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  1. "In examining Scripture, two facts become clear. First, God is a Spirit and does not possess human characteristics or limitations. Second, all the evidence contained in Scripture agrees that God revealed Himself to mankind in a male form. To begin, God’s true nature needs to be understood. God is a Person, obviously, because God exhibits all the characteristics of personhood: God has a mind, a will, an intellect, and emotions. God communicates and He has relationships, and God’s personal actions are evidenced throughout Scripture. As John 4:24 states, “God is spirit, and his worshipers must worship in spirit and in truth.” Since God is a spiritual being, He does not possess physical human characteristics. However, sometimes figurative language used in Scripture assigns human characteristics to God in order to make it possible for man to understand God. This assignment of human characteristics to describe God is called “anthropomorphism.” Anthropomorphism is simply a means for God (a spiritual being) to communicate truth about His nature to humanity, physical beings. Since humanity is physical, we are limited in our understanding of those things beyond the physical realm; therefore, anthropomorphism in Scripture helps us to understand who God is. Some of the difficulty comes in examining the fact that humanity is created in God’s image. Genesis 1:26-27 says, “Then God said, ‘Let us make man in our image, in our likeness, and let them rule over the fish of the sea and the birds of the air, over the livestock, over all the earth, and over all the creatures that move along the ground.’ So God created man in his own image, in the image of God he created him; male and female he created them.” Both man and woman are created in the image of God, in that they are greater than all the other creations as they, like God, have a mind, will, intellect, emotions, and moral capacity. Animals do not possess a moral capacity and do not possess an immaterial component like humanity does. The image of God is the spiritual component that humanity alone possesses. God created humanity to have a relationship with Him. Humanity is the only creation designed for that purpose. That said, man and woman are only patterned after the image of God—they are not tiny “copies” of God. The fact that there are men and women does not require God to have Morand female features. Remember, being made in the image of God has nothing to do with physical characteristics." Is God male or female? | GotQuestions.org Google is such a simple thing to use to find the answers. More foolishness. Obviously just trying to be obnoxious.
  2. I have a couple questions for you? 1. Do you believe the Ottawa occupation was heavily influenced and financed by some Americans or would you say it was a very small part of the number of protesters? 2. Do you believe the Americans that were involved were just a fringe group who were protesting against mandates and Trudeau's leftism or authoritarianism? 3. Do you believe American influence is more dangerous than influence from China? 4. Would you rate American's influence as the same kind of threat as from China's influence? 5. Do you think Russian influence in Canada is anywhere near the same magnitude as China's influence?
  3. Watch this 3 hour video with a complete history of the Jesuits and you will understand the threat from the Jesuits. They have been banned from many countries over the centuries since they were founded in the 1500s because of their serious interference in countries. They managed to get back in many countries. One of their purposes for being formed was to reverse the Reformation which began in the 1500s and eliminate Protestantism and bring the world (at least the west) under the dominion of the Papacy. All political leaders of western nations bow to the Pope who is the most powerful politician in the western world. Trudeau himself said evangelicals are the worst kind of Canadians. What does that tell you about his ideology? We know Trudeau and Liberals are diehard globalists. So is the Pope. Many of them are members of Romanism. Globalism appeals to them. Have they been indoctrinated by Jesuitism which founded some universities in Quebec and elsewhere. They believe in control of the world so of course they would promote one world government. There are countless videos on youtube warning about one world government. One good one is at this link. It is 1 hr 5 mins in length but interesting. Amir Tsarfati: The Illuminati and the One World Government - Bing video The Entire History On 'The Jesuit Order' & The Plans Of World Domination Full Documentary YouTube - Bing video Be warned there are many Jesuit websites that paint a completely different picture.
  4. " His story is worth telling. He took over as chief of the southern Saskatchewan band in 1991, when he was only 23 years old. The band’s books were in bad shape, and his people were on the brink of third-party management. Two decades later, the Whitecap Dakota are in the black. Bear spoke of plans to build a hotel and a business park. His band even operates a golf course. Bear earns a tidy sum, as do the band’s two elected councillors. “We have been able to generate a lot of our own-source revenues, so we can top up salaries and make sure we can be competitive,” he told the aboriginal affairs committee. Bear said he’s happy to disclose his own salary, and pointed out that he has no say in his own paycheque. “We actually have a chief and council compensation commission in our community that’s made up of our membership,” he says. “They set our salaries; we don’t set our salaries.” Fast forward two years, and now we all know Bear’s salary last year: $129,519, plus $14,860 in benefits. We also know that his two councillors, Frank Royal and Dwayne Eagle, each took home $102,473 (plus benefits)." First Nations transparency: a deeper look at chiefs' earnings (macleans.ca) There are things native bands could do to create profitable businesses in some places if they were only motivated. The Osooyoos band in the Okanogan is one example of a band that apparently has done well. There are other examples. There was a well known native who became a lawyer in B.C. and wrote at least one book. He also taught the martial arts. But he left the reserve and went to Vancouver to get educated. He did well. His book is all about success through self effort. That's what is needed. The left has the wrong idea. There are other examples of native bands that have made a success of themselves too. I think there is a band up in the tar sands in Alberta that has done well too.
