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  1. If I was a bully, I would be intentionally playing games with members of this forum. When have I ever gone after anyone on here personally?
  2. See we conservatives, believe in a thing called free speech. This is why I'm not attacking any of you personally. You're the ones who have to control your hatred. Maybe I say a few stupid things from time to time. It's called venting. You want to be mad, be disgusted at the religion that had just murdered over 300 people.
  3. You can make up your own mind. Islam is not even my passion. I got bigger things to worry about.
  4. Protected under freedom of speech, unless you get hostile and start swearing at them or whatever.
  5. I never said I would do that, or told anyone to do it. I said, I'd be happy to read about a group of people spray-painting their outfits. If that makes me a mass shooter, then so be it.
  6. I just received this message. Report reply jacee 225 Started conversation: 4 hours ago You are quite unhinged by your irrational hatred, and could be the next mass shooter. I'm reporting you. How many times have I said, I don't want anyone committing violence against Muslims? She knows I'm not a mass shooter. She just wants me in prison. So Jacee you need to grow up, and stop wishing prison time on the people you disagree with.
  7. This is child abuse. This is healthy living. This is how we should be building subdivisions.
  8. I just want them to stop wearing their [email protected] Medieval outfits in public. Is that too much to ask? I see it every week in the GTA. I have the right to be offended when those [email protected] walk by looking like the grim reaper. No proud Canadian should tolerate that crap.
  9. You think I'm extreme? Take a look at what our American Friends are suggesting. Ann Barnhardt has been advocating for Trump to give a 24 hour evacuation warning to two cities in Saudi Arabia. Then she wants them Nuked with a hydrogen bomb. I've listened to he radio interviews. She wants All Muslim countries to be given an Ultimatum. They must tear down their Mosques and Criminalize Islam, or we keep Nuking their cities until they give their complete surrender. Now I'm going to copy and paste her one page proposal. Here's the original source. https://www.barnhardt.biz/2015/12/11/how-a-sane-virile-leader-or-leaders-would-handle-the-musloid-problem How a Sane, Virile Leader or Leaders Would Handle the Musloid Problem THIS is how the musloid problem should be faced and solved. It isn’t difficult. 1. Formally declare islam a POLITICAL SYSTEM, and in no way a religion or falling under any religious protections whatsoever. 2. Criminalize islam in every form. 3. Formally recognize the islamic caliphate as a political entity. Define as Islamic Suzerainty ANY NATION that tolerates its existence or engages in any diplomatic negotiations or dialogue with any part of the Caliphate as defined above. (Man up, Switzerland.) 4. Declare war on the islamic caliphate and all of its Suzerainties. 5. Nuke Mecca and Medina to glass after generously, mercifully giving a 24 hour evacuation notice. 6. Seize and physically destroy every mosque in the homeland. 7. Arrest, intern and deport every musloid. Cancel the citizenship of those with citizenship. This was done with American citizens who were members of the German American Bund (American Nazi Party) during WWII. And yes, you’re damn right it was the morally correct thing to do. Read up HERE.) 8. Establish a quarantine on all majority islamic nations, shoot down all aircraft attempting to leave the airspace, excepting deportation aircraft returning for the next load of garbage. Intercept and tow back to port of origin all ships and boats attempting to leave any port. Build walls on all land borders with every inch within range of .50 cal sentry guns. 9. Send in the missionaries. Consecrate all formerly islamic lands to Jesus Christ the Sovereign King. Preach the Gospel of Jesus Christ. Offer the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass. Pray the Divine Office. Baptize every human being that asks for it. The rest will take care of itself. Agree or disagree on any of the above points, but understand that the gist of the solution is the following: Stop the spread. Contain them where they are. Use the only thing they understand – PHYSICAL FORCE AND STRENGTH. Aggressively proselytize. Fully acknowledge that even a converted musloid, like a domesticated wild animal, will be dangerous for the rest of his life and can never be fully trusted. Ann Barnhardt 11 December 2015 Feast of St. Damasus
  10. This is why I'm warning conservatives not to vote for Bernier. I don't care if he calls himself conservative. No good politician comes form Quebec. The only politician from Quebec I like is Gilles Duceppe. He said he wanted to become Prime Minster so Quebec could separate. He said Quebec isn't better than Canada, They're just different, and we want to try having our own Country. Well good for him, If Quebec went their own way. It would be one less thing for us to worry about. We don't even speak the same language, but we're forced to listen to a translator half the time.
  11. Well you're about to be bored, because this will be the last message I ever post on this Forum. See ya retards
  12. I don't know what you did, but if you jokes about hurting someone here you should apologize. Everyone's free to insult one another, we have thick skin. You don't threaten violence.
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