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  1. Nonsense. Tragically you don't know anything about the history of that area.
  2. Secular leftism which is Socialism has failed wherever it has been tried. Socialism is stealing from those that worked and earned something to give to those who did nothing to earn it. How does that even have anything to do with the conflict in the middle east?
  3. I doubt that very much. They want to get rid of Israel just as much as the practicing Muslims. Hate of Israel is taught to everyone from children up, religious and non-religious. Not sure where you got the idea the "secular lefties" are the answer to anything. Secular lefties are worshipers of a false ideology. Those are Socialists and Communists.
  4. Seriously? Some Palestinians might be devout Muslims and some not so much, but they all want to eliminate Israel. How would you change their minds on that?
  5. Your use of scripture is totally twisted.
  6. The premise of this thread is total foolishness.
  7. In case you haven't figured it out yet, the terrorist groups like Hamas, Hezbollah, and others are fighting for Islam. That's why they don't care about the people of Gaza. The people are just a convenient shield to hide behind. The people are being used as a propaganda weapon against Israel to convince the world how bad and evil Israel is for defending themselves and fighting against Hamas who hides among the people. That is what Hamas is using the people for. They could care less about the people because they think they are fighting for Allah. You have swallowed the whole thing. You are such a gullible person.
  8. Antisemites are indirectly supporting Islamic jihad. The pro-Palestinian young people in the universities across the world are actually supporting Islam.
  9. At least you are honest about not reading what I posted. That's why you will continue in you ignorant support of Islam and antisemitism. You obviously just use the forum to rant nonsense and antisemitism.
  10. You obviously never read the information I posted. YOu just blindly carry on without any idea what you are talking about like some kind of robot for Satan. Read the information so you can understand and talk intelligently.
  11. That is simple to answer. Read my post with info from Wikipedia for a start. Wikipedia does not give the Biblical reason why the land belongs Israel. But it gives a brief history down through the centuries. Then read Genesis chapter 12 and 17. "7 And I will establish my covenant between me and thee and thy seed after thee in their generations for an everlasting covenant, to be a God unto thee, and to thy seed after thee. 8 And I will give unto thee, and to thy seed after thee, the land wherein thou art a stranger, all the land of Canaan, for an everlasting possession; and I will be their God. " Genesis 17:7 KJV If you oppose Israel having that land in perpetuity, you are by default throwing your support behind Islam because they have been trying to take over the whole area since Islam was founded and they would like to take over every place they can. Their religion does not recognize the rights of women or other religions. Why would anyone indirectly be supporting Islam. That is what you are doing.
  12. Palestinians is just a name given by the Romans to people that lived in that general area 2000 years ago. They comprised different groups and Israel has been fighting against them going back several thousand years. But what is significant is, according to the Bible, God gave the Jews that land several thousand years ago for perpetuity. I know you reject God and the Bible and won't accept that but that is the reason why Israel is there. There never was a state called Palestine. Here is the history according to Wikipedia. I don't necessarily agree with every thing it says, but may agree with parts of it. It is just to give you a general idea and show how that area has been in dispute for thousands of years. There was no such country called Palestine. It is just a broad term referring to the general area. The article is incorrect right at the beginning when it says "the modern states of Israel and Palestine". There never was a "state of Palestine". You can verify that yourself if you don't believe it. Wikipedia is wrong on that part. Christianity had its roots there and Jesus Christ was a Jew. Judaism, Christianity and Islam all claim roots there, But according to the Bible Israel has perpetual claim to that land whether you like it or not. Muslims did spread Islam by the sword. You can look into that as well. " The history of Israel covers an area of the Southern Levant also known as Canaan, Palestine or the Holy Land, which is the geographical location of the modern states of Israel and Palestine. From a prehistory as part of the critical Levantine corridor, which witnessed waves of early humans out of Africa, to the emergence of Natufian culture c. 10th millennium BCE, the region entered the Bronze Age c. 2,000 BCE with the development of Canaanite civilization, before being vassalized by Egypt in the Late Bronze Age. In the Iron Age, the kingdoms of Israel and Judah were established, entities that were central to the origins of the Jewish and Samaritan peoples as well as the Abrahamic faith tradition.