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  1. They tried to intimidate federal judges. True insurrectionists. Sad
  2. Joe's son is in court today being a slime bag trying to skirt child support. True left wing hero.
  3. https://www.foxbusiness.com/politics/27-states-ask-biden-end-his-disaster-policy-forcing-good-credit-borrowers-subsidize-risky-mortgages Policy goes into effect today forcing responsible home owners to subsidize risky mortgages so Joe can gain a few votes. Man is seriously warped.
  4. You are dealing with sickos here. I doubt you'll change their minds with common sense and reason
  5. Keep in mind the same loonie bins claiming Kilimnik is Vladimirs right hand man also claimed Jussie Smollett was beat up by two white dudes in Maga hats over a subway sandwich or read a fake conversation between Trump and Zelenskyy into the congressional record. Then they wonder why we don't believe what they say lol
  6. And? The Republicans on the intel committee said there was no collusion. Mueller said he couldn't establish collusion. Yet here you are claiming there's evidence they don't have that proves collusion. πŸ™„
  7. Anyway back on topic. Lefties worship a drug addict who refuses to pay child support. How fitting cause they are all deadbeats
  8. So Manafort gave polling data that he could've gotten just as easily from the news to Ukrainian who lefties claim, without evidence, works for Putin. That's not even taking into account that Manafort gave the info with the intent on it being given to Vladimir Putin, which is a wild lefty conspiracy theory
  9. How? Did he know kilimnik is a Russian agent? Kilimnik knows a Russian therefore collusion πŸ˜†πŸ€£
  10. You have not proven collusion. You have proven that a Senator, Jeff Sessions, did Senator stuff and talked to a Russian Ambassador. A bunch of meetings with no clear collusion. Just lefty delusions as we've said
  11. To prove your claims you'd have to show: 1. The info given was used for campaign purposes. There's far more evidence it was just a business transaction. 2. Manafort know this guy was connected to the Kremlin. All we have evidence of is Russia meddling in the US election (which by the way was for and against the Trump campaign). There's far more evidence this had more to do with destabilizing the US. The Democrats have done far more damage in that department than the Russians ever could... they've divided the country for political advantage and it's vile and low. And you are lying again. My claim wasn't that there was no contact. My claim is actually you are engaging in vile Mccarthyism by claiming every communication with a Russian is nefarious
  12. Point in the report where it says there was "collusion". It doesn't exist and you, jackass, are a lying pos
  13. It's not "one" member... it's the majority REPUBLICAN members who sat on that committee. The fact you claim REPUBLICANS said there was collusion is false. Why won't you just drop the delusional nonsense already?
  14. Narrative spinners. They also ignore that Russia set up protests against Trump at Trump Tower.
  15. Its their statement πŸ˜†... It's obvious you are simply just trolling at this point because you are dumb enough to listen to bug eyed Schiff and the dude who was having sex with a Chinese spy
  16. The same committee that issued this statement? β€œafter more than three years of investigation by this Committee, we can now say with no doubt, there was no collusion.”
  17. They confuse calling them out on their bullshit as "'supporting Trump". It's more just opposing hysterical imbeciles who are doing great harm to any sort of rational discussion. After this senate report that these lunatics are talking about was released, the Republican senators issued a statement β€œafter more than three years of investigation by this Committee, we can now say with no doubt, there was no collusion.” The Democrats, of course, because they are delusional lunatics said there was collusion. we all know thats because they peddled baseless conspiracy theories to their base and couldn't backtrack. Just double down on the delusions
  18. Interesting how I'm accused of being a nazi for being opposed to the sexual exploitation and genital mutilation of minors. Only creeps would make such a claim πŸ˜†
  19. The nazis were for mutualation and for eugenics. Therefore you are a nazi. Thanks
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