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  1. Depends what you deny. You have been demanding to see the proof of atrocities by Hamas on babies. I gave a photo of a burned baby, but apparently you still deny facts. You demanded photos. When one is produced, you still deny.
  2. Canada is a kind of mixture or hybrid of Capitalism and Welfarism. Some people refer to a welfare state as Socialist. To a degree that is true of Canada. Government employs over 300,000 employees in the federal government to provide services of various kinds. That is government control and therefore a form of Socialism. There are many different social services that are controlled by government. That means Canada is not a pure Capitalist system, but is partially Socialist. But because it provides money and services for many things and spends hundreds of billions on them, it is also a welfare state. Since it has endless regulations and red tape for countless things, it is also an authoritarian state.
  3. I don't think you know what you're talking about. Do you even know what the word Zionism means? You condemn it probably without any idea what it means. Zionism - a movement for (originally) the re-establishment and (now) the development and protection of a Jewish nation in what is now Israel. It was established as a political organization in 1897 under Theodor Herzl, and was later led by Chaim Weizmann. zionism definition - Search (bing.com) So if you're not an Islamic radical or Jihad supporter that wants to eliminate Israel, why on earth are you opposed to Israel having their own state? What is your beef? You spoke against Zionism, not me. I support Israel's right to exist, which is what Zionism is. Why do you claim Zionism is despicable?
  4. Yet another anti-Semite. The world is full of them. Encouraging the Islamic jihadists to carry on their fight against Israel and the west.
  5. The problem is people like you expect government to provide everything imaginable, including free diapers and free hard drugs for everyone.
  6. You were complaining about not having the information as if you couldn't search and find the history of Palestine. Now you claim you did. You seem to be changing your story.
  7. The present debt of the Canadian government is one trillions dollars. It is forecast to rise to 1.4 trillion dollars over the next seven years. Don't forget Canadians must pay interest on this debt. . Interest payments on national debt among largest line items in budget | Toronto Sun The higher the debt, the more money Canadians must pay in interest. The debt costs for 2023-24 will be $46.5 billions dollars. This will be rising to over $60 billion dollars by 2028. Interest on debt provides nothing for Canadians but actually increases the cost of living for everyone. This is the tragedy. Liberals don't care. Their extravagant spending is pushing up the interest that Canadians must pay. This increases the cost of living for everything. Liberals are planning to quadruple the carbon tax.
  8. Of course not. I met Diefenbaker personally and have his personally autographed book, One Canada. I don't know why he would be dealing with Cuba. Of course he was no Communist of any kind, I'm not sure about Singh. He expressed approval of the Communist revolution in Cuba. So people that elected him must be very strange. I think it is far more serious than that. All the disastrous things that Trudeau has done are not little irritations. Ask the millions of people that can't buy a home or afford groceries. The affordability crisis for many Canadians is not a "little irritation".
  9. It all depends on the degree of government intervention, taxation, and control of the economy and society. The key here is degree and what exactly the government is doing. Nobody questions having basic services like police, fire, ambulance, and road. But how far the government goes in Canada is a totally different story. You should be able to understand that. That is basic grade one stuff.
  10. What you don't seem to understand is Socialism is a big step toward Communism. But the word Communism can be used in a general sense. A country can be partly communist. You seem to think everything is black or white. There is a vast range of in between that could be happening and likely is. The NDP leader Jagmeet Singh praised the Cuban Communist revolution by saying it was good for the people. Yet he is the leader of the NDP. Yet you would claim he is in no way a Communist. So what do you say about his support of Fidel Castro and the Communist revolution in Cuba? He also constantly rants about the "greedy corporations" and their executives. If that doesn't sound like Communism, I don't know what does. These were not faithful or true Bible believers. Believing in Socialism is totally contrary to the Bible. It is heresy. Preaching wealth re-distribution is not Biblical. It is stealing. This is a major problem with some so-called Protestants and denominations like the United Church, which is not really a church in the true sense. It is more of a Socialist political organization masquerading under the banner of a church. Same with Tommie Douglas. He was a social gospel minister who became a leftist politician. I hope you don't think Socialism is the gospel or anything Biblical.
  11. This video explains it well. The attrition rate is a major concern and the inability of the military to find new recruits. The major problem is our government's non support of the Canadian Forces and woke agenda that is destroying the military.
