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  1. And what means are those? Anything you can actually quantify?
  2. If a way to directly support a group you claim to care about doesn't motivate you, it's only because you don't want to be motivated
  3. Many people on this forum claim to care about veterans but other than going on ad nauseum about how mean the "left" is, I pretty much never see anyone offering ways to actually effect change in the lives of these same veterans they purport to support. Here's a great way to start. Tomorrow( Friday October 28th) the annual Royal Canadian Legions poppy drive starts, and they need volunteers. All monies raised through poppy sales go DIRECTLY to veterans, so even a little effort can help makes a huge difference in a veterans life. So, either you can hide out online and continue to pretend that all your blustering means anything or you can get out and do something tangible and actually put your money where your mouth is I leave it to you
  4. Ok big guy if you need to resume everything i said to, "getting high is my claim to fame" and " I know one veteran" to make yourself feel better go ahead, the opinion of some random internet fool is of no importance to me. What is important is to actually help veterans, since you ignored my suggestion to go to a legion ( the legion is a nonpartisan, not for profit organisation whos sole purpose is to serve veterans in case you were unaware) buy a beer, talk to some people and make a donation ( I understand that might be beyond your means) Here's another suggestion, volunteer for the poppy drive it won't cost you anything but time and the proceeds must go directly to veterans unlike other fundraisers different legions may run. I know this because Ive actually held administrative positions with the legion ( now you can sum that up by saying, I once visited a legion to make yourself feel better if you want) Or you can continue to think white knighting for some internet troll playing soldier boy is actually doing something. Your choice
  5. How many have their face on our currency? The answer is none I'm certainly no cheerleader for people like besos or gates, but they like many others actually built something to earn their wealth Yes she was a busy lady, and by what I know seemed to represent herself with pose and class, but having to meet people and give speeches written by others is not real responsibility, again unlimited resources, an enormous staff and handlers making sure everything is presented how they want.I think a whole lot of people could fill that role. And? Are you honestly arguing that the British royal family don't share many common descendents? Weren't Charles and Diana cousins ? Now who should have some pride not to expose themselves? Is that all I understand? I obviously don't have that kind of money, but I've worked hard to have more than I'll ever need to be happy, so sorry no jealously here. You're the one taking personal shots at me sir, so calling me bitter is just more projection on your part, you should see someone about that All I said is I don't understand the hoopla over some lady born into privilege that has zero relevance to today's society, the veterinarian that died in Qu├ębec recently is and should be more important than the British royal family yet I doubt the 24 hour news channels show her funeral
  6. These people make me laugh, you use science, he comes back with a book written by a pastor with no degrees Best part though, think of how many reasonable people hear crackpots like this and it actually bring them out of religion. I sometimes wonder if they're just atheist troll using reverse psychology. Hahahaha
  7. Every Cristian in every pew has their own personal interpretation of the bible therefore their own personal definition for God, so if you want God to be OK with lesbians he is, but since he's not real (at least how he's portrayed in the Bible) does it really matter?
  8. Funny enough I'm very proud of the fact that I was a small cog in the machine that brought about the legalization of Marijuana, who's many benefits include bringing relief to many soldiers suffering from PTSD, that I fortunately have had the opportunity to meet in my advocacy. Here's a small story that is of course anecdotal but is representative in my opinion. I was at a Legion golf tournament about a month ago, in my foursome was a veteran that I've grown very close to over the last few years who suffers from pretty severe PTSD. He's a terrible golfer, and hooked a shot onto an adjacent fairway where he accidentally played someone else's ball who was on that hole, when the gentleman who's ball he had played came over to us, he never raised his voice and even though his body language was slightly confrontational he was in no way aggressive, my friend apologized and that was that, but this small altercation upset my friend to the point he didn't play the next three holes. The people I know that have been in situations that most couldn't even imagine, don't brag, in fact most don't even want to talk about it and most avoid conflict as much as possible because it often brings up memories that their own brains still have problems processing (weed does a great job at suppressing that,dulling neurotransmitters etc..) This dougie fool literally wanted to throw down in the streets, because some random dude (me) laughed at him on some inconsequential, irrelevant, pointless internet forum and continuously pumps his own tires on how her royal majesty trained him to kill. Honestly if you think that's how real veterans behave, I'd suggest you go down to your local Legion, buy a beer, talk to some members and MAKE A DONATION well you're there, maybe you could actually help some real soldiers instead of just white knighting for some poser on an internet forum.
  9. Come on it was a least worth a chuckle But seriously I understand your point but I feel this is a real problem and since you can't reason with ignorance the only way I've found to counter this is to push their conspiracy theories to there logical end in the hopes they realize just how ridiculous they are
  10. Spare me your woke whine about privilege. Anyone who lives in the West in this day and age is privileged I'm a 6 foot tall white man from Canada of course I'm privileged but to compare the British royal family to any normal person from the west is just ridiculous who took on a job with enormous responsibilities enormous responsibility? What are you on about? It's someone with unlimited resources an entire team of handlers, completely controlled public outings and a position that is purely ceremonial. The high school student with a part time job at McDonald's has exponentially more "responsibility" yelling insults sir all I said is she was a rich inbread, that's just factual. You're the only one throwing around insults. is you're a nobody with no accomplishments in life and nobody cares about.And your jealousy lies in the fact that when you die nobody is going to take notice or give a damn. I have a great life, you should work on yours because your projection is pretty severe
  11. If you define "classy" as not mourning the passing of one of the most privileged people on the planet, who attained that privilege based solely on her family tree, then I guess I'm not. How many people in the British empire you think will go hungry during the time Millions of dollars will be spent on lavish funerals and memorials? This concerns me much more than the death of some rich inbread So again why should I care about the queen?
  12. Why does anyone care that there's one less inbread, who's only claim to relevance is family she was born into ?
  13. Uh-oh you better be careful talking about things like that in public, George Soros is going to send the lizard people after you.
  14. You're telling me he physically took you to his apartment.
  15. Right! no idea about the boys and girls club, my guess you found cabbage town on Google, took your long time to answer and it was with a poor deflection. Of course I not going to give names that can easily be traced, again I think you're dealing with some mental health issues
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