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  1. I think Justin Trudeau has schizophrenia. His mom has had various mental healhth issues, bipolar disorder amung other things that are hereditary. Given Trudeau's mom was heavily into alcohol and drugs, Justin could have some development issues. Also his dad has him at 52, Old fathers tend to produce children on the autistic spectrum.
  2. No... It's just sit idlely by and watch the industry might of our great country go to [email protected], because some Davos wannabe think's woke environmentalism is more important than a domestic oil industry. It's ok Peasants... You can work 70 years now to pay off your townhouse. If you don't like it, well go move to the arctic Some ideas are more extream than others.
  3. Chile has a lot of prospects. Ecuador is also a pro freedom country. They gave asylum to Julian Assange, or maybe try the Carribean. Turks and Cacos is nice. As I've said... host a massive honking party outside Buckingham palance to demand Trudeau's resignation. I'm sure the queen would be glad to sack [email protected]
  4. This is all being done by design. You restrict the supply of housing, and then you say immigration is wonderful for Canada, so you can push house prices way above a million, and bankrupt the working Class. Does anyone care about Traffic, and the mental illness this is causing? Yes the wine and cheese liberal yuppies laugh to the bank. I'm glad the snobby scum in Ottawa is getting a taste of their own medicine with the non-stop honking. They deserve a nonstop headache for the nonstop headaches they have given us. As far as i'm concerned, honk them until they have a nervous breakdown. I wouldn't just honk downtown. Drive around the rich neighborhoods, with loud soundsystems, and tell them to go [email protected] themselves at 3am... Just my opinion. Go [email protected] yourself liberal scum of Ottawa LoL
  5. So 16000 truckers decided they we're going to get fired without a fight, and Justin Trudeau does nothing to try and de-escualte the situtation. It's obvious that Justin Trudeau is mentally ill. If he continues with this nonsense, I could see western Canada seperating very fast.
  6. I'd like to say is, when Covid first hit, there was no natural immunity. Yes it was a good idea to wear masks, and keep away from people who were caughing, but now were three years in and were still talking about manditory vaccines and airport restrictions. When are we going to let inviduals decide the risks that are appropriate for them? Why should we force 7 year old kids to wear masks and keep away from other kids, just because were worried that 1 in a million kids might die? What if we gave people who are immune compromised the resources to be extra careful, while the rest of us can get back to normal life and help fix this economy? The more restrictions we have the more we talk about covid, the more we're going to scare people from going to resturants, business, and other places that are critical to maintaining a healty economy and low unemployment. So when someone says how dare you get infected, you might spread it to someone else, tell them this. Why can't the people who are most risk of getting covid hide in their own basements, so the rest of us can have a life? We could of left the resturants open, and used the tax revenue to provide food delivery services to the elderly who have poor immune systems. That way, those who at the most at risk could be protected, where the young people could keep their jobs. When we have more freedom, we have more economic activity. When we have more economic activity, we have more taxes to pay for hospitals and treatments needed to keep the most vulnerable alive. A strong economy means better healthcare to protect citizens from all diseases.
  7. Pierre Polievre says it best. Trudeau has brought in 400000 in 12 months, during the height of a pandemic. While businesses were forced to close, Trudeau had to make sure our artifically induced population growth, didn't go interupted. With the lack of affordable housing, why did Liberals bring in so many Immigrants into Canada? Did the liberals purposely use immigrantion to drive up the cost of housing, with a restricting supply, so wealthy elites could cash in? Should we investigate think tanks like the Century Initivive that want to use population policy to enslave the poor, while the wealthy get to laugh in their face?
  8. You got to wake up. This is 21st century eugenics. Just look at their covid hystaria. These are the same people who have climate hysteria. Many of these left-wing lunatics believe that, if too many people are driving cars, the earth will go instinct. They got their covid science brutally wrong, just like their climate science is brutally wrong. Why is Trudeau risking a civil war over a few unvaccinated truckers? They want us to take vaccines every 3 months now, it seems to me like they want to get rid of the population.
  9. So listening to the treasonous lies and deception of Justin Trudeau, he's made Canadians think that vaccines are the only way to get through a pandemic. Well guess what, there were no vaccines durring the spanish flu in 1918, and the pandemic lasted less than 3 years. The only way to get through a pandemic, is through herd immunity, and when you do lockdowns you severly supress herd immunity. When you don't have herd immunity, it allows new varients to be even more powerful and the pandemic prolongs itself. A better idea is to let the healthy people get infected first, then once they're immune they can go back to work, while we provide a buffer for the immune compromised. Allowing the immune compromise the choice to get vaccinated, while letting the younger people build natural immunity is the answer. Forcing people to get vaccated only amplifies vaccines hesitancy, and it can cause a civil war. I think more people will be terrified of taking vaccines in the future, thanks to justin trudeaus creepy policies.
  10. The wealthy elites in India said Trudeau was involved in fundraising and money laundering to prop up a farming insurrection in New Delhi, so they're sending funds to Canada to give Trudeau a taste of his own medicine.
  11. That's because most of the police hate Trudeau. They are doing the bare minimum on purpose.
  12. CBC just admited that the they don't have enough police in Ottawa to handle all the protestors, that's probably because 90% of the police hate Trudeau. Ontario declares a state of emergency and more protestors join. Maybe it's time to bring in thousands of more protestors, and don't just focus on downtown. Go to the rich yuppy neighbourhoods where the politicians live, so they get the message everytime they commute to parliament. I know if I were a politician and I had hundreds of protestors walking down my street, i'd be freaked out.
  13. When will liberals get it in their [email protected] heads. "Freedom - Not Authoritarianism" If you're worried about getting sick or catching the cold, than you should be the one hiding in your own basement, while the rest of us get on with our lives.
  14. Do you want to convince each trucker one by one to leave?
  15. That's why Trudeau should be prosecuted for high-treason once the next government takes power. The evidence is very clear. He's working very hard to destablize Canada. If we don't prosecute tyrants, we can't deter future tyrants from emerging.
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