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  1. Think of the logger everytime you reach for the toilet paper . . . Or go 'green' and wipe your arse on a leaf. Cougar, you seem to be against everything . . . . please show us your 'blueprint' for a better Canadian society.
  2. "Here I sit, as 'mad as a hatter' . . . The world outside making me madder and madder . . . " A poem written by a mental institution patient. The 'Mad Hatter' character from Alice in Wonderland is a direct reference to Canada and the fur trade. Top hats made from beaver felt were all the rage in Europe. Beaver hair is straight. This is to shed water better. The guard hairs were removed from the pelt, and the thick fine underhair was then shaved from the pelt. This is what was felted to make the hat. Being that the hair was straight and all but impossible to felt, it was treated with mercury. Mercury made the hair kink and twist. Eventually, the hat maker would show signs of mental stress . . . known as 'madness' Hence the reference 'mad as a hatter' Fashion being fickle . . . . beaver felt went out of fashion, and silk top hats were the rage in Europe. Trappers were the first to open the country up . . . everyone else followed.
  3. Canada could be really great with a change of Federal Government in October . . .
  4. Where do you come up with this stuff . . . ? Please proof-read.
  5. He's made changes to this country . . . . have you ever seen the west as pissed-off as it is now?
  6. Just curious . . . . Why didn't the indigenous inhabitants of North America colonize Europe? Why didn't they learn metallurgy, animal domestication, seafaring ships/sailors, etc. Seemingly, Europe's early man was no more advanced than North America's early man in roughly the same time frame.
  7. Guessing that you're a Liberal . . . . Trudeau is 'your guy' ? Lots of assumptions about Scheer in your post. Care to divulge the source of your information ?
  8. You should proof-read before posting . . .
  9. I'll say it once . . .I don't really care what you think. Freeland is damaged goods . . . . just like her boss. Neither is respected on the 'big stage'.
  10. Freeland is done . . . Lost all respect for her when she sided with Trudeau on the JWR / JP ousting. Freeland isn't respected as a trade negotiator. She's ripe for the UN or some other Intellectual-ineffectual position. Again, she's done.
  11. Pretty broad statements . . . . Where did your knowledge come from ? Links ? Will Trudeau resign . . . . . no, he's too 'full of himself' and has a somewhat disturbing messiah complex. This, combined with an IQ nudging double digits . . . . oh well !
  12. I don't care if they wear turbans or jockey shorts on their heads, and I don't care if they wore turbans or jockey shorts while fighting 70 years ago . . . . I do care about ICBC motorcycle insurance premiums rising to payout avoidable head injuries. Comprehend ? Religion trumps common sense/safety issues . . . .
  13. Sadly, your insistence on WW contributions of 70 years ago has absolutely nothing to do with a segment of our population that's exempt from a law that applies to the rest of the population.
  14. We're missing the 'comic relief' that our foolish PM could provide this divided country . . . 'Thrilla in Manilla' . . . second version. Justin 'fists of thunder' Trudeau . . . vs . . . Rodrigo 'robustus maximus' Duterte. We've seen the film clip of Justin in the ring . . . formidable to say the least. Let them 'duke it out' . . . . loser gets the garbage. Anyone taking 'book' . . . ?
  15. You obviously don't ride a motorcycle, and miss the point that the 'tons of money' paid out is from increased premiums paid by the folks that have no choice in picking an insurance carrier. Having fought with turbans on has nothing to do with 'religious freedom' trumping a safety issue that is avoidable. Especially when head injury payouts increase the premiums of common sense DOT helmeted riders. Your answers just aren't relevant . . . .
  16. They do not have to wear a helmet . . . . approved in the courts. Freedom of religion.
  17. Isn't India a country of racists and religious intolerance ? Caste system, untouchables, etc. Also, the turban trumps the DOT motorcycle helmet in BC. Would ICBC payout a turban wearing biker that suffered a head injury. ICBC rates soar ever higher. Sadly, common sense is trumped by the politically correct . . .
  18. Your speculation is as relevant as mine . . . I think Horgan could win an election without the Green Party. Weaver just isn't taken seriously . . . . he's against everything.
  19. New vessels needed to maintain/uphold our claim to the polar north ? Have a gut-wrenching feeling that Canada has 'slipped away' too much to regain any kind of respect as a nation. At my age, I may have seen the best that Canada could be . . . Not impressed any more.
  20. Didn't just squeak into the winners throne . . . . trounced the NDP by 6,000 votes. Interesting to see in this backwater bastion of the NDP. Ask a diehard NDP supporter from Nanaimo-Ladysmith why they vote NDP . . . . . "well, my dad did". Was hoping for a Conservative win . . .
  21. Justin Trudeau groping the reporter from Creston, or elbowing the NDP member in the chest . . . . .
  22. Irregardless of what party was in power in the past, as a Canadian citizen, you knew that the country would be relatively undamaged at the end of the ruling party's term. Pick any past leader . . . Harper, Chretien, Lester B, etc., you knew that they had the best interests of this country at heart. You may have been pissed with some policies and programs, but Canada would be a functioning entity in the end. The 'entitled clown' residing at 24 Sussex Drive has changed all that . . . . we are seeing this country cleaved apart on racial, economic, and regional lines. You're seeing a fool at the helm steer this country into the rocks. Damage done that will take decades to undo. At the moment, Andrew Scheer is the best option . . . .
  23. Olijam . . . there are many folks that 'believe in Canada' . . . That said, there are many folks in the west that see that the present form Confederation is not workable anymore. The old thinking that 'the rest of Canada' are just colonies of Ontario & Quebec is the stumbling block. Quebec, for the most part still has the mindset of 1760 . . . . has never contributed to make Canada a Canada for everyone. Apologies to OftenWrong . . . . I didn't know how to clear your name off of the top of this post.
  24. Again, classic deflection . . . . Enjoy yourself . . .
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