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  1. Some of the very rich with great influence and power - really like the idea of us being drunk on Friday and or doped up...or having lots of mindless sex - it creates a slave like population to sick and tired to resist oppression and usery....take all the dope and booze you want - and make a sinister bastard in some bank tower proud.
  2. Stop whinning and giving these auto-crats more power - stand up like a king or a queen - No one can take your dignity away - only you can lose it - rich or poor - you have worth - those that you protest against - do not have the power to lower you to your knees - YOU grant them power....stop doing that!
  3. It is up to parents to set a good example regarding the alteration of perception for medical and recreational reasons... dope is dangerous - just like booze....either make booze illegal along with dope...or set the whole dirty mess free - and let nature take it's course - the mentally ill are now allowed to wander about and die in the street - so should the boozer and doper - the strong and intelligent will surive. Having lived a life where I took adventures...that were dangerous - I had one rule - if it makes you sick - or weakens you - or proves to be a problem - YOU PUT IT DOWN... The people that I knew that are now dead because of substance use and abuse - were not very smart - If they had a hang over they would take a drink - stupid...one must heal ---------If dope was destroying their lives - and they became unhappy - they would continue to use dope in a quest to be happy - now they are gone.
  4. Cops hate corruption. One must understand that police are OUR standing army - you can reason with them - and they will protect you - and if need be PRETEND to arrest you..to appease their corrupt so-called bosses....NEVER offend your own palace guard - never mis-treat or insult a police officer...I remember my long stint in the court system -taking on the MAN...as they say - The security (police) would quietly say "go get the bastards" - The cops are not the problem - they are persecuted also on occassion - love your cops - they are your friends ----------the bad ones are few and far between.
  5. Better to have a king who is used to power - than one who is not that seeks to be king....kind of like ------------I don't mind people that were born to money - who are intergenerationally rich - they are usually civilized....The ones I worry about are the new ambitious types who greed for power and money who lack a thing called class..... The Monarchy do not represent us - they represent the founder of our civilization ------Jesus the Christ.... The rule of law and the superiour moral character of God...with out the Queen - our powerful will attempt to play god - they are not very good at it - the Queen is accustomed to it...hence trust worthy - It is about trust....MUCH better to have some one who acts as a blocker - who is an institution that prevents people from playing god....which is the Queen at present.....call it a safety device...and a stablizer.
  6. We as neighbours had better keep up with the Mohamids and get our own temples back in shape- Nothing more tragic as far as tradition....to see a mulit-million dollar white marble mosque beside a once beautiful run down Christian church about to be turned into a condo. Our Christian heritage is who we are - where our grand folks spawned from - it is where all of western prosperity originated from - the teachings of our great prophet and King - Jesus the Christ - we should be distressed to see the house of the prince of peace be out done by the lessor prophet who was not above conversion by the sword.
  7. That's reasonable to say - and I have faith in your good judgement. Issues such as these have been in a constant state of debate since the begining of civilization and never fully resolved - it's called a mystery - like life after death - or death after death -No one has ever reported back from the great beyond - with the answer....it was a good chat though and may have shown that faith at times can be based in knowledge and reasonablity. That reasoning to the extreme without prejudice touches the bounds of faith...any way - it was all done in good faith - Thank you Michael ....never knew you had a logical spiritual streak in you. *
  8. It's pretty easy to CREATE trouble makers - launch the dupes - emotional and foolish young people - then later after there is some "trouble" - clamp down on personal freedoms...it seems to be the trend in America - to manufacture threats to the status quo - in order to take stronger measures to protect that status quo - the whole thing is corrupt if you ask me....kind of like stiring up some person and making them hit you - then you charge and convict them for assualt - someone is jerking some strings here - if these protestors were smart they would ignore those that they seek to protest against...disrespect them an not bother - wrestling with a shit covered dog.
  9. Again - I don't get it - we have a federal conservative government - lots of conservatives in Toronto - many old school conservatives in the rual areas and THIS is all they have to present too the public? Lets go way back into my past - back when I was a clear minded kid. There was this girl that I used to know - Her dad was a high ranking conservative buisness leader. In fact he was a conservative appointed to the senate also...so as a kid I assumed this was a very right wing conservative family of influence... One afternoon my girl fried blurted out that so and so was coming to her house for lunch...a very well known LIBERAL politican.... In my little simplistic youthful mind it seemed slightly odd to me that an old conservative was having a close friendship with a liberal who would eventualy run for the prime ministers office...now - I came to the conclution that "wait a minute - these power broker conservative types play both sides of the fence" - so maybe nothing has changed after all these years - that it is not important to the powers that be who runs or appears to run Ontario...so Hudak is a non-issue - much like McGinty...cos in the end - the people that make things run don't give a damn about domestic politics or the common guys idea of left and right wing. To put some dupe forth to win or lose will make no difference - Ontarios future will be decieded in the board room and NOT in some governmental institution build for public consumption of bull shit.