[1][2][3][4][5][6] This has given rise to Judaism, Samaritanism, Christianity, Islam, Druzism, Baha'ism, and a variety of other religious movements. Throughout the course of human history, the Land of Israel has come under the sway or control of various polities and, as a result, it has historically hosted a wide variety of ethnic groups. In the following centuries, the Assyrian, Babylonian, and Persian Empires conquered the region. The Ptolemies and the Seleucids vied for control over the region during the Hellenistic period. However, with the establishment of the Hasmonean dynasty, the local Jewish population maintained independence for a century before being incorporated into the Roman Republic.[7] As a result of the Jewish-Roman Wars in the 1st and 2nd centuries CE, many Jews were killed, displaced or sold into slavery.[8][9][10][11] Following the advent of Christianity, which was adopted by the Greco-Roman world under the influence of the Roman Empire, the region's demographics shifted towards newfound Christians, who replaced Jews as the majority of the population by the 4th century. However, shortly after Islam was consolidated across the Arabian Peninsula under Muhammad, Byzantine Christian rule over the Land of Israel was superseded by the Muslim conquest of the Levant in the 7th century. From the 11th century to the 13th century, the Land of Israel became the centre for intermittent religious wars between European Christian and local Muslim armies as part of the Crusades. In the 13th century, the Land of Israel became subject to the Mongol invasions and conquests, though these were locally routed by the Mamluk Sultanate, under whose rule it remained until the 16th century. The Mamluks were eventually defeated by the Ottoman Empire, and the region became an Ottoman province until the 20th century. The late 19th century saw the rise of a Jewish nationalist movement in Europe known as Zionism, as part of which aliyah (Jewish immigration to the Land of Israel from the diaspora) increased. During World War I, the Sinai and Palestine campaign of the Allies led to the partitioning of the Ottoman Empire. Britain was granted control of the region by League of Nations mandate, in what became known as Mandatory Palestine. The British government had publicly committed itself to the creation of a Jewish homeland in the 1917 Balfour declaration. Palestinian Arabs opposed this design, asserting their rights over the former Ottoman territories and seeking to prevent Jewish immigration. As a result, Arab–Jewish tensions grew in the succeeding decades of British administration." History of Israel - Wikipedia The reason the Arabs are fighting against Israel is because they always have wanted to eliminate Israel. Islam just gave them another reason to want to eliminate Israel.
  13. You still don't get it. So-called Palestinians are just Arab Muslims that exist in the millions in all the countries surrounding Israel. Israel existed there several thousand years ago. The surrounding people living in the area have been fighting against Israel long ago. When Islam was started in the 7th century, Muslims conquered areas all through the middle east and have been fighting over the area which Israel previously existed in. Before the Holocaust, Jews realized they were not safe anywhere in the world and needed to get their country back and re-establish the state of Israel. So they finally did in 1948, but the Arabs have never accepted it. That is the way it is. The idea you have that Israel should be carved up to give part of the land to their sworn enemies makes no sense because they are an ongoing threat to the security of Israel which already occupies a very small geographic area. They need all the land they presently hold in order to defend their country. They are also a democratic ally of the west but Islamic countries like Iran are not.
  14. Trying to change a free enterprise system by increasing taxes on the rich doesn't look like it works because the rich control the businesses, corporations, professional services, etc. and they will likely just turn around and increase costs of everything to cover any increases in taxes. This is why the whole idea is flawed. It would make more sense to increase educational opportunities for people and encourage innovation and motivate people to improve their lot. In other words help build a more productive, prosperous society. We will always have people who are disadvantaged physically, mentally, etc. and need help. That should continue of course and society should try to make improvements for their lives as well.