  5. That's true. Also, one of the problems is aboriginals claim vast areas as their "traditional territory". In B.C. the various bands claim the whole province as their traditional territory. Of course they claim natural resource development (oil, gas, forest industry) is on "their" land. The actual native reserves are small areas where they live. They don't actually live on the vast wilderness and mountainous areas that cover hundreds and thousands of square kilometres. In the past they were given hunting and fishing privileges because that is what they did historically as hunter-gatherers. But they have never lived in the past on natural resources like oil, natural gas, logging etc. other than using trees for local purposes in a very limited way. Natives do get hired by resource companies to actually work in the industry. This is fair. But what is happening now is the native bands are demanding and possibly receiving some kind of royalties for resource extraction on what they claim as their traditional lands in some cases, which cover the whole province. The Canadian government has already paid billions of dollars per year to support native bands. I believe the government pays for housing, water filtration plants, etc. and monthly support for each native. Plus they have special status cards which they use to be excused from paying certain taxes, etc. The monthly payments goes through band managers and councils I believe and there is little accountability. There have been cases of abuse of the money. Harper passed a law to create transparency and accountability, but the liberals abolished it. "IOGC collects all royalty moneys on behalf of First Nations and transfers the moneys into trust fund accounts that are administered by Aboriginal Affairs and Northern Development Canada (AANDC). First Nations can apply to AANDC regional offices to access their moneys for community projects and other uses. All moneys collected by IOGC on behalf of First Nations are payable to the Receiver General for Canada and must be submitted by cheque. 100% of the funds collected on behalf of First Nations are placed in their trust accounts." Royalty Payments (pgic-iogc.gc.ca)
  6. We are also seeing governments give special resource payoffs to aboriginals. Benefits such as royalties should go to the province which must provide health care and other services for everyone in the province, including natives. I don't think it is right to be paying them special payments that nobody else receives for resource development.
  7. A court just reduced the sentence of a man who killed three mounties in Nova Scotia. They said in effect that 75 years is too long and he will be entitled to apply for parole after 25 years. When one murders other people, I think they forfeit any rights to be free again, but apparently many liberals and judges think otherwise.
  8. Doing what? Who has the right to give aboriginals lands when the millions of people who might be effected had no idea what is going on or any say? No sign that the demands will ever end. Most people believe the demands will never end. The government already paid 3 billion dollars out to residential school survivors. Just signed a deal for another 2.8 billion dollars. We haven't even begun with the unmarked graves which could cost billions. Then there will be endless demands for colonization and settlement. If they are given self-government which is the direction the BC NDP is going, they will want billions to set up their own justice system. What about a separate health care system next? Separate schools and universities? Who do you think is paying for houses, roads, water systems, and infrastructure for FNs. Everything. On and on it goes. White man will be expected to pay for it all if the lefties, liberals, and woke have their way. This is the problem the woke and lefties are creating and going to leave for our grandchildren. If you are part of it, that is what you are doing. Creating a nightmare and destroying the future. This is what UNDRIP is also pushing us into and the liberals are falling for it. People like yourself.
  9. I never suggested a tribe should be given whatever territory they want or claim. I don't suggest "negotiating" and giving FNs what they want. The fact is they claim the whole province. They can't have whatever they want. They are a tiny percentage of the population. They would have to take what they are given if they want to go that route and be self-governing. As a small population, they don't need more than their share of the land. No I wouldn't give them Haida Gwaii. Maybe 10% of it on the west coast Maybe a few small pieces of land on the coast. We would have to give more than one piece of land. Maybe a small percentage of Vancouver Island. But all other tribes and reserves on the island would have to move to that area. You must know they are never satisfied and always want more. They never will be satisfied. It's time to change our approach because the present approach is not working. Continenta Horn, a famous native woman said white man will always be paying. It will never end.
  10. Many FNs, particularly their leaders and red power activists and their leftist supporters are constantly complaining and demanding self-government. You can't solve that and they are only about 4.5% of the population. The rest of us are 95% of population and are tired of listening to it and tired of paying endlessly. This will never end. The majority of Canadians should be able to make that decision. I don't understand what your problem is. Who cares if a new country is not mentioned. They want self-government and independence. There is no other way to give it to them unless you give them a piece of land to have a place where they can be independent and sovereign. You have not given any other solution. Just complain about any suggestion. You either give them their own area or listen to their demands forever and continue to pay billions to them forever. Which is worse? Giving them a piece of land and saying that is your country. Or listening to endless demands and paying forever?
