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  1. I tend to disagree. I think depending on the woman it's quite enough that the man is just rich. But power generally follows money.
  2. You're probably right but rich powerful guys get chicks no matter how tall they are.
  3. Be proud of your hatred Benito. Your namesake was.
  4. Now you're just rambling incoherently. That means your rambling doesnt make sense. Not that it ever did.
  5. 1. Agreed 2. Agreed but it must also cut spending severely which will never happen. Taxes are no longer about generating revenue. Taxes are now a weapon.
  6. You realize don't you that "taxing the rich" even at 100% wouldn't be enough to pay for all the spending the left has already done and wants to continue to do. Half of the American population already doesnt pay any federal income tax.
  7. Leftists are disciples of the king of lies. Leftists are the only real threat to America. Domestic terrorists
  8. So no answer for your made up leftist BS. Your whole ideology is a pile of festering garbage.
  9. No need to. You leftists make up stuff all the time. "excess mortality" , "hate" crime, "social" justice, "microagression", "systemic" racism. I mean the listing of stupid leftisms is almost endless
  10. Carville is losing it because he's a raging buffoon. Apart from that the Dems seem to think doing a Jurassic park thing with carville is somehow going to stimulate their base. Does anyone under 45 even know who carville is?
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