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  1. In all honesty it's hard to have a rational conversation with lunatics who are in favor of mutilating children's genitals
  2. No justice when communists are running the legal system
  3. Lol.. violence yes however the far left are swinging to make thoughts they don't like illegal. THEY are what's wrong with yhe country
  4. Some ways to reduce tensions would be not to allow politicians to make protesting things they dislike illegal. I'm being serious when I say such policy is more consistent with Sudan and China than what was formerly Canada
  5. I'm not trying to stir up the mob, just offering analysis on where the gender crazies' argument falls apart
  6. Far left gender ideology doesn't belong in schools. If gender is just a made up concept, the 66 genders or whatever we are at now DO NOT exist and are just whacked out lefties making up words
  7. The architect of the collusion conspiracy theory Adam schiff doubles down like a goof
  8. You mistake "holding Trump accountable" for TREASONOUS BEHAVIOR from Comey and the outgoing Barry boy administration
  9. My goodness.. you fell for a conspiracy theory. The proper thing to do is NOT to double down
  10. Crazy how leftists fell for such an obvious conspiracy theory. Even as they called rational people names for pointing out it was a conspiracy theory.
  11. This just shows there's no reason to believe any investigation into Donnie is legit.. all just frivolous nonsense
  12. Lady claims she was molested out of the blue in 1996 while at a department store. Of course she waited 25+ years to come forward and only after Donnie runs as a republican. Doesn't hurt she got a nice book deal too..
  13. The pie in the sky intellectual types tend to live in the cities and are the ones typically writing the policy. They often turn up their noses out of ignorance. Of course the policy rarely makes sense on a practical level.
  14. Nonsense.. you are once again duped by that lunatic Adam Schiff and the rest of the lying democrats. You are a gullible fool who supports thr democrats banana republic
  15. Lunatics have taken over the bench in lefty run states
  16. Plenty of evidence it was a delusional cooked up by you folks
  17. You attempted to destroy democracy when you folks made fake allegations against a sitting president and held people in jail WITHOUT ANY SIGN OF A TRIAL DATE because they didn't agree with your political views
  18. There are thousands of people convicted every year for stuff.. don't get why we should care about this one
  19. I guess it was because someone on fox said something mean about the gays and threw them into a gay rage
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