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  1. I wonder how many people who are in favour of Russia actually only support their system of government rather than the country itself. I mean people who thought the Soviet Union was great but who can't stand Putin's Russia or the other way round. Then how many people are real Russophiles for whom Russia is always right no matter which regime or ideology is in power.
  2. Russian military might has always been based on bluff. This war has truthfully exposed the state of "the second best army in the world". Their only strength in the military sense is that they don't run out of cannon fodder any time soon as life is cheap.
  3. In most states voting is a total waste of time as they are firmly in the hands of either of the two parties.
  4. Brazil isnt that much smaller a country than the USA and it is much less developed. Yet Brazil managed to count the votes of their presidential elections in an acceptable time-frame when as some US-states are still counting theirs.
  5. The Republicans seem quite fed up with Trump and I don't think they are going to nominate as their presidential candidate. However, if and when that happens I wouldn't be surprised that then Trump would run as a third candidate. Such a move of course would make it certain that the Democrats would win even if they had a poor result.
  6. Trump has said that he has something on De Santis and he's going to publish it if De Santis challenges him.' I call it bluff. If that was true he would say so privately to De Santis. Instead he sows the seeds of suspicion among the public hoping they would think hmhh I wonder what skeletons there are in De Santis's closet. All in all, Trump seems to be jealous of his younger candidate and his popularity.
  7. Winning Texas is the only thing which enables the Republicans to win an election at the federal level. They have already fallen hopelessly behind oin terms of popular vote in the whole USA. Once they lose Texas it is game over for them. The dems creep a bit closer at every election.
  8. With the Hispanics in Florida there is the Cuban context which somewhat changes the way compared to how Hispanics vote elsewhere in the country where it is overwhelmingly democrats.
  9. This doesn't bode well for the Republicans. Usually the President's party suffers a setback in the mid-terms even in normal circumstances and now things are genuinely screwed the President's party would be expected to be annihilated. Yet it was just a normal setback. Perhaps it goes to show how strong identity politics really is. However, demographics are working against the Republicans. It is going to be harder for them every time than previously. Probably worse than expected election result makes it sure that Trump won't be in the 2024 election. Either he withdraws himself or the Republicans won't nominate him as a candidate.
  10. I checked the map and I was somewhat surprised how southern Canada actually is. I thought a much larger proportion of Canada would be north of the 60th. Kinda ruins Canada's reputation of being a winterland. Yet something like half of Canada's territory is north of the 60th and 1/40 of the population live in that area. That must have created serious challenges for the federal government. In Finland we are told that of all the people north of the 60th something like a third are Finns as Finland is entirely within that area. Has to be admitted though that the Gulf-stream makes life easier. In Canada you don't have that advantage.
  11. Is that firing by humiliation some sort of American culture? I mean you must clear your room immediately and you are escorted out of the building with a box in your hands.
  12. I think also Canadians refer by veterans the generation which is almost all of them are dead by now. The USA, on the other hand, produces every once in a while a fresh supply of veterans.
  13. What is the population of Canada north of 60N?
  14. The situation of Quebec within Canada is very much like that of Scotland within the UK. A marriage of convenience. However, there's little else to it in both cases. The notable difference is geography. Britain is a tiny island but densely packed when as Quebec is bigger than any European country except Russia.
  15. When it comes to policies the Tories would have absolutely no problem with Rishi Sunak. The fact is just that they can't digest the thought of having PM of the UK someone whose name is Rishi Sunak. For most of them even Scotland is a foreign country.
  16. I'm beginning to think that for many Canadians Trudeau is becoming like a reverse version of Trump. I mean he will be talked about long after he has gone.
  17. There is something strange about the western world these days how weak all the leaders are. Biden is senile, whoever happens to be in charge in the UK is weak, Macron is a puppet, Scholz is like an invisible man. The very thing that countries like Germany allowed themselves to become dependent on Russian energy is either a manifestation of weakness or being traitorous.
  18. Politicians shouldn't interfere with business life just because they don't understand its mechanism but similarly businessmen should stay out of politics.
  19. Big countries are resented for meddling in the affairs of smaller ones but yet they are expected to have an active role in international politics. It's a fine line to get that balance right. Germany for example is a European superpower but it is not interested in having a global role. That's why it is often criticized for not acting like a country of its size is expected to.
  20. Today was Putin's last birthday. I'm sure he's glad that he actually made it to 70 but the sand in his glass is running low.
  21. I think that even though Biden is evidently senile it is still perfectly possible that if you know hundreds and hundreds of people you may have forgotten that one of them has just died.
  22. I never really thought about it before but as I checked the geographic area of the EU is only half of that of Canada. Yet we can't agree amongst our very different selves agree on almost anything so no wonder that even though Canada is a bit more united than the EU even Canada doesn't always work like a small country. Btw, as canada is currently the second biggest country in the world by landmass be prepared to become the first as Russia is inevitably going to collapse and break apart into smaller countries.
  23. Charles is not going to make it to his mother's age but you will have to put up with him at least 10 years.
  24. Despite its huge geographic size, the second biggest in the world, do Canadians think of their country as a small country because of the next door neighbor? In Europe a country of 40 million people would most definitely not be regarded as a small country.
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