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  1. I don't think you are qualified to comment on the Bible. You don't appear to know anything about it.
  2. In a general sense but that does not include approving of evil practices. Some churches welcome people and at the same time approve of their unbiblical lifestyles but this is contrary to the Bible. That would not fit the Biblical definition of tolerance. These churches have departed from the Bible and historic Biblical Christian faith. Other churches try to welcome everyone but that does not mean they have to approve of their lifestyle. Tolerance does not necessarily mean one has to agree or approve of every practice. One can be tolerant in the sense of welcoming someone if they are open to seeking guidance and help. They try to be accepting and work with individuals through counseling, but the person has to show some willingness to change. That would be more biblical. I hope that makes sense.
  3. What is he Sexual Orientation and Gender Identity (SOGI) in the school system curriculum all about? You know the answer but are being deceptive and not telling the truth. I tried to explain my reply below in a more reasonable way.
  4. I don't agree with brainwashing young people in schools with LGBT ideology but I guess you do. That should be easy to understand.
  5. Most of the world are dictatorships. Be careful what you wish for.
  6. No, I never expressed hatred for anyone re the trans subject. I simply pointed out, if you read and understood what I said, that changing sex is not natural and is unproven. That is simply my opinion. We all have a right to express our opinions on such subjects without being accused of hate or bigotry by people such as you. The LGBTQ being taught to young children in schools as normal is having disastrous consequences for many young people and families. That is why I care about it even if you don't. I don't have an agenda to hate anyone. My comments are simply to disagree with the ideology claiming it is a normal thing. Unfortunately you seem to have accepted it as a legitimate. There is no scientific method that proves trans is normal. I accept the scientific method but it has been rejected by many scientists and people today. Darwinism is a kind of religious ideology with many people and not supported by the scientific method. It promotes the evil of atheism which is against reason and logic.
  7. The PM is supposed to be overall in charge of the government and how it functions don't you think? Or is the bureaucracy free to do whatever they feel like at taxpayer's expense? I am afraid it does do whatever it feels like under Trudeau. He is useless and the government is out of control to a significant degree. We have seen that on countless issues and scandals. Things like the Arrivecan app are an example. Foreign interference is another example.
  8. The advantage of the Constitutional Monarch is the armed forces and the RCMP swear allegiance to the monarch and this prevents a would-be little tin-pot dictator from seizing absolute power and setting up a Communist or Fascist dictatorship like north Korea or Cuba or China and eliminating all human rights and freedoms. We have an elected Parliament now and supposed to have human rights although at times it is not perfect. But if you get rid of the Constitutional Monarch you could be setting yourself up for an absolute dictatorship because the barrier to protect from that would be gone. Many simple-minded people don't understand that.
  9. Actually you have a complete misunderstanding of what creationists believe. Many scientists have found that the theory of evolution is not really based on science. This is where you have somehow been led astray. Give one proof that evolution is true. So you have heard that evolution is based on science and so you believe it. There is no real proof. Creationist scientists are much more discerning. The fact is rational thinking as in some of the material I posted above points to a Creator. That is the only rational conclusion. When you say supernatural "hooey", you demonstrate a blind bias because you give no reason for such a statement. True science is not a blind belief in something. The supernatural is not nonsense. The fact is the universe and life has been found to be far more complex and even the best scientists cannot explain its origin. It seems the more scientists think they know, the more they don't really know. Often in science what was once believed as sound knowledge has been later rejected. That is one reason many scientists reasonably point to an intelligent designer or Creator as the cause of the complex universe. They have examined the theory of evolution and found it wanting and incapable of explaining things. They found it flawed in a number of ways. At the time of Darwin, biology and knowledge was very primitive or limited. The basic idea Darwin had for his theory of evolution was based on something called "natural selection". However, the idea of natural selection has been found to be faulty and not credible. It has been rejected by many scientists. Natural selection does not add information to the basic life forms like the DNA in cells. In Darwin's day (1800s) not nearly as much was known about biology and the basic cell's complexity. Now many scientists believe evolution is faulty for a number of reasons. For the theory to work, there has to be a way to add information to DNA, and the basic living organisms. However, information is not added. Therefore there is no way evolution would have worked. Science has found that living organisms have vast amounts of information in order to live and function. Evolution did not provide that information and many scientists understand and acknowledge that now. The only possible way the vast amounts of information in cells and living beings could exist is if an incredibly intelligent designer put it there is the first place. There is no other rational explanation for its existence. I would much prefer to keep the discussion cool and level-headed. Just examine the facts involved in the subject. If examined in a rational way and you can also examine science at the same time, you will come to the conclusion that there has to be a God behind it all. God is a supernatural being. He is a spirit that is present everywhere. The material universe and time itself did not just happen without a cause. God is the cause. No sense letting the supernatural aspect make you think it can't be true. We must admit our human minds are very limited and do not have all the answers. The laws of reason, cause and effect only lead to God.
