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  1. He should've given Big Chris Sessions' job. Joe and Co would be in jail by now.
  2. Joe Biden is a very sick man. So is Merrick Garland. So is that lunatic special prosecutor. I imagine this will not end well for this group of Nazis
  3. Who's stepping over themselves 😆.. Most of the time we just pity you for being such a delusional scumbag Trigg'd lefty.. how predictable
  4. Every time you turn around someone is celebrating Sodomy
  5. I AM NOT THE ONE PUTTING OUT THE ADVERTISING YOU NUT Keep your sexual perversions away from kids and in the bedroom
  6. Lefties are right every once in awhile. These perverted children's parents should be shut down
  7. The traditional family unit is as American as apple pie
  8. When I go to a sporting event, or drink a beer, or go to buy groceries I don't need to be bombarded with a celebration of gay sex. I don't know why you insist I do Why all the obsession with gay on gay action? Strange
  9. Yeah well Donnie is a sick man. Same with Jr. who supports bud light.
  10. The perverts putting these on should be in jail too Say no to PEDO!
  11. This is bittersweet in a way. The UCP has done more to destroy religious liberty and free speech than any of the communist parties. Having said that, it's good to see Alberta rejecting wokeism
  12. Yet when the schools express concerns the loons come out knives drawn
  13. We are specifically talking about Pride events which is not suitable for kids. If my pastor walked around with a giant strap on in a Sunday morning service I wouldn't attend either
  14. Its emblematic of the perverts who are pushing perverted nonsense onto the masses.. and you dress this nonsense up as "love". Kids shouldn't be exposed to this filth. Certainly shouldn't be doing field trips and calling parents names for opposing this nonsense
  15. That was on the MAIN STAGE at the Pride last year. Living in denial then calling orhers names.. what a shame
  16. I dont want my kids to be exposed to some nut case with a giant strap on. If that makes me a bigot so be it.
  17. This photo was taken at a Pride event in California...
  18. You believe that men should be flapping their genitals around in assless chaps in front of 6 year olds? This is what you are defending...
  19. Bingo. Dudes walking around with assless chaps or celebrities wearing giant sized strap on isn't child friendly. It's perverted
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