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  1. I think he thinks Jesus was a white guy from the Americas, maybe a cowboy or something like that
  2. Capitalism is built on coveting Ie; keeping up with the Jones Capitalism is also built on theft, particularly when it comes to property Ie; look at how many hard working people have to rent because the rich own all the property What about.... Galatians 6:2 carry each other's burdens this way you will fulfill the law of Christ Or Acts 2:44-45 all the believers were together and had everything in common, selling their possessions and goods giving to anyone in need Or of course Mathew 22:22 render unto Caesar that which belongs to Caesar You should actually try reading the Bible not just listening to how other people interpret it so they can enrich themselves., because you sir do not know Christ
  3. I just bought a 300$ pair of shoes online getting shipped from overseas, seems to me we're a long way from anything that isn't capitalism
  4. Could you please show what in scripture supports your contention that Christian values don't align with socialism. Thank you
  5. 1. Maybe? It's no secret the U.S spends as much a the ten next counties on the military, pretty obvious it affects their GDP 2. You think? What else could or would I be talking about? 3. Ponzi scheme? What are you talking about? I made absolutely zero allegations of malfeasance. You used one metric (GDP per capita) to say how rich the U.S was. All I'm saying is you have to look at both sides of the ledger, this is as basic of and economic principle as you can get
  6. First the US GDP is over inflated, because of the military industrial complex amongst other things. More importantly,the real metric of economic strength is the GDP to debt ratio and in the US it's very high
  7. Could you please steel man the theory of evolution as explained by scientific concensus in one or two sentences. Just in case to "steel man " means to address the other persons argument in its Strongest form
  8. Don't believe in feminism? In that case, shut up and go make me a sandwich
  9. I do like muffins Not begging you just see no point in conversing with someone that spends as much time on a pointless Internet forum. I've been here over three years have 400 posts, you've been here two months have 2000. Why would I waste my time on someone who doesn't seem to have a life? I work, volunteer, play sports, engage in social activities etc.., you argue with people on an anonymous forum. In my experience people that have something to contribute to society do , those that don't spend their time trying to prove to random strangers how smart they are. Scare me? Please you're not even clever enough to get under my skin, pity would be the closest thing to my sentiments for you. But you keep being a keyboard warrior, I'll go actually live life. Sound good kiddo?
  10. First of all thank you 1) I actually think foster care gives one certain advantages, knowledge of self, independence, etc... In some aspects I had a bigger network than many. I had multiple "parents" with different strengths and weaknesses I could learn from, not to mention all the professionals I saw psychologists, psychiatrists, social workers, etc... 2) I've seen that. My take, money not earned is money easily spent 3)I'm definitely not humble, I have many skills others don't but at the same time lack many skills others have It was exceptional that I took issue with, i believe most reasonably intelligent people with a little bit of elbow grease can flourish in today's Canada
  11. 1)What no? 2) I make pretty good spaghetti sauce myself mot******ker hahahaha great song 3) i don't think I do
  12. Always with the adhoms, but I'm not intelligent Ok kiddo, go play with someone else
  13. Nope just a regular everyday normal guy ( check out that song by Jon lajoie) Look at life in which way I'm sorry I don't understand Life is what you make it? It's like my creed, I've been through some pretty crazy things and what got me out was a positive outlook
  14. Hmmm ? Title written in the first person and the post just bashing Trudeau, maybe less reading comprehension and more poor writing skills. Forgive me for assuming you were poor, it's just with the time you spend on a pointless Internet forum picking fights lead me to believe your earning potential wasn't very high
  15. I can of course only speak to my reality but Me exceptional? No. I'm a reasonably intelligent person who has worked very hard for what I have but started with nothing. Did I get a bit of good luck? Probably. Terrible? no. Lazy, often But I am a firm believer in life is what you make it, so for the most part people are where they deserve to be (excluding of course those without the mental or physical capacity to succeed)
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