  10. Drinking is fun - for about ten minutes then it is a down hill ride to misery and dehydration --- If I could go back in time - I would have never used it as a sedative - men who drink need to use sex as the relaxant....it's healthier.
  11. Albright was a lunitic...an elite when asked about the death of 30 thousand civilians...said "it was worth the end result" - what kind of person thinks like that?
  12. This is what happens to Palistinians and Jews after a thousand years of in breeding - utter savage stupidity....
  13. Grandfather Cameron was a big drinker all his life - One day his grandson noticed a change...he said "Grandpa...I notice you don't drink anymore..why is that?" The old mans answer was simple and concise..."I just lost interest" - in time as you mature you will find that this substance does nothing for you anymore other than sap your energy,,,, you might desperatley try to get booze to perform it's uphoric task but it fails in time...so drinking becomes a habitual thing with no reward ---- I am starting to wonder why I bother.
  14. There are a couple of career dope dealers on my block - one is a pot sales person - the other deals in cocaine - no one ever interferes with their buisness - the cops are not interested in users or sellers. For all intent and purpose - drugs are decriminalized.
  15. Old boy - BC is a twelve year old in mind...so watch it - he might just spit in your soup ...
  16. So Hudak is frightened of girls hugh - maybe his mummy spanked him when he wanted his way - and all he ever knew was the word NO.
  17. Looks like Hudak might have the same conservative weakness that Conrad Black has - the uncontrolable need to please mummy - I mean his wife. Heard an old conservative once say that his life was run by a committee of woman and he was excluded from that gathering of power.... Wonder what McGinty's counter part is like? Maybe she actually believes in her husband and gives him total support.....but this is the new eara - my son had this very pretty girl friend - who was an eccentric feminist - she once said - "what do you expect me to do - support his musical career and treat him like he was special?" A man can be the smartest in the world but if he is married off to the wrong person - failure will result - always - for every step forward you take she will yank your emotional chain sending you two steps backward.
  18. Heaven forbid the silly construct of the virgin Mary become a force to be delt with. Nothing worse than a catholic who believes all woman are sluts except their mother...who of course is a virgin. Catholics as far as the Queen is concerned are right up their with Muslims...as we saw how pissed off the Queen was when that play boy Arab decided to mount the disposed of royal brood mare...might just cause the english speaking world to start a few invasions..no one insults the Queen and gets away with it.
  19. If they neither have the power or qualities of good and evil...then what are they naturally prone to do? Corporate vision once it is gone with the founder of the company - takes on a trait - savage survivalism at all cost. This creates a large and desperate entity that is prone to moving towards using evil means in order to continue - so in the end - all corporations can not help what they become - destructive to themselves and their environ. I rest my case - corporations start off as being like innocent children who grow into mischievious young people then eventually sinister adults who bath them selves in the illusion of goodness and that thing called "ethics" that can be translated in many ways to suit..the now mindless monster.
  20. Why do the protestors look like Hipsters - with eye liner and those funny hair styles...nothing more stupid that a white kid with eye liner and matted hair that they call dreads.....If these protestors want some power - they had better start acting like dignified men and woman who carry themselves with authroity - presentation is everything - counter culture simply states that you have no culture so you make one up......like that girly hipster thing - whats wrong with having a deep voice and walking tall like a mAn?
  21. Our newly arrived religiouis immigrants had better realize that they are not holier than thou - that we are NOT a nation of godless infidels - we are very private about our beliefs at this time....but some Muslims and old Christian sects that are setting up shop in Canada assume that all white Canadians are oxycodone popping white trash...It's because the first place immigrants usually settle are our run down parts of town - so they assume all of Canada is like this.
  22. It was encourageing - there was a large very old Christian church - Asian Christians - who finally put up some money to renovate the poor rotting building - If we are to keep up with Islam - we had better repair all of our beautiful places of worship.
  23. So she ill advised Harris also? This person the wife - spouse partner or what ever...seems to be some kind of king maker - but is not very good at it - I wonder if she hangs out with Belinda Stronach and drinks wine - while talking like big shots....If woman are to have power they had better step up and make it plain - instead of using husbands - sons and daughters as vacarious surogates --- Kind of reminds me of Hillary Clinton - and Nancy Regan who were actually the first two prominent female presidents of America.
  24. Oh I see....it's not Hudak that is running it is Debra Hutton. I notice she is not Debra Hudak. Hutton - that sounds like a pretty powerful tag that no one who likes power and authority would want to give up. That might explain part of it...anyone can tell just by merely looking at Hudak - that he was not going to win anything. Back room manipulation does not a good political make. Why did Hutton not run herself? I guess that on a personal level would be letting her "husband" know he was her lesser - best to keep appearances up I suppose - still - it's as if Hudak is a dupe...and they want him to lose - It could only be two things - that the high arch conservatives are very clever and want to continue to use McGinty as a henchman - or they are totally dumb.
  25. Good luck and have fun -------------and continue to remind the Canadians that America is their oldest and dearest enemy --- called buisness - no room for nice guys or polite Canadians at the table.
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