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  1. I'm not really advocating anything specific I'm just pointing out that eastern spiritualism (religion) as well as others are already embedded in current school curriculum How you can sit there and say that's okay because xyz then turning around and telling Christians they must stay out of the school is baffling and straight up discrimination
  2. You are offended by a teaching there's only one God and that a piece of wood isn't it?
  3. This is true. I fear this ruling will lead to many untrue claims just to jam up the system. Though in theory I dont disagree with keeping guns out of the hands of crazy people
  4. If thats true then it means the Democrats allowed it to happen because they benefitted from it. Very sad Their citizens have a right to hear the political candidates and not have them tied up in frivolous nonsense by partisans
  5. Where we differ is probably on your interpretation. I do not see this as any different than posting confuscious quotes or having an elder come in and give a medicine wheel teaching. Christianity has been the target of frivolous lawsuits by the left wing. Even the president in his most recent SOTU said that he was going to target evangelicals. This is a bold statement and is welcome given the obvious push to rid the Public square of Christianity
  6. What is your point? If it was part of the curriculum for an evangelical pastor to give a teaching on the ten commandments as part of the curriculum would that be better for you? Your assertion is false. This policy does not impose an official religion which is what the constitution forbids. It does not mean that a Christian must stay silent in the public square.
  7. They are giving elders room to give a spiritual teaching in a classroom as part of a curriculum. You are essentially telling kids that only certain beliefs are acceptable while the Christian kids beliefs are evil.
  8. No the point is clear. They already talk about religious teachings, whether it be the creator giving us the medicine wheel, or others in school already. They aren't forcing you to convert to their religion. I don't see what the issue is here.
  9. I agree. We need more religious teachings in our schools. I think not murdering or banging your neighbors wife are good morals to live by. I also appreciate some aboriginal teachings as well which I've had the opportunity to sit on. They talk about the creator and give good teachings on that.
  10. So? You are only bothered because it's Christianity. They push all sorts of religious teaching, such as mindfulness, in schools
  11. So you were wrong about the Supreme Court. Care to admit that you are clueless?
  12. But they do.. thats the point. Posting and teaching 10 commandments is no different than teaching mindfulness. They push dogma all the time. You can be a Buddhist and you can teach your mindfulness
  13. The point is they already have incorporated everyone else's teachings into the classroom but Christians are told they cannot because their teachings are "immoral".
  14. Why? I remember being in school and there was Confuscious quotes on the walls and stories about a man standing on the backs of a turtle and forming North America. So Christians are supposed to tolerate this but others won't tolerate the ten commandments which form the moral framework for alot of Jews, Christians and Muslims? Sounds an awful lot like cultural genocide
  15. https://www.foxnews.com/politics/supreme-court-upholds-federal-gun-ban-those-under-domestic-violence-restraining-orders Turns out you cannot own a firearm in the US if there's grounds to believe you committed Domestic Violance related offense. Lets see how the left weaponizes this ruling though
  16. Much of the counseling your child receives these days is rooted in confusionism/Buddhism as one example. Another is native medicine wheel teachings which are part of the curriculum. Agreed as with your second point as I've already said in this thread already
  17. It's sad that the Statue of Liberty, a symbol of freedom and opportunity to not just the US but the entire western world, is in a state that prides itself on targeting people over politics
  18. What the state of New York did was criminal and they'll pay the price
  19. https://www.foxnews.com/politics/missouri-ag-sue-new-york-over-unconstitutional-lawfare-against-trump-time-restore-rule-law?intcmp=tw_fnc Things are heating up
  20. Maybe but religious material is already allowed in schools. Just don't know why it triggers sensitive people that Christianity would be allowed as well.
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