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  1. Interesting comment. I looked at a webpage about Einstein's beliefs concerning God. Did Einstein Believe in God? Find Out from His Letters and Quotes (magiscenter.com) I don't claim to be smarter than Einstein. Smart in the sense of Einstein is not a religious or Biblical kind of smartness. His profession or specialty was a branch of science. So it wouldn't make much sense to go by what he says about God or the Bible. That was not his specialty. "14 But the natural man receiveth not the things of the Spirit of God: for they are foolishness unto him: neither can he know them, because they are spiritually discerned. 15 But he that is spiritual judgeth all things, yet he himself is judged of no man." 1 Corinthians 2:14 KJV It is not the science geniuses that can give mankind wisdom about God. Many of them consider it foolishness. God chose at times to give spiritual knowledge to the ordinary people and some would say ignorant people. Not necessarily to geniuses. Some great scientists like Isaac Newton believed in God and the Bible. But we live in the day of much darkness in the world when many think they know more than what God revealed to man in his word. Atheists do not have any answers to life or why mankind is even in the world.
  2. How is it "arrogance" to tell you what I believe the real world is or what truth is? I am simply telling what I believe the truth is. There is nothing in what I say that forces you to believe it or do anything. You are still equally free to reject it and tell me how I am wrong. Maybe in China, N. Korea, Iran, or Russia it would illegal to say what I believe. But this is not the same kind of country. We supposedly have freedom of speech and thought here. Perhaps you forget that freedom of speech and convictions is what makes an enlightened society. That is how western democratic society functions.
  3. That is a bit tragic. You have your mind locked into your own world view. I understand that. Don't open your mind to any other view. It might change your thinking.
  4. The Bible proves that would be a disastrous mistake. Mankind looking inward and using his own thinking instead of God's revelation is the kind of thing that has got man into trouble all through history. Take Adam and Eve as that is where it started. Adam and Eve disobeyed God and ate the forbidden fruit in the garden and in doing so they rebelled against God's commandment not to eat it. They failed the test of obedience and broke their relationship with their Creator. As a result all humans have inherited this fallen, corrupt nature or being. So if you look to yourself or your inner being or soul as a guide, you will be following a corrupt wicked being. Not the wisest thing to do.
  5. Not all human beings misinterpreted the Bible. With the Reformation, many returned to the teachings of the Bible and this had a profound influence on the western world. One example of the influence is the difference we see in Protestant nations such as the UK which abolished slavery around 1800 throughout the British Empire and the United States which adopted many good ideas with freedom in their Constitution. The U.S. became one of the most prosperous and free countries in the world. They had a large Protestant population and good leaders such as Abraham Lincoln. Countries that remained under the Romanist religion like central and south America remained in a lot of poverty and darkness. European countries like Spain still allowed the Catholic church to run their government and institutions of society and did not prosper much. Italy is another example of remaining in a lot of darkness. Russia and some other orthodox countries which have religions similar to Rome did not gain much freedom or prosper either. Russia had the Communist revolution in 1917 and killed tens of millions of people as did China in 1949 onward.
  6. This is how religion was taught in the medieval ages by Rome and money was extorted from the masses. Terrifying paintings and statues was one tool.
  7. Medieval statues to terrify the populations.
  8. This is why Rome hid the book from the population for much of fifteen hundred years. Their version of it was written in Latin so that the common people could not understand it. Only a priest could preach their version of it to the masses of people. Until the 1500s came along and some men stood up against Rome and translated into the language of the people. But these men used copies of the original Greek and Hebrew manuscripts in making the English and European translations. Some of those men in England were burned at the stake for their efforts, but the Catholic system could not stop it. They tried to burn all Bibles they could find, but couldn't find them all and couldn't stop the Reformation. Bloody Mary killed thousands of people. But the movement for Reformation kept going. Eventually the printing press was invented and millions of people received the Bible in their own language and learned the truth which had been hid from them for over a thousand years by Rome.
  9. Mankind cannot move forward without God and his revelation, the King James Bible. Mankind has proven he is a corrupt, fallen being and on his own devices is a complete failure.