  10. This fact alone should demonstrate the absolute necessity for an intelligent designer Creator. Did you know there are biological motors. This article and video shows that: " ...there are linear motors, too, including the kinesin protein that ‘walks’ as it transports essential components to where they are needed in the cell, as this video (duration 1 minute, 11 seconds) shows:6 Note that every ‘step’ the kinesin protein takes requires one ATP molecule for energy—i.e. ATP which is generated by the rotary ATP synthase motor shown in the previous video clip. The eukaryotic cell needs both of these highly complex motors to be present and fully functional—and much more besides. No wonder the Psalmist wrote … … and the Apostle Paul said: Indeed, there’s no excuse! Especially as modern science continues to reveal the irreducible complexity in life’s biochemistry. This video clip (duration 2 minutes, 16 seconds) spectacularly demonstrates one essential aspect of this:7 Note that this whole system (DNA, RNA and fully functional enzyme machinery) must be present in any living cell. To get enzymes you need RNA, to get RNA you need DNA, to get DNA you need enzymes … get the picture? No one has any idea how such a sophisticated set of nanomachines could have made themselves without intelligent design. This had to be designed by a super-intelligence. This is one characteristic of the Creator of all described in the Bible: omniscient / all knowing. What would Charles Darwin have made of all this new information available today? Even in his day, the sight of a peacock feather was enough to make him sick (!), as this one-minute video clip relates:8 We’re going downhill so fast in fact that geneticists wonder why we haven’t become extinct at least 100 times over! For readers interested in a swag of further articles on how nature points undeniably to a Designer, see:
  11. " Are you created or evolved? Since Charles Darwin first published his Origin of Species in 1859, the idea that everything just evolved by itself over millions and billions of years has come to dominate our public media and educational institutions. Evolution is often spoken of as ‘fact’. So it surprises many that there are an increasing number of voices speaking out against evolution. They say we are not evolved, but created. It’s even more of a surprise to discover many of those voices are from leading scientists across a range of disciplines. Not only are they pointing out the flaws in evolutionary theory, but they’re also showing that the evidence around us fits with the Bible’s account of the past, not evolution. What is this evidence for creation that these scientists are pointing to? There’s lots. Here’s just a taste. The design of living things If we look at even just one aspect of our bodies, such as the dexterity of our hand, wrist and fingers, it speaks of design, and therefore, a Designer. Robotics engineers are still striving to copy that dexterity!1 And our movements are controlled by our brains—no mean feat! The immense complexity of the human brain, its creativity and power of abstract reasoning, with capacities vastly beyond that required for sheer survival, is perhaps the most obvious evidence for intelligent creation. " Created or evolved (creation.com)
  12. All right, then why don't you answer the simple question: Why do you believe we were evolved rather than created?
  13. Paul wrote most of the epistles in the New Testament, more than any other apostle. He was chosen by God to be an apostle. Yet you say he was wrong? " 16 All scripture is given by inspiration of God, and is profitable for doctrine, for reproof, for correction, for instruction in righteousness: 17 That the man of God may be perfect, throughly furnished unto all good works." 2 Timothy 3:16 Paul was inspired by God to write a large part of Holy Scripture. Yet you say he was wrong. Seriously, you need to get a grip. What makes you qualified to say an apostle was "wrong"?
  14. You have not even tried to debate or discuss anything about the theory of evolution. You obviously just claim to believe it because that is your argument or rather you have no reason, but just believe it because somebody said so. Anything else is "ridiculous". What is ridiculous is believing a complex universe and complex atoms, molecules, cells, and living organisms just arrived by some sort of accident. You live in a meaningless, hopeless world. You believe you are just an accident of the chemicals I guess. Kind of sad existence really.
