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  1. If Biden can get through his whole term, and that is a big if, it is clear that he is not fit for a second term and there needs to be another candidate in 2024. In such case Kamala Harris would have no chance in the primaries. So hated she is even among the Democrats. However, if the very likely scenario happens and Biden has to go before his term ends and Kamala Harris becomes President would she be challenged in the primaries? Normally the incumbent President seeking re-election doesn't have to worry about the primaries. Nomination is self-evident. Has it even ever happened that the President's own party has rejected him when picking a candidate for an election? If it has it must be 1800s. It could be totally different with President Kamala.
  2. Conservatives can't win elections by being cuckservatives. This applies to every country.
  3. In the Netherlands where they have a PR electoral system they elected 17 parties to their parliament. That's a bit overdoing PR. In other countries with PR they have thresholds between 3-5% to stop splinter-parties from entering parliament. However, nobody can deny that the Netherlands is one of the best places to live in the world. Therefore the claims that changing the electoral system to be fairer would somehow lead to turmoil are rubbish.
  4. Useless to translate the number of seats for each party if instead of FPTP there had been a PR electoral-system as people's voting behaviour would be totally different. I guess that even in Canada the Greens would get something like 10% if every vote mattered.
  5. They still lost the popular vote. In other words only the electoral system saved them.
  6. Doesn't this mean that there's almost certainly going to be another election a lot sooner than in 4 years time?
  7. Sounds like inferiority-complex being next door to a mightier neighbour. Besides, Canada isn't even a small country populationwise. It is a mid-rank country. Small countries are the ones below 10 million people. Ontario alone has more than that.
  8. Is it possible or even likely that the result is like it was last time that Trudeau wins even though his party lags behind in overall votes across the country? In other words, the electoral system saves him? If it happens again wouldn't that push forward the urgency to move to PR electoral system?
  9. Canada just isn't an important enough country. Only slightly more important than a country like Finland.
  10. Why don't you give PR a try? If it doesn't suit your political culture then scrap it and come back to FPTP. However, unless you try you'll never know.
  11. There are people who say the coronavirus is a load of bullshit and all restrictions should be lifted and there are people who think that everything should be closed because of the virus and people should be locked in their homes and the army on tbe streets to make sure that people stay in their homes. The clever policy is somewhere between those two approaches.
  12. Nobody outside of Canada has heard of the other guy opposed to Trudeau but if he loses he surely must be unelectable.
  13. Trudeau is the best internationally known Canadian PM for a long time. Outside of Canada it is not considered a sign of poor general knowledge not to know who the PM of Canada is but everybody knows Justin Trudeau. If that other guy wins the election he will be almost completely unknown outside Canada. Having said all this, Trudeau has become a bit of an embarassment for Canada. Did you see the clip where he called recession shecession? It meant something like that the difficult economic times have been harsher for women than men. Of course a lot of people didn't understand what that was all about. It was shetarded for sure.
  14. If he had kept his promise of introducing a PR voting system he would already have lost last election when losing the overall popular vote.
  15. Even the American taxpayer's pocket isn't bottomless and they just cant afford to keep this futile war going on. It was always clear that as soon as the Americans leave the puppet-government would fall.
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