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  1. It would be pleasant to irritate the hell out of some young up start stock broker - who borrows 10 thousand from his dad - invests the money through a little non-detectable inside trading - comes out with 500 thousand in profits...and proudly proclaims that he works for a living and is respectable....."Money for nothing and the chicks are free" - Mean while there is some person - a better person - with ethics - who works in some back room washing dishes...who is more intelligent than the broker - who will work for 10 thousand dollars and have half of it skimmed away in all sorts of ways.....Then that money is sent away in the form of a bailout when the stock broker finds it difficult to defy and fool physics any longer and needs a bail out... So off goes the stock broker for a well needed break from all the work to drink fine wine - snort coke - get his penis sucked in some fancey resort...while the dish washer lays in his dirty little room wondering what he will eat and if he can make his rent.... BUT of course the "high class and respectable stock broker...is treated with honour - and the dish washer is treated in contempt - for actually providing the world with clean plates to eat of - and the broker provides the world with nothing of value.
  2. Full day kindergarten is not about early childhood education - it's about dumping the kids in free day care cos you really did not want to raise them yourself anyway. They go on and on a about more day care spaces but never mention how we got to the point as a society that we were incrimentally robbed of our time to care for our kids....who created this thing where mothers can not be mothers that the state is the mother - and if the mother is pissed off at the husband - then the state can become the husband also. We are headed to more and more animal husbandry of woman and children and a less human world...the machine has stolen your kids---and you have been taught that it is freedom?
  3. In your little mind the day that you as a kid got a calculator -You were thrilled beyond belief - now you could add as well as your grade 6 math teacher -now that is power and your life is much better....one and one are two - did you REALLY need a machine for that?
  4. " Unanimously" --------------like some how the learned lawyers and judges all agreed all at once on the same thing...so it must be right - after all - all of the unanimous thinking guarantees some sort of collective brilliance......THESE PEOPLE ALWAYS ARE IN TOTAL AGREEMENT NO MATTER WHAT. The always pull the party line.
  5. Okay BC - you sold me - I get the concept....all I know is that the divices sound pretty nice...and it would be good if people had something to say or actually do with these tools that is truely productive - at this moment the sun beaming in....and I can`t find the dimmer switch...It`s always sad when you see a person have their dream come true then they die...wonder if it brought him any comfort on his death bed to know that he completed his mission - and was it really worth the sacrafice of a whole life time....
  6. Socialism is total power - for one person at the expense of all others - we have it growning here - capitialist encourage socialism- It`s like having your own private factory.
  7. The Bay Street guys wanted Tony as a Prime Minister...be thankful someone suggested other wise.
  8. I said the translation of Prime Minister mean first servant - I did not say ...first Canadian. I was trying to get across the idea and institution of service - of being a servant to the people - not having the people be YOUR servants.
  9. What`s with the JACK LAYTON quote stuck on the bottom....love is better than anger.....so never get angry - take the anger management course - embrace socialism - become bi-sexual....and all will be well - apparently Jack`s own teachings did not serve him well.
  10. Should have appealed to the great computer in the sky- and might have gotten better results as far as sustaining his physical being. All that money and he could not save his own life - Reminds me of my rich chemist brother who had total faith in science - put his eldest son on medications..because of some socially percieved chemical imbalance - and the kid goes out and kills himself...Brother dear like Jobs put his faith in human technology - and both were disappointed - I put my faith in the great computer in the sky - and all my kids are thriving and I out lived JOBS...so - who wins here ----tech or God and natureƉ
  11. Heard about that...and yes I understand - the dream of Henry Ford was not what you think - His dream was so the common working guy wo lived in a filthy city...could hop in a cheap car and take the family to the beauty of the country on Sunday (the sunday drive) NOT to destroy the world with grid lock. okay it is not JOBS that I am disrespecting here - it is all those drones who worship some sort of little plastic picture in the palm of their hand...oh and Steve if you are listening - loved the movie - but I never watch one twice - because I am not big on "life style" Sure you can humanize technology all you want - but that will never ensure that people are not de-humanized by technology...people weep in sheer religious joy when they get an I -phone.....which I percieve as a bit wierd...sorry - I know you love tech - I just wish the the programers were not illiterate and could communicate the instructions on how to use the gadjets with ease....some instructional programmers are totally stupid..and it shows in the product - reminds me of the instructions on the essembly of a frinking lawn mower....simplistically complex to the point of baffling.
  12. So in simple terms - this ruling passed down by the SCC - does not have to be based in the act of responsibity to the Canadian people for the beneifit and health of Canadians at large. The ruling originates in polciy that is dictated by those who are in debted through appointment...to those that appoint. Plainly and in great candor I can say - those who control judges have made a clear statement here = LET THE JUNKIES KILL THEMSELVES AND BE RID OF THEM....mean spirited you say? YES - but that's the way the real world works...all done under the guise of social responsiblity and kindness...as I mentioned - these people who are part of this decisive system - are not like us - they are gold and harsh pragmatists...almost predatorial.
  13. Thank you. Governments do NOT legistlate to the courts...Judges who are not elected make the decisions...ironically - Courts are not driven by judgement by stickly by policy. This policy may appear to come down from the government though legislation - but it does NOT in face stem from there - The policy in the end is handed down to judges by those that appoint judges - who again are private people..and NOT government - Legislation is a argumentive tool used by lawyers - Judges over rule matters based in legislation all the time - the courts are a quasi government not controlled by our government.