  15. What is it you have read or learned? Something some Darwinist said? What have you read about the other side, the creationists? You just proved you know nothing. Tragically you just dismiss out of hand the scientific reasons why evolution doesn't hold up. Many scientists have rejected the theory of evolution as not tenable.
  16. The lazy person who happens to be in a strong union, even though he or she is irresponsible, lazy, and incompetent, will be protected by the union. This applies to the health care system where many are in strong unions.
  17. The hard working person in Canada is at a distinct disadvantage when it comes to health care. Half of Canadians reportedly believe in Socialism. That means even though you may have worked hard all your life and saved your money and wisely invested and taken care of the finances, when you get a serious disease you could be put on a long waiting list and die before you get treatment. That could be for heart problems, cancer, or anything. The lazy loaf might just get faster treatment because of various factors such as his location, available services, and the number of patients. But what does the Bible say? "6 The husbandman that laboureth must be first partaker of the fruits." 2 Timothy 2:6 In other words, the person that has done the work should have more consideration than the lazy loaf.
  18. Unfortunately you don't read much and don't know. But you're great at making assumptions.
  19. Darwin's central idea supporting his theory of evolution was the idea of "natural selection". This was a problem from the outset which he was never able to overcome. Natural selection requires that there be existing genetic information to select from. That really destroys the whole theory because if the genetic information does not exist, there is nothing to select from to cause evolution to a higher or different species. quote This is an important ‘equation’1 that all people should be aware of, namely ‘Natural Selection does not equal (≠) Evolution’.2 Christians should know it so they do not get conned, and evolutionists should know it as a reminder that they still have lots of work to do to be able to claim that they have a mechanism for evolution. If we think of the word ‘selection’, in our common, daily experience, we select from something pre-existing. How often we hear an example of natural selection being used as proof of evolution. Changing sizes, colours, skin patterns and shapes are often paraded as evolution’s honour roll. This bait-and-switch tactic has been so often exposed for what it is, it’s a wonder that it is still used, or that people are still taken in by it. The very term should put people on their guard that something is missing. If we think of the word ‘selection’, in our common, daily experience, we select from something pre-existing. Think of being asked to select cards from a pack. You could select cards from a pack every second for the rest of your life and all you would only ever produce is different groups of the same cards. You would not have created anything new—only re-arranged cards, or removed cards or added cards from another pack. If an illusionist asks you to select a card from a pack, and surprises you with something new, you know it is an illusion, a sleight of hand. We need to learn to see the evolutionists’ sleight of hand when they claim to have pulled something ‘new’ out of the pack. Selection is always from a pre-existing series or range; it creates nothing new. This illustration applies equally to ‘selection’ in the biological context. The all-wise Creator knew the different environments that His creatures would have to adapt to after the Fall and Curse, and particularly after the Flood of Noah, in order to survive. He included in the genetic information of each ‘kind’ of creature He created a smorgasbord of variety in their makeup. This includes those features that would interact with the environment: the overall size of a plant, animal or person; the size of individual organs or limbs such as beaks and noses, leaf sizes, skin colours, hair and feather lengths, textures and colours. All of these and many more variations were programmed into the DNA of His creatures in order that as populations of the various kinds moved into new environments, expression of those variations enabled individuals to survive those environments. Individuals with those variations then passed them on to their young. When these variations and the habitat of the population expressing that variation are distinct enough, we might distinguish different ‘species’. In all of this selection process, new information is never added. It can be conserved or lost, but never gained. © CMI The creationist chemist/zoologist Edward Blyth (1810–1873) wrote about natural selection about 25 years before Darwin misappropriated it to support his theory of evolution. Blyth clearly saw this remarkable phenomenon as arising from the providence of the all-wise, all-knowing, ingenious Creator God. Knowing God’s love for beauty (reflected in men and women who are made in His image), God probably also had in mind the spectacular array of birds, fish, dogs and cats that we have varied by ‘artificial selection’ purely for the sake of ‘beauty’ rather than survival.3 But whether variation is selected naturally by the environment, or artificially by breeders for a particular trait, it remains just that, ‘selection’ from existing genetic information. Nothing new is created. unquote For the whole article: Natural selection ≠ evolution (creation.com)