  10. Theory? Would you call those teachings such as to love thy neighbour, help the poor, obey the laws, etc. as just theory? Belief and fear of God has been the motivating factor of mankind through much of history. Of course there have been evil doers and mockers through history who just used the system to their own advantage and exploited the people's gullibility. That is why Catholicism was a disaster for the population, but it was not based on the Bible. It was a system that exploited human nature for its own selfish purposes and for power.
  11. I am not sure if you are trying to be sarcastic. Jesus taught in the King James Bible to love thy neighbour and other righteous teachings. Who could possibly oppose that and say it was wrong? When one attacks the the Bible and the plain teachings in the New Testament, he makes a fool of himself. Unfortunately history has proven the Catholic church did not follow the Bible at all. Romanism has a dark history. Here is an interesting 11 minute youtube documentary video of the history of the Catholic church in the Medieval Ages, which was from about 500 A.D. to 1500 A.D. It describes how the Catholic church ruled with fear and an iron fist. They simply frightened the masses of people into submission and providing as much wealth to the Catholic church as possible. That is why many grotesque painting were made to instill fear in the population. Frightening statues of devils and scary figures on the sides of huge cathedrals were common. People could purchase indulgences to get a free pass for any evil sin or practice they might commit in the future. That kind of thing is how the Catholic church became the wealthiest institution in the world. How the Medieval Church Frightened People Into Obedience - Bing video The Reformation in the 1500s was a return to Biblical Christianity of the Apostolic age 2,000 years ago. Watch some video documentaries on youtube of the Reformation. The Catholic church resisted the Reformation tooth and nail. They started the Counter-Reformation in the 1500s. They created the Jesuit Order to lead the counter attack and it is working on it today through various means. Their aim is bring all churches back under their authority.
  12. My point was that the clinic with only one doctor for four hours a day is totally inadequate for this area with a town of about 20,000. Lots won't be able to get in and will be turned away.
  13. There are serious problems in the public health care system simply because it is run by an inefficient bureaucracy and politicians. In our town, we have a walk-in clinic that is woefully inadequate for a town of 20.000. Yet they are only open for 4 hours per day. I heard they only take about six people per hour because they only have one doctor. That is an average of about ten minutes per patient. I guess the rest of the people don't get to see a doctor and don't get treated. It is a disaster. It's funny how some people want to blame the failing public health care system entirely on Covid.
  14. The question I would have is how is "national security" harmed by Canadians knowing the details of the Chinese Communist Party interference? How else are Canadians going to figure out how to defend Canada's democratic system from foreign interference? Obviously bureaucrats and CSIS are not able to protect it. If it to be protected, it has to be grass roots Canadians that know the details and do something about it. The interference is at local levels.
  15. You must be very naive if you think you will get satisfactory answers from Trudeau or a liberal. The most you will get is information obstruction on "national security grounds", obfuscation, diversion, confusion, and blame shifting.
  16. In Trudeau"s 2017 visit with the Pope in the Vatican, he gave the Pope a huge volume: "For his part, Trudeau gifted Francis a copy of "Relations de Jesuits du Canada," a rare 6-volume edition that documents the Jesuits' reports on Canadian territory, and a Jesuit vocabulary in a special edition." Here's what Pope Francis and Justin Trudeau talked about | Catholic News Agency Considering the Jesuit's and Rome's secret diabolical history, this reveals a lot about Trudeau's trust in the Jesuits and Rome. We know the Pope is a Socialist, a Globalist and a Jesuit himself. Trudeau is a strong globalist as well. That in itself should be a concern, in addition to all the deeper concerns.
  17. There are other news websites. This one gives a similar figure. 11,581 died after being put on healthcare waiting lists in 2020-2021 | True North (tnc.news) Some websites have lower figures. 8,400 Canadians died while waiting for healthcare (yahoo.com) Whether it is 11,581 or 8,400 it is still a catastrophe. Over 10,000 Canadians died from 'excessive waiting periods' in health care since 2019: Report | The Post Millennial | thepostmillennial.com
  18. FIRST READING: The Trudeau family's weirdly close relationship with Communist China (msn.com)
  19. There should be a detailed explanation given to the public by Trudeau as to what constitutes privileged or private information in relation to the election interference. The explanation should be full and there should be some definition of what kind of information the public can be told. The public must be tired of being treated like school children. The patronizing comments by bureaucrats saying on the committee we can't tell this and that is tiring. It does not instill confidence in the government. I'm sure people believe the government is simply trying to hide things to protect their incompetence. The public has a right to know everything possible.
