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  1. Economics is not a business program. You lefties are so dishonest.
  2. The UCP supports imprisoning pastors and genital mutilation. Sad
  3. Right and using far left activists to tell you how bad those dirty blue collar workers in the energy industry isn't biased information lol
  4. That's cause it's rebranded as ESG which any "business ethics" course spends a good chunk of discussing
  5. Donnie didn't build the wall like he promised. He's also super woke and his son Donnie Jr tried to soften the blow on bud light for their debacle where they used a dude dressed as a woman to sell beer. Donnie has gone to woke town
  6. And pull the rest of us to participate in their perversions
  7. Leftists are trying redefine everything to make it seem like they aren't crazy🤪
  8. I agree here. The lefties believe men get period cramps and Donnie secretly worked with Vladimir to win an election. Hard to have a good discussion with crazy🤪
  9. Nonsense. You listen to msnbc and cnn who tell you that everyone else is wrong except them 😆
  10. When leftists call for your censorship you know your common sense and reason are winning. It's what stalinists do
  11. The problem is the internet allows crazy conspiracy theories like Russian collusion which turned lefties even further toward crazy town
  12. Lol.. well when you are conspiracy minded them everything you see confirms your delusions
  13. Their strategy was to screw over one candidate who had a substantial percentage of the vote. They wanted to keep that confidential because they are a corrupt party who knew there'd be backlash if found out. Blame Hillary for being a scuzz if you are gonna blame anyone
  14. Dylan Mulvany is a man in a dress pretending to be a 6 year old girl. Don't know cnn calls him a woman. Denial of reality
  15. The voting public had every right to know what the conniving democrats were up to
  16. I mean alot of nonsense that was ultimately exposed. If you continue to support the democrats after that, I question your ethics The sanders thing gave the illusion they vote for their leader. If they can rig a primary, it's also not a stretch to question the legitimacy of the general
  17. Even if true, why are you more concerned with Roger Stone than the sketchy nonsense the DNC was doing?
  18. In all honesty it's hard to have a rational conversation with lunatics who are in favor of mutilating children's genitals
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