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  1. Back on topic. Joe is scum for disowning his grandchild. It's not their fault hunter is a screw up
  2. 😆.. Nobody is attracted to men who dress up like women
  3. https://www.foxnews.com/politics/biden-again-refuses-acknowledge-hunters-out-of-wedlock-daughter-while-speaking-about-grandchildren Sad human being.
  4. First they can Tucker now apparently bringing transgender Bruce Jenner on board
  5. He'll bounce back. Can't keep a good man down
  6. Fox made a mistake. My guess is Carlson ends up with The Daily Wire
  7. Putting nonsense into comercials to virtue signal is wokeness..
  8. Pretty much every commercial now has a trans, an interracial couple, or a gay couple. Wokeness is a serious illness
  9. So not being attracted to penis makes you a homophobe? Interesting times
  10. Are men who don't want to date other men who claim they are ladies now bigots? Just want to know what the rules are
  11. They act like it's still true even when they are proven to be liars. The delusions are strong
  12. Lol.. There's NO evidence Donnie woeker with Russia.
  13. Nonsense. You folks really f'd up the country with your false Russia smears
  14. She was apparently too drunk to even concede the election on election night
  15. Yup Hillary and the looney dems sure are delusional
  16. Now you are just trolling. They went on about how Trump was illegitimate.
  17. Yes she did. For four years she and others falsely claimed that Vladimir Putin himself was America's president. Of course we tried telling you folks that there's meds for those delusions but you wouldn't listen
  18. Yet here we are charging Donnie over his love life
  19. His views are so obviously true for anyone paying attention. Leftist policy has soared the price of food
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