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  1. Although I think Peterson's opinions on Climate are misinformed to the level of crackpot, and his arrogance and misguidedness reveal hypocrisy, lack of professionalism and such... I don't think opinions on Climate Change themselves are worthy of sanction by the professional body of Psychologists. I realize I have sided against Peterson on this issue in the past but on the Climate point the College has overreached IMO.
  2. Clinton was one link of a Chain from Nixon to Biden. The "Western" world is run by money, especially corporate money and they did very well as did most of the upper middle class and such... Democrats and Republicans used the myth of China "beating" America to cull votes from the sleepy lower classes who indeed lost out from the demise of manufacturing, unions and so on. You are parroting the political slogans and so it's kind of a lower level of dialogue for a board like this.
  3. Again, kudos for the wide view... I am enjoying your posts and you are NOT on Ignore. The thing about 'Capitalism' in its historical forms - Petite bourgeoisie, Robber Barons, etc. - is that they are subject to ebbs and flows of popular sentiment like any social institution. The 'wild west' era of Big Tech that we're in is coming to a close, for example. "We" may have reaped the rewards but the shine is off Apple, Amazon, Google, Microsoft and such and we are likely to claw back money and power from them.
  4. That's a fair criticism, however I am not suggesting there's a realistic jump to this scenario in the near term. Democracy itself took a long series of steps to get established so it will be a slow climb. I honestly think that forums like this are a foundation for rational discussion, much like the coffee houses of the late reformation or industrial era. We just need right/left Chuds to drop away and we can start...
  5. It was Brezhnev in 1980, and it was considered handled because Poland declared martial law.
  6. We are subject to the same changes to the media landscape, and as such there is fertile ground for populism to take root. It's not exactly the same as the US, as our culture teaches us to be loyal subjects.
  7. If the public is too lazy and distracted to pay attention to the issues enough, that they let politicians get away with this.. how can we trust them to vote directly on issues responsibly? I maintain that this is all on us.. that this tribalism means that we put up with corrupt leaders like Ford and Trudeau because we feel they're better than the alternative. If the ruling party is dumped Ford and or trudeau, in favor of someone with vision and integrity, they would probably retain power.
  8. I'm not defending it, but I'm pointing out what you seem to already know... The rest of the world is much worse.
  9. How could someone who is so familiar with the cultures say there's no difference between Canada and France?
  10. Right, but certain solutions have worked in the past and can work again...
  11. Your post is a swath of negative generalization @Moonlight Graham I'll just post this. Find the Western countries on the corruption list https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Corruption_Perceptions_Index#:~:text=Denmark%2C Finland%2C New Zealand%2C,Sudan (both scoring 13).
  12. Wasting time... such as making an allegation and providing proof in the form of a 'letter to the editor'. This is what I'm talking about - your hatred for the man is dulling your senses. I'm sincerely interested in a charge that he labelled the unvaccinated as 'misogynists' or whatever... but I have to post umpteen times to get some kind of real evidence from you zombies... And then *I* get accused of wasting your time.... Why do I subject myself to this...
  13. This is called "projection" Sorry - how is a 'letter to the editor' proof ? If I wrote "He didn't do that" would that be proof ?
  14. You merely repeated the allegation and the link is a letter to the editor ? WHy are you wasting my time ?
  15. 1) Well ok but... I would put myself in such a committee and people here would brand me a leftist and say I'm too partisan. 2) I agree. I think the answer is for us to return to what worked in the past: simplified government operations, trusted public intellectuals to debate the issues on our behalf.
  16. I don't think he called the unvaxed that. Your extreme anger over this complete stranger and mischaracterization of things is overtaking your good sense. You need to breathe a bit, and it will help you make better decisions.
  17. I guess... but assuming this was spontaneous ... what are you going to do ? You'll probably achieve getting some flight attendant fired if you complain enough.
  18. Well, PP is full of shLt and turning into Trudeau 3.0 with the politicking ... but boycotting brands is getting to be ridiculous. Bud Light can pay a trans person to drink their beer and you not drinking it won't make trans people disappear. WestJet is an airline. If you don't take it you have a bargain airline or Air Canada. Do yourself a favour and stick with WestJet.
  19. 1. Ok. So how would PP solve inflation, disunity, climate issues, growth & trade challenges for example ? 2. Agreed. 3. "red tape" is a kind of buzzword that pure wool politicians use. Yes, maybe there is something that can be done here but the devil is in the details. I have heard that word used before, I want to know more. Also tax cuts require service and/or program cuts - what is going to be cut? And Immigration cuts is something I could support but that will bring other problems for the economy. 4. Ideology is just public-image-building - on both sides of the coin. 5. Your assessment is very high-level. It sounds like business as usual back to Chretien: small changes, and mostly manage perceptions and politics. Edited to add: If Canada is SO screwed up why do we only need minor changes ?
  20. 1. I like the idea of looking at causes, as it removes morality and looks only at cause and effect. But you should lose the premise that there are 'cycles' because it's not exactly like the seasons: long periods of peace followed by periods of war of varying lengths don't constitute a cycle. But let's see what you've got here. 2. Good start. I would say that employment security is seen as a 'cost' to investors. 3. It sounds like you are talking about mining in countries outside the corporate HQ, eg. Canadian companies in S. America. 4. First time ? Gulf War I ? 9/11 ? Russia invasion of Afghanistan/Ukraine I/Ukraine II? 5. The ideas come from the investor class, with the assumption that wealth will trickle down and that the folks working double shifts and sleeping in their cars in the parking lot will wake up gleeful when they hear about Stock Market gains. This is pretty good, but it's a lament. But ... really can we expect much more ? The conservatives and NDP will soon fuse, I fear, and make some kind of Liberal anti-matter behemoth. If they care about the environment it might be ok though. Thanks for an original and thoughtful post myata.
  21. 1. I don't see how. Maybe the hormones question but 'segregated areas' ... bathrooms and changerooms ... we have more important things to discuss than that. Municipalities can deal with it. 2. 5/23 PMs have been in office more than ten years. Only Chretien this century.
  22. I find it hard to imagine that with the scale of challenges facing the country, the issue of informing parents about pronouns with be a leading issue in an election. People are sick of Trudeau's face and voice, so it's time to rotate the chairs again. That's good for Poilievre. What's bad is that his snappy insults won't help with Canadians' expectations once he gets in. And unless he's hiding some huge new vision from us, or maybe the wars, economic, environmental, trade, demographic, and health challenges will just disappear the honeymoon will be short.
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