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  1. Bill Barr himself, eh?  We’ll get a load of this:  Floating down the river on a piece of bread and butter!

  2. There’s all kinds of smoke in that laptop. Give it about a week. More smoke: https://nypost.com/2023/05/08/white-house-bans-new-york-post-from-biden-event-as-hunter-indictment-looms/ Now why in the hell would they ban media they don’t like?
  3. My point was that I hadn't seen this in recent news, and that's because it's from almost a year ago. In addition, you posted it with the inferred assertion that Trump entered politics to make money. So his son-in-law must be paying him out of his fees for handling this 2 billion. So you'll believe that with no evidence, but won't consider that Hunter Biden is giving payola to his father Sleepy Joe. With a laptop's worth of evidence to back it up. Hey, believe whatever makes you happy.
  4. What fresh new BS is this? I’ll bet you’d love to show us the evidence, right? They’ve got the evidence and they are just waiting for the right time to release it?
  5. Before I respond to the above quote, let me first say this about the left. Their condition is pitiful for they are fully brainwashed. Fed lie upon lie to manipulate and scam. When the CBDC gets introduced, the fear mongering and lies will have them fearing for their very lives. Desperate people will do desperate things. Anyway, the biggest take away from the Epstein case is that he was incarcerated for peddling children to nobody, for none of his customers were arrested.(BTW, if they had something on Trump WRT this, they’d use it so fast they’d give themselves whiplash. So, no evidence exists, it’s that simple) Not one pedo was arrested for what Epstein’s blackmail evidence proves. That should tell you that the bad guys are still in control, protecting their own. And to that I say, let justice be done though the heavens fall.
  6. The establishment would suffer a 6.5 on the richter.
  7. Most of you are brainwashed and have no freaking idea what’s happening. Being fed pablum by your media sources while WWIII is being conducted. War by other means.
  8. If he doesn’t get the Dem nomination, Trump should pick him for VP. RFK is that good.
  9. That’s a conspiracy theory. No arrests, no court case, even the Muller investigation couldn’t find enough after years for Congress to proceed with prosecution of any kind.
  10. Kennedy would be a huge improvement over Biden. For this reason, the powers that be will block Kennedy at every turn. Biden's disaster must proceed.
  11. Come now. You guys shrieked Russia, Russia, Russia for Trump's entire term. It was the conspiracy that never paid off with reality.
  12. The second link from CBC says that the US is lifting the mandate for foreign travellers on May 11. Or am I missing something?
  13. 63 pages of knowledge. You pick one or two items you don’t like then throw out the lot. You demand proof but none will be given to you. Believe what makes you happy…
  14. Mountains of knowledge in this very thread you have ignored because you simply don't want to accept it.
  15. Good news after announcing that the CDC was extending the vaccine requirement for travelers entering the US. First the announcement on April 28: https://www.dailymail.co.uk/health/article-12025279/CDC-RENEWS-Covid-vaccine-requirement-travelers-coming-US.html And earlier today the US lifts the Vaccine requirement as of May 11: https://www.cbc.ca/news/world/us-federal-covid-mandates-1.6828566 Free at last.
  16. You know what? The more some people think they are "woke", the more they stay the same. Sheeple, bleating for daddy government to provide for their needs. Not realizing that the farmer is feeding them for reasons they might not care for if they knew. The CBDC remains just another fake boogeyman to these deluded folks. They are the great useless eaters.
  17. That matters not to those against the transgender woke nonsense.
  18. On the whole abortion situation in the US, Alito says he knows who leaked the SCOTUS decision last year. And he’s not happy. https://theaspenbeat.com/2023/04/30/dobbs-was-probably-leaked-by-sotomayor/ The Dobbs decision was leaked a couple of months in advance of its issuance. The effect of the leak was an outcry from abortion proponents, illegal protests at the homes of the conservative Justices, and an attempted assassination of one. The leak was unprecedented in over two centuries of Supreme Court jurisprudence.
  19. And it’s official, First Republic Bank fails. That’s 3 US banks in 2 months. When was the last time 3 US banks failed in 2 months? https://ca.finance.yahoo.com/news/us-regulators-seize-first-republic-and-sell-substantially-all-assets-to-jpmorgan-in-largest-bank-failure-since-2008-crisis-094604500.html The fall of the $229 billion First Republic makes it the biggest casualty yet of the banking system turmoil that began in March, larger than either Silicon Valley Bank or Signature Bank.Seattle's Washington Mutual, which went under with $307 billion in assets in September 2008, is still the largest bank failure in US history.
  20. BTW all you lefties, there was no mention of Donald Trump. Weird, eh?
  21. I just saw that. The WSJ article contains the following: “Kathryn Ruemmler, a White House counsel under President Barack Obama, had dozens of meetings with Epstein in the years after her White House serviceand before she became a top lawyer at Goldman Sachs Group Inc. in 2020. He also planned for her to join a 2015 trip to Paris and a 2017 visit to Epstein’s private island in the Caribbean. Leon Botstein, the president of Bard College, invited Epstein, who brought a group of young female guests, to the campus. Noam Chomsky, a professor, author and political activist, was scheduled to fly with Epstein to have dinner at Epstein’s Manhattan townhouse in 2015.” Right now there are a lot of pedos scrambling to find out if their name has been released in conjunction with this story. All in good time, pedos, it’s inevitable.
  22. For a completely different rationale I came to realize that the Iraqi war was wrong. Chretien was indeed right on that one. Bush has blood on his hands for using the lie about Iraq having weapons of mass destruction.
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