  11. The education system is being destroyed by leftism in Canada. "Teaching is now a political act that involves indoctrinating children instead of educating them, said Chanel Pfahl, in an interview with the National Post. “There’s a lot of reason to be afraid. We are in a kind of cultural revolution and people really do need to pay attention.” Michael Higgins: 'A lot of reason to be afraid,' says censured teacher critical of the woke revolution in classrooms (msn.com)
  12. No likely going to happen. The person has to be someone who would have the allegiance of millions of Canadians including the Armed Forces and RCMP. There is nobody in Canada who would fit that requirement. Only the King or Queen. The GG is only a representative. The King is still the head of state, not the GG.
  13. the U.S. system is Republican, an entirely different system that ours. We have Parliamentary Constitutional Monarchy which is very different. It requires a non-political head of state.
  14. Heads of state are supposed to be above politics. That's why we don't elect Kings, Queens, or Governor Generals. How could a head of state be independent from politics or be neutral if they were elected? One of their jobs is to be a referee if a government is tied and can't decide who should be the Prime Minister. Or dissolve a government in certain situations. How is that possible if they are partisan?
  15. The theory of evolution has been well de-bunked. One example is the great fraud of the Piltdown man which had a huge effect on society but years later was found to be a fraud. "On the contrary, Piltdown man was extremely influential in shaping evolutionary thinking and early research on human evolutionary theory. For the four decades before it was exposed, Piltdown man was considered the ‘missing link’. It was used as one of the key evidences against creation in the Scopes trial. It altered the education in the United States for a whole generation and found its way into major science textbooks and encyclopedias—and it was a hoax. There were over 250 publications on Piltdown man alone!1 The implications for evolutionary theory were tremendous. Entire evolutionary-developmental theories about hominid evolution were based on Piltdown and many of those were demolished when the fraud was exposed. 250 publications! It would be nothing short of historical revisionism to downplay its significance." Evolution fraud (creation.com) The theory of evolution or Darwinism is just one of the tools that has been instrumental in destroying our western civilization or Judeo-Christian civilization. If you want to learn more about the history of Christianity watch a long interesting history video on youtube. I just watched it and it also shows how Christianity influence society and history down through the ages. It is 2 hrs 33 mins and made up of about five parts. When one part ends, wait for the next part to start. Don't think it is over. Very interesting and scholarly. History of Christianity (2000) | Full Movie | Dr. Timothy George | Mona Hurlbert Fisher - Bing video
  16. That's the reason I asked should natives who wish to be independent be given a piece of land where they could be self-governing and have their own country with a border? Many native leaders are claiming they want to be self-governing. Since that can't work within Canada and would conflict with Canadian laws and system within Canada's territory, why not give them their own territory and let them have at it. Just one condition. They must pick which country they are going to be a part of: either stay in Canada and obey our laws and quit demanding self-government and self-determination and whatever else OR take out citizenship and stay in their own territory. There would have to be a border and essentially no crossing back and forth except under certain conditions, including a passport and laws governing visiting. Those who wish to remain part of Canada would have to swear allegiance to Canada and agree to the conditions which would include no more demanding special rights and privileges for FNs.
  17. If the news reports that China's interference mainly benefited the Liberals, why should anyone believe anything a Liberal says on the subject? There is good reason the Liberals would downplay the effect on the election outcome? 53% of Canadians say this is a serious threat to democracy. It seems to me the Liberals are automatically in a conflict of interest when they speak on the subject since they are the beneficiaries of the influence. China-linked WeChat accounts spread disinformation in advance of 2021 Canadian election | by @DFRLab | DFRLab | Medium
  18. For those that might be interested in some truth here is a good free movie to do with Evolution versus Creation. A Matter of Faith | Creation vs. Evolution | A Rich Christiano Film - Bing video My hope is that there are some wise men / women out there somewhere that will watch this. If you really want to oppose leftism and resist it from destroying the west, then there is only one direction to go. " 9 Give instruction to a wise man, and he will be yet wiser: teach a just man, and he will increase in learning. " Proverbs 9:9 KJV
  19. Would look forward to a PP government seriously dismantling or changing the CBC structure entirely to make it more politically neutral and clean out the wokeness. Stop giving taxpayer money to media companies and other liberal favourites. The CTV seems to be mirror image of the CBC. Maybe examine why that is. The Supreme Court needs major changes but I am not sure the government would have much power to do that and make it less liberal and less woke. Killing the carbon tax and stopping the attack on the energy gas and oil industry would be a very positive step and eliminating the plans for forcing Canadians to buy EVs would be helpful. Changes to the system to invigorate home building would be a big improvement. Stop the environmental attacks on Canada and ban foreign money coming in to the environmental movement.
  20. Very true. Your assessment is very accurate. What is amazing is that so many people seem to still believe Canada is a morally, intellectually advanced country, when in fact it is becoming the opposite.
  21. I explained it in previous posts, but you chose to ignore it.
  22. "The Bible is consistent through both Old and New Testaments in confirming that homosexuality is sin. What does the New Testament say about homosexuality? | GotQuestions.org
  23. One news article says this issue could be the one thing that causes the collapse of Trudeau and the Liberals. We will see.
  24. That is nonsensical. God does not command Christians to do such things.
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