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  1. The nazis were for mutualation and for eugenics. Therefore you are a nazi. Thanks
  2. I don't want transgenders to be killed. I don't want folks like you to push genital mutilation or your nazism
  3. Can you show me where I said LGBT should "be killed" ? Face it, your Democrat party are the party of children's genital mutilation and eugenics. Sick folks just like their predecessors the NAZI socialists
  4. I'm unapologetic in my opposition to this nonsense. Ironically it was the nazis who supported eugenics and genital mutilation like the left does today 😆
  5. Hunter is trying to prevent his daughter from using his last name and working to reduce child support. Joe is a deadbeat so is his son. Democrats glorify sad deadbeats because that's who they are. Sad
  6. Well Aguilera was wearing a giant strap on at one of these child friendly events.. You know there's some gross sh!t that's going on in front of kids yet you play stupid. Total dishonesty
  7. So you shift the goal posts to gays aren't flopping their junks in front of kids to "well of course they do" and you expect to be taken seriously? If you are okay with children being exposed to this filth you've got issues
  8. 😆.. it's called child abuse when you expose your child to sexually explicit content
  9. So you admit there's grotesque nonsense that happens at these parades with CHILDREN in attendance... You are a mental midget
  10. Just gave you one photo at a "child friendly" pride parade where Aguilera came out on stage with a giant strap on. Keep living in alternate states of reality tho.
  11. This is Christina Aguilera with a giant strap on at a "child friendly" pride event. You have to be living in denial to believe as the crakho does
  12. If there wasn't such disgusting filth coming from these lgb events then I'm sure most wouldn't care. The fact they flaunt chicks with dildos walking around at these parades shows us how seriously they should be taken. I know a few homosexuals who aren't little perverts who have to flop their junk around in front of five year olds. We get along just fine.
  13. Prove this had ANYTHING to do with your fake claims of election interference. You can't. Because as Mueller correctly points out NO AMERICAN was involved with collusion with Russia. This includes MANAFORT no matter how much you lunatics try to shape it
  14. You obviously are too delusional and brainwashed to believe you were lied to by your Supreme leader Adam "bug eyes" Schiff.. Guys a creep and you still hold on to him like he's god or something
  15. If Hunter was my child I'd kick him Square in the ass and tell him to stop being a low life. Joe can't even lead his family how can he lead a country? And its evident he can't because the country is in decline under his failed leadership
  16. The senate Intel led by the lunatic Adam schiff and the creep who read cat in the hat into the congressional record... Bunch of buffoons
  17. There's no respect to be given to low lifes like hunter who refuse to take responsibility for their own children or scum bags like Joe who refuse to acknowledge their own grandchild. The sack of feces probably refuses to pay child support too. Entitled little boy. Sad
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