  14. You are educated - you don't have your own ideas - well maybe one or two that you got by accident. Right there you get into the science of things - "left brain" thinking...perhaps faith is the middle brain thinking - or the no brain thinking - the cosmic brain that does not exist with in the head - but is outside the scull? Faith has no substance - no material value...it is above and beyond thinking...real faith is like a blank slate - that thinking and religous doctrine can not mark....it's an empty thought..based in absoute knowledge that after all is said and done - we know nothing.
  15. China has bought up thousands of acres of wet land and farm land in Ontario....they think ahead....we do not - Muslims also think ahead - in 30 Markham will have ousted the Asians and will be a Muslim strong hold...and your pot smoking grand children will be washing their toilets.
  16. Legislation should not be up for interpretation. It should be stone hard law based on moral principles - of what is good for people and what is not good for people. Governments and HIGH courts are put in place to be a protectorate of the people - not a malevolent entity of arrogance. You ask who is threatened by this ruling ? That is like saying who is threatened by gay marriage and the re-definment of humanity and the reproductive proccess itself! If a ruling has the effect of killing one citizen whether they be Junkies or the more "respectable" citizen..then the law is not the law - it is a common error of judgement - JUDGES are supposed to judge - they do not use judgement...so why the hell to we call them judges or "honourable"? YOU have the typical mindset of a lawyer - that said to me of a ruling - "It is immoral but it is legal" - If it is immoral -or bad it harms - the things that harm should not be supported by the courts - harm or evil - should be fought by the courts and not toyed with by some elitist twits who took up law as an interesting interpretation of life....LAW is law...the bending of it for an evil purpose should be illegal...but it is not - because those sitting on the high bench - simply GET A KICK OUT OF HURTING PEOPLE - typical of spoiled overly privledged - and bored upper crust parasistes - why do you respect those that don't give a damn about you?
  17. Being a naturalist and old school Christian shaman of a type - I am not in awe of technology...to me these things are not great tools that will or have acted as the saving grace to humanity or nature (planet) - Jobs devices are just that - a device...a diversion - a toy - common high end play things and a "life style" that thrives in the midst of world hunger - war - greed - poverty and other things of great importance.Jobs held back for 25 years to make sure he had cornered the market as far as soft where - and hardware...during the process of this fulfilment of a dream driven by vicous corporate greed, the bastard stepped on the faces of all in his way - and what did he get? Just like Moses - he was driven and as we see the fickle finger of fate did not allow JOBS to enjoy the promised land.....What good does it do a man if he gains the whole world and loses his mortal (phsical being) soul?" His great pay day ended in death...what a loser. As for that old saying that the medium is the message - that is like saying that a blank canvass - and a box of paints has something to say - the medium says nothing - there is no message...the message is the message...period - as for a more enlightened persepctive - I really don't see beams of light coming out of a device - that can enlighten and save the world - There is no such evidence of such and effect - as as I click the keys on this machine - all I say - is recorded with the other twenty billion comments....on the net - and the sheer volume of the holding of information makes it useless and meaningless - JOBs was not Jesus - he was more like a satan with empty promises that will never be delivered.
  18. You don't have to source opinions on this matter - or link up to some site that is positive or negative towards Muslims - and then choose which one you want to use...the internet does not offer the gosspel truth and it is a fleeting source of information and mis-information...what I do is go into the street- the real world - look a passing Muslim in the face with respect and see the body and eye language - Bob is right - they do believe that they are better than we are - all they know about westerneners is that we are a debauched and decadent bunch - true to a degree - but what most Muslims fail to realize is not all of us are low life. BUT as with every human perception- regardless of where that perception originates - there is prejudice - that is what I see in MOST Muslims - like Jews - they believe that we they are better and we should be subserviant to them - because we are less PURE.
  19. Work your ass off and get less - let your tax dollars be awarded to the very rich in the form of damages due to cancelled contracts that were never really going to be fulfilled to begin with ------------NOT one politican is capable of standing up to corruption...either they are naive - or they know the game and if elected are going to assist in more legislative actions that will continue to have tax money laundered though our courts into the hands of the privledged....it`s a problem that will never be addressed...because politicans are NOT in the loop - they are only in the game...and game players accomplish nothing.
  20. No they won`t - in the last thrity years the Canadian educational system has produced thousands of people who are accustomed to abuse and being used - they like it...To try to explain this sick compliance to Canadians is like trying to explain to a male - who is smacked across the face by his female partner - that he is abused - He will continue in denial because of his blind arrogant male pride ...just like common Canadian citizens who are not about to take another four years of usery - abuse - and animalistic conditioning along with being taxed to the point of depression.
  21. Senators are wise guys - you do not limit their term..the older they get the more they can contribute - their value only increases in time - IF you force them to work.
  22. Keep the oil comming - we don`t care who is running the place.
  23. Corporations are like slum landlords - maximum return for as little investment as possible.
  24. All power is conducted in secrecy - if it was not - there would be no power - others would counter the powerful and render them cancelled...so all policials have to use stealth and secrecy and be very skillful liars.. That is the unknown - just like the code of silence that is used to control the issues within orgainized crime..politics is a game of sneak and attack - retreat and deny..then sneak up and give the opposition another sucker shot.
  25. It`s cute when a person in real life and the real world would NEVER offend you or even dare attack you in any manner - because you are their superiour in the REAL world - will get their jollies by tattling on people that they have no REAL authority over...and by doing so - have them banned for a month at a time - in effect tying a strong mans hands behind his back electronically - (which only ammounts to a slight irritation) Or as bothersome as some cyber bed bug bite... NOT ONCE have I in all the time on this site - gone out of my way and `tattled` and by doing so had them cut off from communication.........This idea that some feel big and tough...when they inconveniece someone by being a rat....is pitiful - and they should feel shame for being a manipulative weasil - who gets a kick out of manipulating moderators and members alike.
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