucking on the tit of a wandering wolf...and -paving roads with great utilitarian vigor - The Greeks civilzed the world - and now eveyone is picking on them cos they want early retirement after 1000 years of working.
  9. Leaks that flowed like mighty rivers showed that the U.S. swayed Canada on the Afghanistan adventure..so what else is new ---- talking to a Canadian buisness guy about a buisness where a small Canadian operation sold pharma product at cheap rates to little old American ladies....he said "The Americans are not going to like that" ------ our big dogs are fearful of your even BIGGER American dogs...always been that way - If you want a healthy Canadian operation - You have to kiss Yankee ass...that is just the way it is.
  10. The corporate entity was created in order NOT to be liable for any sort of damage --- they play the double mirror game...You can sue a person but you can not sue a thing....so when a corporation is litigated against - They act like a person - but are a thing...when it suits them - They want the protection that a person is entitled to but act like a thing - and not a person - they have it both ways.
  11. You are equipped..we are not. You are a marshallist society - we are ameteurs...when you want the job done you get a professional..so we go to you. In the mean time try and control that power - it can corrupt from what I have heard.
  12. Welcome to the machine! Time that the courts started ruling in favour of the sustaining and betterment of society - not the reverse! The job of our judicary is to keep society running smoothly and comfortably - secure and peaceful - not to bring about mayhem...what is with these robots? The SCC is useless - This ruling is akin to handing out guns to suicidal people - that is NOT very protective of the public - it is an attack - but the worse and most frightening part of this matter is the judges don't know they are committing an evil act - they are so far gone and delluded that it is hopeless to expect true social benevolence and protection from these weirdos.
  13. Courts rule in order to harm - they are perverts. My friend who is a single father - takes care of his infant kids...was contacted by the Family Resonsiblity Office about a debt that his wife had encured - so they pulled his drivers licence under the guise that he is some sort of dead beat dad..where is the logic and sense in that - The guy plays the role of mother and father...supports his children in full - yet some court rules that he is to be harmed -------------for what?
  14. If evil and stupidity are the same entity - then the issue is self explanitory. Corporations will do things that are very stupid in order to generate a profit...in the end that corporation destroys itself. Take all the major industrial accidents that have harmed the reputations of a few large corporate powers...The accidents were caused by stupidity - by the decision of some executive making a few million a year..who decides to try and pocket an extra few thousand by using a cheap and defective valve while drilling for oil - that's stupid thus evil.
  15. Reasonalbe dialogue is best. Problems can be worked out with good will and mutual co-operation - most people - master and slave understand that they need each other - only a foolish master brings harm to his servants - and only a foolish servant seeks the demise of a good master.
  16. A choice now taken away from the master..when the dog is sick and dying..you can go to the vet and get that 300 dollar injection package -with creamation included...or you shoot the poor creature and give it a real in the earth burial along the fence line. Glad your grandfather loved dogs more than MOST people - key word is most...so he did love some people - and inturn you do also...so grandpa did something right in the rasiing of your dad - who trained you - to love most people.
  17. I gave my kids nothing but time - cos when I had money - I would waste it on myself...they were fed - housed and protected - and I was always around - either playing with them - or hiding out in my room with a hang over - but at least I was there....fatherly issues are as such -we had role models - My dad was a free operator...my mother was an enterpriser - and they held family first - not status - not money...but flesh and blood - Some say I made a lot of bad turns - but in the end...I was right - I was worth more than money to my children..and they love their old man - not for what I gave them - but for who I am...I am turely thankful that I was guided by a little devine light of freedom!
  18. No party wants the likes of me - I am considered un-predictable and highly unmanageable....not to mention that I have a temper that on occassion breathes out the firey wrath of a god gone bad....lol.
  19. Further more - high end conservatives don't care much for politics..why would they bother with theatre when they run the show...this actor - Hudak might just be the key....to keep the inept in office - with McGinty at the helm - the rich can continue to sue the public tax payer for breached contracts - looks like it is about money ---and McGinty is also so stupid he does not know that he is being used...the boys appointing judges for our shadow government of un-elected officals must be pretty happy as they sit around the big table having the monthly meeting at the Advocacy Society - the real government...the government of black robed sinister cynics.
  20. Never seen anything like it. A man running for the highest provincal office and has the depth of a wading pool in a run down city sponsored housing project. The pools are always in a state of emptyness. Conservatives have always been known as the money holders - the controlers of the court...the traditional ESTABLISHMENT! The surely could have bought a guy that had the personality to win - this election will be won on personality not on policy or proposed policy - It is a politically shallow election... So what's going on with the old school conservatives that run Bay Street and adjoining blocks in the core of Toronto's power house? Could it be that they have learned to profit on socialism - that they have learned to play the left like a violin in order to privately maintain control? Hudak might just be a cadidate - a dupe that they put out there to lose on purpose. It just does not make sense - the conservatives have a number of very dynamic and charismatic men and woman to choose from....I would say - they like it when the left of loser intelligence gets into public office - they are easier to control and to harvest.
  21. Lived in Oakland Cal...for a bit long ago - we worked for the local cemetary - we had a pick up....the locals would come and cut deals with us - haul this and we will give you that - also - back in my hick days - my brother and I would crusie the back roads sipping whiskey and collecting copper from abandoned farms...we made a buck - put food on the table - and we were free...................so - Landscaping hugh...The guy on the corner needs some decorative renovation - Paint the trim at the entrance of his upscale market --------I will over charge him - If he goes for the high price - I will do it - if he low balls me - I will go take a nap.....every one I knows that makes money does it through a series of people they and their fathers knew... We were lucky because we had independent dads that knew people - and had good reputations...through being the children of free enterprisers we have enterprise now if we want it...Kids graduating from university are usually not that connected _ if they were connected they would not have had to go to school to ensure an income.
  22. Assumed consent is a good example of state owned human meat....The point I am making is the human body is material property _ It`s the only thing you really own...and children the product of that material property are also YOUR property...People don`t like that idea - but if you do not belong to yourself...then all you are in the end is human gibberish --------by the way - where is the land of Gibber anyway.
  23. Jeeez - you and your pop culture logic. Maybe I just like to get some drama happening....McCoy would have pleaded and been very theatrical...where as Spock would have said ..........the amount of electricity used to bring air into the lungs is not worth the price of embalming fluid if the price of the fluid contines to rise at it`s present rate.. better to have the patient who is about to expire expire at a more cost effective time....keep him alive till the price of a funeral goes down - I get it!
  24. Makes you want to get a job...people assume when they fall or intentionally leap into the social safety net that it is some sort of beer drinking party...It is a grueling affair...it can break you....personally - making a buch is not a problem...IF you have extended family that is established in some sort of enterprise - problem with todays youth is that everyone they know is exactly like them - educated with no skill or experience...they can`t go and sweep up for Uncle Peter for a thousand a week cash...cos all they have is the degree and no contacts...that is the problem ----------If your father was a doctor or lawyer - you will get a job though his old contacts - but if your dad was a carpenter - and YOU get a degree in Law - you might not find work. - cos - you are not connected.
  25. The doctor told my dad that he had a year to live. This pissed him off that another human being would dare make such a statement - so he lived on for a few extra years out of sheer spite..Death and dying are vary private matters - for some reason - people assume that when a human being is in the process and weak that they have no rights. Those that hang over dying people like vultures trying to control it - need a kick in the teeth... can`t stand do gooders..who have nothing to lose and no stake in the actual matter at hand - butt out!
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