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  1. Yeah. You can’t argue that Russia has been more aggressive than the American Empire. And you can’t break free from your programming about Russia to actually consider the Ukraine war and why Russia hasn’t taken it completely over. They were stopped? Please…
  2. The title of this thread is inadvertently more accurate than you realize. Putin’s war. On freedom. He’s doing more for freedom than anyone else in the world. And if you can’t see that yet, surely you can see that the US has attacked more nations than Russia has in the last 50 years. Why is that?
  3. I don’t follow Twitter. I never signed up with them unlike you. Most members of BRICS are hoarding gold. Putin was or is the BRICS president. BRICS has started doing oil trades outside of the US dollar, and they have 47% of the world’s oil reserves. Whether you can read these tea leaves or not is irrelevant. In 2006, people warning about an economic collapse was met with derision. Then when it happened actual banks were going under. Believe whatever makes you happy.
  4. My goodness. Are you that obtuse? Let me give you an analogy. The sports media questioning the general manager about the underperforming coach’s performance. “His job is safe, the players need to start playing the system, and you can quote me!”. Then 2 weeks later, the coach is gone. You don’t know what China or India or anyone else is doing and they are not going to tell. However, when they are both buying gold bullion at record setting levels, then only the obtuse don’t get it. Your hero Warren Buffet pulled over 140 billion out of the stock market. Get a frickin’ clue. He didn’t tell anyone he was doing it either so I guess it never happened…
  5. You say China is the big dog in this banded together group of nations, and then you use a quote from one of the lessers to make your point. What does China have to say about it? Why are China and Russia hoarding gold? Who cares, South Africa’s finance minister is speaking!! 🤣
  6. Well it sure isn't CNN: https://1ft.io/proxy?q=https%3A%2F%2Fwww.theguardian.com%2Fmedia%2F2024%2Ffeb%2F04%2Fcnn-staff-pro-israel-bias "According to accounts from six CNN staffers in multiple newsrooms, and more than a dozen internal memos and emails obtained by the Guardian, daily news decisions are shaped by a flow of directives from the CNN headquarters in Atlanta that have set strict guidelines on coverage. They include tight restrictions on quoting Hamas and reporting other Palestinian perspectives while Israel government statements are taken at face value. In addition, every story on the conflict must be cleared by the Jerusalem bureau before broadcast or publication. CNN journalists say the tone of coverage is set at the top by its new editor in chief and CEO, Mark Thompson, who took up his post two days after the 7 October Hamas attack. Some staff are concerned about Thompson’s willingness to withstand external attempts to influence coverage given that in a former role as the BBC’s director..." For those with the ability to think critically, the above proves that one of the major news outlets in the US has bias that is directed from the top. And the point is, they all do. They release news that has been approved according to their directed bias, not according to a search for truth and facts.
  7. And the answer for American aid is: 180 billion. That they had to borrow to send, and the war is lost. Stop reading your propaganda, it’s telling you complete lies.
  8. This year is going to be huuuge. Over 40 nations will be holding national elections and the unrest and change will be multiplied across all continents. To that add that the US can no longer bring to heel countries that resist its will. All of its economic might has been brought to bear on Russia and it clearly hasn't worked. In response, Russia has welcomed several more countries into the BRICS, which now holds 47% of the world's oil reserves. When BRICS issues its own PM backed currency it will initiate a run away from the US dollar on the world stage. What this will do to the value of the US buck I have no idea, but it can't be good. Keep on breathing hopium, moonbox, but the writing is on the wall.
  9. It’s so sad to see the level of propaganda in this thread, and how badly some are being duped. Has your propaganda told you how many billions have been sent to Ukraine? Let’s make it simple. How many billions have been sent by the US alone?
  10. Uh oh. Now even CNN is releasing polls showing that Biden is going to lose the election against Trump. https://www.cnn.com/2024/02/01/politics/cnn-poll-trump-biden-election-2024/index.html Those military strikes of Biden‘s are not even helping.
  11. Some of you don’t care for betting odds sites, eh? Well here’s another report on polling results for you then: https://www.breitbart.com/politics/2024/01/31/nolte-donald-trump-tops-joe-biden-7-of-7-crucial-swing-states/ It’s from Bloomberg News, and Breitbart is reporting on it.
  12. We can never be sure what’s going on in Ukraine, but Biden has sent something like 180 billion over there so far. And there have been American military operations there for much of that war. Probably special forces, those pipelines and such aren’t going to blow up by themselves!
  13. I’m suggesting that it’s going to become an asset for Biden to use his military to manipulate voters, like Bill Clinton used to do. Clinton would bomb Iraq to get Americans to rally around the flag and be more supportive of his administration. Or to bomb during days of news that was damaging to his campaign or even just his administration.
  14. And remember, more than two shakes constitutes pleasure!
  15. Ah, could you take a look at today’s post, and tell me what you come up with? This part specifically: So, rub together the warmongering, the awful poll numbers and the fact that this is an election year. What do you come up with? Are you able to think critically?
  16. So, on top of these awful approval numbers, it turns out that Biden is a warmonger. He wants to defend Israel to the endth degree. His administration has recently warned Iran over 3 American service member deaths. And then we have the growing spat with the Texas border and the Texas national guard. So, rub together the warmongering, the awful poll numbers and the fact that this is an election year. What do you come up with? Are you able to think critically?
  17. And for your viewing pleasure, another take on how things are shaping up for Trump in November. https://electionbettingodds.com If you scroll down, you’ll see that at this point Trump has a 50% chance of winning the election, while Biden has a 37% chance. Spread the happy news!
  18. More positives: A return to reality for borders, immigration and the sanctity of citizenship. Immigrants that break laws get a one way ticket to prison or to the old country. Once again employing economic principles that lead to a healthy climate for business and the pursuit of happiness. Cheap gas until the hydrogen car, or some other non electric(which will crash the grid with enough EVs needing to charge) alternative is ready. A healthy independence from the WEF, WHO, NATO and the G-whatever. The release of the Epstein list of customers. The prosecution of them all. Including members of SCOTUS, various elites across the globe. And no, Trump was not a customer. One day elections. Voting in person, with proof of citizenship and counting votes within 24 hrs except in rare extreme cases. It will be okay to love your country again. My wish list: A new dollar(non CBDC) new political party and a reset on the medical industry. The for profit model leads to selling drugs and vaccines instead of cures. Abolishment of sanctuary cities and sex change operations which are ruining women’s sports.
  19. BTW, any "evidence" that came from this illegal taxes leak on Trump might now be classed as fruit from the poison tree. Sorry to rain on your parade.
  20. Yup, especially for a white collar guy. The precedent has been set. Those handling taxes of Americans know they’ll be going to jail if they leak them. Thus also sending a wake up call to other government agencies.
  21. No, I’m not going to explain sh:t to you since you’ve missed the point of the story: this guy illegally released Trump’s tax records and is going to jail.
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