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  1. Those violent liars that push for the death penalty are made of the same stuff that they hate. Those willing and capable of killing in the name of the almighty state are the sameones that if you look deep enough into their hearts and minds will commit murder themselves - some are natural born killers and preditors and have a power crazed sadistic nature kept well hidden..a person that screams at the foot of the gallows for the death of a human being - is a human being capable and lusting to kill...Some just like the thought of killing...The real hard nose types that say that they would push the plunger on the death syringe or pull the lever on the gallows - are they creepy types who would suffer a deviant errection during the act. Henry Kissinger once said that power is the greatest aphrodesiac...that would make me think that if he was directly or indirectly envoled in an execution - the bombing of some silly and useless village - or ultimately - pressing the nuclear button - he could then feel confident that he could have sex with his wife that night or get something a little extra ordinary from his mistress or boyfriend or what ever the case would be with a man who would make such a damning and foolish statement - killing is bad....confinement is another matter - perminent if neccesary. Nothing more irritating than the hypocrites that wail like witches of capital punishment...all the while they justify the perversity of mind with false social benevolence. EG. child and woman protection - meanwhile they do nothing to assist society other than insisting on executiong societies human failings and errors.
  2. Same old stuff that comes across as cutting edge is dull as a butter knife used for a screw driver and a paint srapper. Don't they know the end of the world has come and gone and now most are walking dead symbolically speaking. What's that smell? Hope the dead get around to burying the dead. Sexual oppression via the abuse of youth by clergy is a stange occultish pagan thing that has been going on for centuries. Kind of a soul sucking ritual to ensure that males as they mature will lack all leadership qualities needed to sire children - to husband a wife - or to enter religious or political life. It's about the hording of power and the destruction of familiar culture and family lines. Same old same old - rape has always been used to make emotional recks of woman and children and to distress the elder male..it's not about the promise of salvation and freedom and power but the opposite - seems most so-called churches are and never have been seperated from state - they are the same and use exactly the same methods of animal husbandry and emotional abuse and control of the populace...shameful cult.. - and yes - unless it is the pure form of ancient Christianity - which was never meant to be a religion but to generate a higher mindedness..and an adherance to realty (truth)..then what we have now is a huge caldron of cults - adulterated, posionous and by design made to dis-empower - Christ would be spitting mad and would be whipping the crap out of the abusers of his name who make dupe of the world and actually practice anti-christism. God is good and the embracing of the truth generates prosperity and life - all that other stuff is evil - yep! God is goodness and religion the human political construct is pure nasty debasing evil!
  3. So what's it all really about? Is it the warm and cuddly emotionalism that is pushed along by liberal dupes, That we involve our selves in this mess "so a little girl can go to school" - or "So that nasty bearded sexist Taliban don't beat woman with sticks for showing an ankle"? - Or is it really just to get Canadian troops to taste real blood and become real soldiers so that the old guys sitting in bank towers in Montreal and Toronto can feel important - and rid themselves of personal corporate inferiority....and feel more like the big boys down south who have managed to pull off a hostile take over of a company named America Inc.? Looking last week during Rememberance day at the front page of the Toronto Sun -proudly displayed were the pitiful faces of the dead. Young men in full bloom with eyes that appeared to be more that of dear staring into the lights of an oncoming transport truck. Of all the faces..seems the immigrant population that migrated from corrupt and abusive nations did not sign up to go kill goat herders in the name of scaryism. Perhaps they have seen this foolishness in their place of origin and are not about to waste their lives eleviating the boardom of the foolish and over privledged old elite. Seems the decendants of the beef fed Christian boys from rural Ontario are only suitable for human sacrafice. Speaking of sacrafice - what the hell was this "High Way Of Heros" non-sense remaiming the 401..in honour of the "gloryous dead" This is not world war 2 - and getting blown apart while traveling down a road is not some brave and heroic act - it can only be described as road kill. What's next - perhaps the Don Valley Park Way should be renamed "Rocky Racoons Hero Lane"?The whole thing is a mess. About three years ago I personally questioned this "mission" to Afghanistan..I had one question and one test of legitimacy. IF _ opium production decreases with Canadian envolvement - then it is a legit mission - if it increases then there is something amiss. Perhaps it's just an adventure - a war for fun and profit - maybe Big Pharma and their illegal counter parts that sell dope .....simply do not want to pay the going price of opium..that creates the finest natural morphine - the surpasses all other synthetics in performance as a death assister and pain killer - or maybe it's just a bunch of racist fat dudes that have to much power and influence who simply want some fun - and sell a few weapons on the side as is tradtional for the more pushy important families that have gathered great wealth through corporate privateerism...any way - I usually post on an Amerian Board - I adore my Amerian friends..and they are not a dummied down nation... But today I have decided to come home and for the first time post domestically - I hope I am welcome here and if my views are to far afield - let me make the adjustments so as I can be userful and constuctive...thanks - Oleg Bach.
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