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  1. He's a smug nothing. A pretend intellectual in a world where we elevate dolts. No intellectual should just echo back common ideas. That's intellectual vanity and if we were a mature society it would die on the vine.
  2. 1. You claim to aspire to living in reality... 2. And in the same post, you write hyperbole. Not interested today...
  3. Here is a link that eschews the culture wars and addresses the question. https://youtu.be/F1KoFbKUPP8?si=UInJi9e_OrhercRL
  4. Why sick enough to USE THEM? 😂 Why wouldn't they use them if they bought them in the first place??
  5. 1. Miffed. 2. Ok, point taken. 3. You misread my intentions. I want a better forum, and want better posts. As I said, this place is turning into The View
  6. Actually there was no fight and that's my point. I was asking P for a cite when you bounded in and started talking to me. Listen, you seem ok but wait your turn lest you go on my ignore list.
  7. @Venandi "The freedom to do just that was already bought and paid for, yours by right of birth and all ya had to do in order to keep it was..... nothing. It's breathtaking to me that people are simply incapable of minding their own business and leaving others alone." Absolutely. People seem to me to think that they're owed a version of the public sphere that they are agreeable with. The fact is, you're going to be uncomfortable with way things are. Hollywood, Madison Avenue and Washington/Ottawa will gladly construct a mythology for you, and if you're gullible you might believe it. It's not true. The only connection with others is your humanity and the Public sphere that we have built to try to make a better life for all.
  8. 1. No, I am just fed up with seasoned posters who can't provide the basics, and it makes me into a rude poster. 2. Sarcasm actually. 3. Sea Lioning is repeatedly asking for cites, I had to look it up. I asked for the one from you, and a white knight swooped in and helped you. 4. I never believed that it was out of nowhere. I just wanted to understand context. 5. I'm never butthurt by you, but I'm frequently confused.
  9. 1. Asking is not pretending. 2. I explicitly said I didn't want any more sites and graciously thanked you for explaining this to me. You strike me as another in a long line of people who come out of nowhere to want to fight with me. For some reason. I'm not interested.
  10. Front Page? I'm not saying that I'm in touch - I'm not - but I can't believe that. Edited to add: I wasn't asking for a cite again and I'm not now. I appreciate the link, and I learned about what The View is up to.
  11. 1. 2. Huh? 3. I don't know how to make you think that. 4. I didn't say you're dishonest. 5. Some things that a wing nut said on The View is front page news? I don't believe it. Anyway, I got the cite and commented on another post anyway. Not hard to produce a cite, not sure why people act like I'm challenging them to a duel.
  12. 1. Yeah, so why is this hilarious for people who don't like "the left" ? Quote intentional. 2. As in "they disagree with civilians being bombed whether they're homophobic or not" ? Well, then good for them I guess. I also don't want people I disagree with to die horribly. Maybe it's a real chuckle for some, I don't know.
  13. Here's the thing: I don't think someone's status should be noted as anything but these two, in this affair: Status 1: ON THE TAKE Status 2: NOT ON THE TAKE
  14. Awkward? People disagree on things sometimes... *shrug*
  15. Yeah a lot of older ones feel that way. I have opinions about a lot of public ceremonies that I keep to myself. Mass events are garish and crude whether they're elections, concerts, award shows or sporting events. I would ban them ALL. 😡
  16. @Black Dog SEE !? ... Now this whole thing is endangering the hostages
  18. 1. Yes, I retracted my point on that, but it really doesn't matter. 2. Yes, and lots of people exclude them too. Too. As is their right. 3. This might be a good point, however, you're/we're now going to use the term agenda to make sure everything is cloudy and undefinable...
  19. 1. Noted. You're NOT talking about the others who benefitted and not talking about white Candidates who did. 2. Quite true.
  20. When he used to be known as Mr. Canada, he posted that he was going to Pride to videotape sex acts. Search it.
  21. Okay... I read the the comments from the lady on The view. First of all, I hate that show. It's a bunch of baiting and divisive blather that does nothing to inform or entertain. Basically it's the housewife version of what this forum is becoming. As for the comments, yeah maybe she has a point. Christy Yamaguchi... Not sure of the spelling... Suffered from not being able to command a certain price for her face because it wasn't truly American to some. So what? These are comments for sociologists not for unemployed daytime TV watching divorces and hearing aid wearers. I don't appreciate potshots. But let's just not complain about the complainers... We can do better if we put our minds to it including me.
  22. I don't know who was running in the conservative leadership race against Poilievre?
  23. Asking for a cite? What are you talking about? Most of the time when people provide a link I just read it and move on... Thing about this poster is he's always protesting about a cloud of people that's hard to pin down, and then you start reading his posts and they're about his ex-wives or somebody his wife works with or something.. I Want to know if these things are real.
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