  15. The Trudeau government is imposing a much larger capital gains tax on people earning over a certain amount of capital gains. If you think this tax will only affect the rich people who make a lot of money you have been totally deceived. You will be the one paying for it. In the case of doctors this means their retirement fund which are invested will pay far more taxes above a certain capital gain. What that means in reality, when the doctor's associations sit down and negotiate with their respective provincial governments the next contract, they will simply say they are paying more income taxes which is negatively affecting their retirement funds and demand and equal increase from the provincial governments. In the end it is all of the taxpayers who will be required to pay more income taxes and various other taxes. The professionals in the higher income tax bracket will not lose anything in the end. That will be same situation with all professionals. They will simply increase their income to compensate for higher capital gains tax. So increasing capital gains taxes will prove to be a dismal failure. It just passes along tax increases to everyone and increases the costs of everything.
  16. Palestinians are mainly Muslims and their religion is not a religion of peace. That is why Israel cannot ever consider allowing them to carve out a piece of Israel to form a state. They will never accept Israel's right to exist. It's as simple as that. All religions are not the same. Islam does not accept a non-Muslim country like Israel's right to exist in the middle east, surrounded by Muslim countries.
  17. We have been hearing about this controversy for days now. The AFN chief carried a large head dress onto a passenger plane and the staff took it away and put it in a plastic bag because it was very large and should be in a luggage area, not the cramped seating area. But perhaps they made a mistake and not respecting the fact this was the AFN chief and FN consider such an item as very important. So it was not handled appropriately. But it should have been dealt with back in the airport and a plan worked out. Perhaps the AFN chief should have realized she shouldn't be carrying such a large item onto the plane and other arrangements should have been made. But she didn't. Perhaps she should accept some responsibility for this fiasco as well. Why would anyone think they can carry whatever they felt like into the passenger area which has limited space? So then it became an endless national news controversy that even the Prime Minister managed to get some mileage out of. Seems it has been blown out of all proportion and the AFN chief is milking it for all its worth to increase the profile and rights of the AFN and FNs being discriminated against. This is an ongoing saga which will never end. There has to be money involved somewhere. Maybe a financial settlement will be in the works.
  18. People have spent a great deal of time trying to explain this to you but you choose to reject it. That is foolishness. Why are you so blind to the fact Israel has a right to exist? There are millions of Arabs and countries surrounding Israel which are Muslim. Israelis are generally non-Muslim. Jews are a different religion. Muslims don't accept that they have a right to exist. How is it you can't understand that? It is part of Islam to eliminate a non-Muslim country like Israel. That should tell you something.
  19. No they don't. Geographically Israel is very small. Palestinians are Muslim Arabs, the same as the millions of people all around Israel in Lebanon, Syria, Jordan, Iraq, Saudi Arabia, Egypt, etc. Israel needs the small area it has to maintain its security.
  20. The CBC's Rosie Barton weekly politics panel on the Thursday evening news had a five minute run against Pierre Poilievre for him stopping to shake hands with a group of anti-carbon tax encamped protesters. They claimed he should not have stopped because some of them are associated with extreme groups. The CBC is watching absolutely every little thing PP does and making a mountain out of a molehill. He decided on the spur of the moment as he was passing by to stop and shake their hands because they were in support of the axe the tax campaign. But CBC makes it into a major political gaff. They are desperate to attack PP because he is 20% ahead in the polls.
  21. I am not in favour of any of those things. We are not in a position to know the truth of what exactly is going on. We do know there is evidence that Hamas operates from hospitals and wherever there are civilians. I am not sure how you eliminate Hamas when they are hiding among civilians. What would your solution be? I agree more caution should have been taken in trying to eliminate Hamas and aid should be getting in there. As far as the protests, from what I've heard on the news and that's all I have, is many of these protesters celebrate the Oct. 7 massacre and don't seem to oppose the attack on Israel by Hamas. They also direct many protests against Jews that live in the west.
  22. I wouldn't waste my time trying to debate with these hard core anti-Semites. They are not going to change. It is waste of time.
  23. Premier Eby and the BC NDP signed a deal giving the FNs on Haida Qwaii title over all private land on Haida Qwaii (formerly called the Queen Charlotte Islands). I thought it did not include private land. I don't see how the BC government can give private land to any FN group. What about the people that own land on Haida Qwaii? If this is true, it is shocking. What is next in B.C.?
  24. I won't get into your endless word games. I am not into that.
  25. This is why the CBC should be defunded and there should be no more subsidies or grants to the media by the government.
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