  20. Here is an excellent article explaining why evolution makes no sense and why creation is far more sensible. " Too-rapid genetic decay Bad news, folks. We’re accumulating copying mistakes (mutations) in our genes at a rate of approximately 60–100 per person per generation. Here’s a video clip (duration 2 minutes 29 seconds) extract from a presentation on this topic by internationally-renowned geneticist Dr John Sanford (one of many PhD scientists who believe the Bible)9, inventor of the gene gun:10 We’re going downhill so fast in fact that geneticists wonder why we haven’t become extinct 100 times over! But their bewilderment is because they make the mistake of believing the world is older than the 6,000 or so years the Bible indicates. Also, many wrongly think that mutations can be the ‘engine’ of evolution, i.e. that they can generate the sort of ‘uphill’ transformations necessary to validate the microbes-to-man idea. But the truth is very different. In the following video clip (duration 1 minute, 52 seconds), the response of the ‘champion’ of evolution in the west, biologist Richard Dawkins, when challenged on this issue is very revealing:11 (Should you encounter some of the many Skeptics who have tried to question the veracity of the above film clip, you can show they are wrong with this analysis of the video timeline: Was Dawkins stumped? Frog to a Prince critics refuted again.) Note that time, far from being the ‘hero’ of evolution,12 actually makes matters worse for evolutionary theory. Here are two easy-to-read articles for readers interested in following this up further: Supernovas demonstrate by their presence that the mooted billions-of-years age of the universe is nonsense. And here’s a swag of further articles for readers keen to dig deeper on this topic, which clearly shows the genetic evidence points to the truth of biblical creation: Incidentally, while on the subject of genetics, in this video clip (duration 1 minute, 5 seconds), CMI’s Dr Jonathan Sarfati explains why our DNA similarity with apes points to a common designer and not evolution:13 For the whole article go to: Created or evolved (creation.com)
  21. In this 30 minute video, by the former leader of the Official Opposition and former Foreign Affairs minister, the Honourable Stockwell Day, reports on who Hamas really is. This is something that he says is not reported by the mainstream media and needs to be reported. The protesters who are protesting against Israel and in favour of Hamas have no idea of these facts. The government and media are failing to tell Canadians. This 30 minute video may be viewed at:
  22. I would not say those who claim to hear voices in their head are hearing God speak to them. Mocking people with that claim is a bit of a stretch. I have not run into people who claim they hear voices in their head coming from God. This sounds more like a picture you are trying to paint of people who believe in God. If you think God doesn't communicate his truth to individuals you are wrong. If you studied the Bible in sincerity and truth, you would learn God does communicate through his written revelation, the Bible, in English, the King James Bible (1611). But you should also know there are people who are under the influence and control of the devil. How else would you explain all the evil going on in the world? quote Satan’s power on the earth: Job 1 also reveals that Satan does enact evil and cause direct harm on the earth. The most well-known and important of his actions on earth occurred in the garden of Eden. Genesis 3 tells of Satan’s temptation of Eve, the “mother of all the living” (v. 20), and her subsequent first sin. It was this act, and that of Eve’s husband Adam, that brought sin into the world, and it is the reason all humankind must be redeemed from sin in order to be with God. One day, Jesus met a woman who had been “crippled by a spirit for eighteen years” (Luke 13:11). Jesus attributes the infirmity to Satan, who had kept her “bound” (verse 16). Satan’s power was real, but it was easily overcome by our Lord: “He put his hands on her, and immediately she straightened up and praised God” (v. 13). Jesus’ miracle was a clear demonstration of His authority over Satan. Since his instigation of evil on earth, Satan has been named the “prince,” “god,” or “ruler” of this world (John 14:30; cf. John 12:31; 16:11; 2 Corinthians 4:3-4; Ephesians 2:2; Colossians 1:13). He is the enemy of God and truth (Matthew 13:24-30; 2 Thessalonians 2:9-12), and he does everything he can to tempt individuals (Genesis 3; Luke 22:31; 1 Timothy 3:7) and larger groups of people (1 Thessalonians 3:5; Revelation 2:10). He “leads the whole world astray” (Revelation 12:9). Satan accomplishes this by various means, including appealing to man’s pride (1 Timothy 3:6; 1 Corinthians 4:6), interfering with the transmission of truth (Matthew 13:18-22, 38-39), and placing false believers within the church (1 Timothy 4:1-2; 