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  1. Wonder what Hunter Biden is doing these days? Future looking bright for the young entrepreneur?
  2. Book: 'The Price Of Panic' . . . . How The Tyranny Of Experts Turned A Pandemic Into A Catastrophe Douglas Axe, William M Briggs, Jay W. Richards ISBN 978-1-68451-141-9 Informative and disturbing. We're being played.
  3. We Canadians expect the US to protect us . . . . then we endlessly criticize them on every front. We're a bunch of self-righteous virtue signalers. Other folks laugh at us. We have the cretin we deserve. This country's fucked.
  4. Lighting your hair on fire over American politics . . . . when Canada has elected a cretin to dismantle the country. Unbelievable!
  5. Biden will be placed on a pallet, propped up, and wheeled into the White House. Rejoice! New Deals for Hunter!
  6. No love for the Republicans . . . ? Hey! How about those Canucks . . . 51 years / no cup.
  7. Quebec will never leave . . . . they are Canada's tapeworm. Would like to see Western Canada (4 Provinces) as a country. There's nothing about the present day Canada that I like . . . . regionally or politically. And before anyone tells me to leave . . . . my mothers/my ancestors have been here many thousands of years - fathers/my ancestors . . . couple hundred years. Canada does not work in its present form.
  8. Canada's polarization is regional . . . . there's no fix for that.
  9. The 2020 election was bound to be challenged due to the polarization of the American populace. I believe this is the trend worldwide now, with our own country in the mix also. Wondering if we are becoming ungovernable? A disturbing trend. Unity is just an idea at present.
  10. Who are you to tell members of mapleleaf.com to leave? Who are you to call members here names, and make sexual references about them? Please seek the psychological help you need.
  11. Did not know that. When did this happen? Is there a link or reference point? Would like to learn more.
  12. You're a sick puppy . . . . . get some help.
  13. Get some professional help . . . . you need it.
  14. Get some professional help . . . . you need it.
  15. Mr. Argus . . . . I'm not a Trump 'cult' member whatsoever. I did hope he'd win a second term. Maybe he did, maybe he didn't . . . . . My only focus was the process of the election, and if it was free of manipulation and fraud. If it can be shown that the election was tampered with, it stands to reason that possibly other elections in other countries can/have/would be altered too/also. So please cut the psycho stuff, and find something else to 'light your hair on fire' over. Have a good New Year if possible . . .
  16. Also thought he's a very disturbed and angry person . . . . . needing professional help.
  17. Your fear, loathing, and hostility towards President Trump is tainting your posts. Gentle Joe will soon be in the White House and hopefully you'll feel better. The USA will be better off with closer relations with the Chinese Communist Party. President Trump was so wrong to 'call out' the CCP for what they are . . . .
  18. Try to have a happy New Year . . . . . all the best to you and yours.
  19. Are you heaping 100,000 'people killed' on the shoulders of a man you and others have an unnatural loathing and hostility for? Be careful of what you wish for . . . . what goes 'round, comes 'round.
  20. Did see a photoshop'd pic of President Trump . . . . . and it looked very good. His hair had been cropped quite short and hadn't been colored, and he had a greying goatee. He looked like a tough guy. Just my opinion - he'd have had a much stronger presence if he'd just kept off Twitter, and had learned to not comment on every minute issue.
  21. Biden is a laughable choice for President. Old and feeble minded . . . . . tainted by his family fiasco - Hunter.
  22. It's very beneficial to have a strong relationship with the Ukraine . . . . . Biden knows this.
  23. Yours is the only truth . . . . thanks for clearing up any misconceptions.
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