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  1. Believe you me, I don't. He's just a contrarian that thinks that juvenile, petty insults on some random anonymous forum makes him a big man. Today was fun though, I had him defending Trudeau. Hahaha
  2. If you can't find Trudeau saying that it would be the last "first past the post" or FPP election ,since you obviously didn't understand because that's all I've been talking about this whole time. Well? I don't know what to tell you
  3. What are you talking about, there are minimum levels based on seats in the house not based on popular vote and it is of course at the discretion of the government to add members of other parties to commissions. You should get off your high "horse" because everyone else can see it's just an old, tired, broken down, jackass
  4. First the system that was "unpopular" was not the system he sold to the voters and not the system they thought they were getting. I said Politicians exaggerate their plans , you went on to argue the sincerity of campaign promises. One of the major reasons the PQ did so poorly in the last election is they put the question of sovereignty aside going against one of the founding principles of the party. That the leader of said party says he's going to hold a referendum to garnish votes, in no way implies that either Quebecers want to separate, or that there's even a chance of an actual referendum. But no you're logic is sound and I'm definitely the one lacking the intellectual capabilities to carry on this conversation. Si on veut vraiment parler de les enjeux de Québec on devrait le faire en français, oh wait j'ai oublié vous êtes même pas capable de communiquer dans la langue de la majorité du peuple vous prétendez comprends.
  5. Just to be clear, your contention is that the neo-liberal head of Canada's "natural governing party" who enters every federal election with a distinct advantage was sincere about making it harder for his party to be elected? And more importantly having a majority?
  6. He ran on proportional representation, then proposed nothing more than a modified FPP model (he didn't even set up the parliamentary commission based on the popular vote of the election that had just happened). Those that are proponents of election reform are mostly leftists from fringe parties and the idea that they were content with how Trudeau handled that is ludacris at it's face But please continue arguing for Justins integrity, I find it amusing
  7. That's why I was so offended by you calling me American, your just racist against people who enjoy the delicacy of some delectable Jr mints But to quote a great Canadian band "American women stay away from me"
  8. I used to go to a pool hall that accepted Canadian tire money but that was in Onterible
  9. Let's test your assertion. Do you believe Trudeau Jr ever had the intention of reforming the electoral process out the FPP système ?
  10. Lévêque used the term sovereignty association didn't even like the nam Parti Québécois. He thought it exclusive
  11. So all just your opinion. I spoke of the words used by the two politicians that lead the référendums. You reply with , lying scum bags (well actually you said scud?) Right because to take everything a politician says at face value
  12. Ok you really are looking for a fight. Hahaha Be careful I still go home to Toronto sometimes
  13. Seriously though, how can you be against Jr mints? Perfect snack at the movies
  14. Even Pariseau (an actual indépendantistes) wanted a pan-canadian legislature. It's more about provincial autonomy than actual succession
  15. That's just because the softcore nationalists are dissuaded with Frankie and the QAC and they're (PQ) giving them a soft place to land. Believe it or not sometimes politicians exaggerate their plans in order to attract a certain part of the electorate. There in lies the problem, people who don't speak the language and are ignorant to the particularities of Quebec politics, make up this fantasy world painting tout les Québécois with the same brush. Facts don't care about your feelings
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