2 Timothy 3:1-9; Revelation 2:9; 3:9). In John 8:44, Jesus says that Satan “is a liar and the father of it.” God still grants Satan some authority in this world, which means that his power is not yet completely broken—except in one area: his power of death. Hebrews 2:14-15 says that Jesus came as a man to die in order to “destroy him who holds the power of death – that is, the devil,” a power Satan had held “from the beginning” (John 8:44). The salvation Jesus provides has released us from Satan’s stranglehold. Death has lost its sting (1 Corinthians 15:55). Satan’s power – the conclusion: The Bible says that “the whole world is under the control of the evil one” (1 John 5:19), and we must “be self-controlled and alert. Your enemy the devil prowls around like a roaring lion looking for someone to devour” (1 Peter 5:8). Yet Christians have a great hope, for Jesus Christ (John 16:33) and our faith in Him (1 John 5:4) have overcome Satan’s evil. “The one who is in you is greater than the one who is in the world” (1 John 4:4). unquote How much power does Satan possess? | GotQuestions.org I would add that Communists and Socialists must deny the existence of God in order to get people to follow their ideology. Why? Because Communism and Socialism are contrary to what God has taught in his written revelation, the Bible. The Bible teaches everyone has the right to private property. Communism and Socialism rejects the right to private property. Therefore what they fear most is the truth that if they enforce Communism or Socialism, they are rejecting God's word on the sanctity of private property. That is the real reason they would claim to be atheists and deny the existence of God. God is a threat to their man-made ideology that steals or confiscates other people's property or wealth.
  23. The health care system is in a crisis. " Over-capacity ERs are dangerous choke points. But hospital challenges go far deeper Staff shortages, respiratory illnesses pose challenges, alongside long-standing hospital bed capacity crunch Lauren Pelley · CBC News · Posted: Jan 13, 2024 1:00 AM PST | Last Updated: January 13 Canadian emergency rooms are overflowing while an array of respiratory illnesses — COVID-19 included — keep circulating. And it's happening against a backdrop of behind-the-scenes backlogs that turn frontline ERs into dangerous choke points. (Ryan Remiorz/The Canadian Press) This story is part of CBC Health's Second Opinion, a weekly analysis of health and medical science news emailed to subscribers on Saturday mornings. If you haven't subscribed yet, you can do that by clicking here. A newborn with a fever waited five hours to be seen by an emergency physician near Toronto. Patients were surrounded by garbage and urine as they waited 18 to 20 hours for care at a hospital in Fredericton. And in Alberta, Red Deer's long-beleaguered hospital was forced to hang tarps to create makeshift treatment spaces. Those headlines come from different hospitals and different provinces. But they all point to the same grim problem: Emergency rooms are overflowing while an array of respiratory illnesses — COVID-19 included — keep circulating. And it's happening against a backdrop of behind-the-scenes backlogs that turn front-line ERs into dangerous choke points. The numbers are staggering. More than 10,000 people are in hospital at once across B.C., the most the province has ever seen, while Quebec grapples with the highest level of patients in its emergency rooms in five years. In Ottawa, the Queensway Carleton Hospital recently said it was operating at 115 per cent occupancy. By midweek, most Montreal emergency rooms were above full capacity, with some operating at roughly 200 per cent. The usual slate of viral threats, from influenza to respiratory syncytial virus, or RSV, make this time of year particularly challenging for hospitals thanks to the ongoing influx of sick patients. Canada's health-care systems are also adapting to a new normal where COVID-19 is now firmly in the mix. Ontario hospitals warn of patient surges, long wait times Why are Quebec's ERs so bad this year? A bunch of reasons, Quebec health minister says And while federal data suggests COVID-related hospitalizations, ICU admissions and deaths at this point in the pandemic are lower than before, the virus is still infecting thousands of patients in Canadian hospital beds at any given time — putting sustained and added pressure on a system that's already under strain. " Over-capacity ERs are dangerous choke points. But hospital challenges go far deeper | CBC News
  24. Did the devil tell you all that? Certainly nothing to do with the Bible. The Bible teaches the right to own private property is a sacred God-given right. It is even in the ten commandments, which say thou shalt not steal and thou shalt not covet. The Bible also says if a man will not work, let him not eat. So why do you think you have a right to other people's property or wealth? Socialism and Communism is stealing. It does not respect the right to private property. Capitalism is the system that best aligns with the right to own private property and therefore with the Bible. So go get a job and earn an honest living.
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