  20. Over ten thousand Canadians died during delays and cancellations through the 2020-21 COVID-19 pandemic, a new SecondStreet.org report reveals. These were from causes other than Covid. These people died because of lack of treatment for cancer, heart conditions, etc., not from Covid.
  21. CTV news announced today the RCMP is investigating the leak from CSIS of Chinese spy interference. Canadians apparently have no right to know anything if it comes from unauthorized channels in CSIS. Why is CSIS not authorizing the release of such information? Guess they are not permitted to give any information out unless authorized by Trudeau. That is the only explanation that makes sense.
  22. A book worth reading is "Why Naziism is Socialism and Why Socialism is Totalitarianism" By George Reisman. Available on Amazon Kindle. The Nazis controlled companies and set prices just as Socialism would do.
  23. Could be. But the hospitals have been overwhelmed since Covid started. Maybe that brought the failing health care system to the media and everyone's attention. We never heard much about the problem before Covid. But now it is the centre of attention. Millions of people don't have their own doctor, emergency departments in several small places have been closing down at times. Long waiting lists for various urgent procedures, thousands of people dying on waiting lists. It is very tragic. I don't really think the politicians in charge of the system get it. The problem with a public system in a place like Canada, the way if fails to work properly can always be blamed on some other politician or some other level of government. Politicians are not the right people to be running the health care system but they do and have to provide enough money, which they don't.
  24. I have been saying that liberals have been cozying up with China for ages, actually ever since Pierre Trudeau became PM and established diplomatic relations with China under Chairman Mao over 50 years ago. We don't know a fraction of what is going on between some liberals and China or what has been going on. We do know the influence of China in every level of Canadian society has been growing. Nothing surprises me anymore. Now Trudeau is fighting hard to avoid shedding light on what has been going on with the elections recently. You can bet government and bureaucrats will continue refusing to answer questions claiming privacy rights or national security.
  25. " Over ten thousand Canadians died during delays and cancellations through the 2020-21 COVID-19 pandemic, a new SecondStreet.org report reveals. According to government data, an unsettling 11,581 patients died while waiting to receive potentially life-saving healthcare including surgeries, diagnostic visits and specialist appointments. “Waiting lists are at all-time highs due to governments postponing surgeries and diagnostic scans after the pandemic emerged,” said SecondStreet.org president Colin Craig. “But Canadians should note that waiting list deaths have been on the rise for years. Behind these statistics are patients spending their final years in pain, with cloudy vision and other problems. Worse, some are dying simply because the government took too long to provide surgery.” 11,581 died after being put on healthcare waiting lists in 2020-2021 | True North (tnc.news) You can find different figures and lower number of deaths depending on which website you look at. The health care system is in a crisis according to many people. Reportedly at least five million people in Canada do not have a family doctor. I know once when I was visiting relative near Winnipeg about 15 years ago, I went to a walk-in clinic for some minor issue, it was very crowded with a small waiting area. I caught Norovirus there and was as sick as a dog that night. Politicians like to promise everything like a good public health care system, but these are the same politicians that spend billions of dollars on every other conceivable government social service anyone can think of. That means they end up not putting enough money into the public health care system. It has been getting worse for years. I don't see anything on the news that indicates they are going to really fix it. Aside from the lack of money being put into the system, I suspect the public health care system is being run poorly. I know many people don't have their own doctor and have to rely on a walk-in clinic or going to the emergency room for every issue. That is a poor way to run the system. The walk-in clinic is not a good place. People have to sometimes wait outside for an hour or more in a long lineup to be seen by one doctor. Lately they let them sit inside in a long hallway on chairs. The hospital ER is poorly run. Not enough doctors and patients sometimes have to wait six hours, maybe longer, to be seen. Maybe only one doctor on duty.
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