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  1. Can somebody please answer me this question? You see, I've been asking the internet this one simple question "IF America is evil, why doesn't the world destroy it?". 95% percent of the time, I get banned from the sites that I ask them but whenever I do get an answer, it is usually these: - They are destroying themselves, no need to interfere. - It will destroy the world Now the 1st one is just something anti-Americans say to make themselves feel better but the second just seems unlikely, I mean how would you know that if you haven't tried it yet? And according to an expert on Quora, it can be done within two weeks only, with China and Russia alone, imagine how much more can the world do together? So please explain to me, why doesn't the world just destroy them? And since Quora is a website full of people with PhD's, Master Degrees and successful careers, they are right.
  2. Oh my God another whiner! God, I am so sick and tired of people like you whining about how evil their country is and not doing anything about it. If indeed America is evil, WHY DON'T PEOPLE LIKE YOU DESTROY IT AND KILL ALL AMERICANS!? What the hell is wrong with you? Why did you waste your time typing that crap huh big boy? You think, you're going to get results from this worthless site? You think you're going to change the world? Destroy your country and kill all 325,000,000 of your own people, there you GO, PROBLEM SOLVED! No more America, no more problem!!! Jesus effing Christ! I just want to punch people like you in the nose really really hard! So whiny!
  3. NO! I will not give it a rest until I see Estados Unidos wiped off the map No political agenda, not doing this for revenge, no jealousy here...... I just want it gone because I want to see what would happen to the anti-Americans, would they finally be happy? What kind of a world it would be like without them, would it be happier, peaceful...er? Or would these anti-Americans eat their words and just go to hate who ever comes in next?
  4. YES or NO....... simple answer to a simple question..... I know Canada and the rest of the world cannot destroy America because that would spell doom for the rest of the world and let's be honest..... America is not destroying itself..... otherwise Google wouldn't be in America. So, if Canada and the rest of the world could destroy America and Americans with it, with minimal casualties, would it? Yes.... or no......
  6. Cancuks...... instead of getting angry..... why don't you use that anger and destroy Americans once and for all so that you'll finally be happy? AND DON'T TELL ME THAT THEY ARE DESTROYING THEMSELVES!!! OTHERWISE, THERE WOULDN'T BE ANY YOUTUBE NOW!
  7. Okay..... so, I've been asking the internet this one simple question "If America is evil, why hasn't the world destroyed it yet"...... and I keep getting the same response..... "America is destroying itself, no need to interfere"....... BUT....... I decided to search some American cities and..... they seem fine to me...... There is no looting, no burning of buildings, no riots, basically it's not like the Purge or Somalia. SO, in what way is America destroying itself?
  8. And that would make the world happy? Man.... why wait for them to get what they deserve when you can do that to them yourselves.....?
  9. Because my country is totally broke, weak, corrupt and would probably accept foreign rule for as long as it's a rich country.
  10. NO! I'm not asking you to tell them what to do.... I'm asking you why you didn't physically stop them and save the people of Iraq?
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