  12. That is true unfortunately. Canada has become an extremely authoritarian state with a massive bureaucracy. Canadians seem to believe in this kind of system. Where has this led us? Now we have a housing crisis and unbearable grocery prices with millions of people having to go to food banks. Even food banks are in a crisis in some cases. The Liberals and left are worse than the conservatives. They have no idea what the problem is while the problems is staring them in the face. Massive bureaucracy and red tape regulations hampering private enterprise and growth. We should never have got to the point where we are short millions of houses and accommodations. I am sick of listening to liberal left politicians babble on TV every day because they have nothing to offer to rectify the situation. The sad situation is far bigger than any one politician can solve. Now we hear the conservatives are accusing the government of planning to use temporary foreign workers to build the EV battery plants, that is, use Canadian taxpayer money to pay foreign workers. The Liberals are denying this. Of course they would deny it. Who is telling the truth?
  13. That's because most Canadians are not believers in our historic Judeo-Christian culture and civilization. Most do not believe in the God of the Bible and instead worship their own heathen gods like Mother Earth, money, popularity, and the latest rock star. Canada is being taken over more and more by the woke and the immigrants from the third world. The future does not look good for Canada. I don't think that is exactly correct. 20% of Canadians vote for a Socialist party, the NDP. Canada has an authoritarian government which is not far from Marxism in many ways. They are attempting to even control what is put on social media through some new laws. Canada has so many laws and regulations at every level of government you can hardly deny it is moving toward more authoritarian control and Marxism. We already have government-controlled healthcare, which by the way, is not keeping up with the demands for health care. The NDP is pushing hard for more Socialist programs such as Pharmacare and some want a guaranteed annual income. The NDP leans strongly that way. The Liberals are bending to their wishes in order to stay in power. The NDP holds the balanace of power which is a very strong position.
  14. " The number of asylum claimants entering Canada illegally at border crossings like Roxham Road reached a six-year high in 2022. From January to August, RCMP figures showed that 23,358 migrants were encountered at illegal border crossings, 13% higher than in 2017 after Prime Minister Justin Trudeau tweeted that refugees were welcome in Canada and when the federal government first started reporting the data." " Taxpayers are also footing the bills to house the incoming asylum claimants while the government looks for more permanent solutions. During a House of Common immigration committee hearing in May, Immigration and Refugee Minister Sean Fraser was grilled by Bloc MP Alexis Brunelle-Duceppe for having RCMP officers chaperone migrants instead of tackling gun trafficking. unquote Record number of illegal crossings into Canada by asylum claimants in 2022 | True North (tnc.news) We need to support News sites like True North that expose the disastrous woke agenda in Canada.
  15. Funny how you can't seem to do a search on Google or any search engine to come up with the answer. Far as I know, almost everybody knows how to search a word or question.
  16. Graphic photos from Israel show burned babies killed in Hamas attack | National Post
  17. People who are have gender dysphoria are the ones suffering because of the mental illness and they have the highest rates of suicide. Their families also are suffering as they watch helplessly. So who cares more for people? The ones who disagree with sexual orientation being promoted or the ones who support it? The best way to care for people is to discourage that kind of thing being promoted.
  18. Of course they don't matter to a confessed admitted atheist or someone who mocks Biblical Christianity and such beliefs. It is one thing to be skeptical or question the Bible, but it is entirely another to mock believers. That puts one openly on the side of evil. But if you want to know the consequences of the breakdown of the family structure and the sexual revolution, you don't have to look hard to see them. We have very high divorce rates, abortion on demand with around 100,000 abortions per year in Canada, youth illicit sex is common, domestic violence is very common in Canada, intimate partner violence and murder, youth growing up out of control, and rampant crime and sexual violence such as rape. All these things are linked to the breakdown of the social order which is tied to the abandonment of Christian beliefs. The huge drug addiction problem with accompanying overdose deaths is another result. Tent cities full of homeless people in the major cities is another problem. Governments placing individual freedom above public safety is another problem caused by lack of Christian beliefs. Medical assistance in dying is another result. Over 13,000 people per year now being killed by MAID. All problems can be traced back to the decay of morality and collapse of Judeo-Christian civilization in the world.
  19. The reason it should not be taught in school is as I have said LGBT is not normal. Is is contrary to historic Judeo-Christian beliefs and contrary to the biological function of mankind. The fact that the school system is full of people who do not hold Christian moral beliefs of what is right and wrong also means a moral issue such as sex should not be taught in school. That should be left to parents. Society is deeply divided on what is right and what is wrong. Many believe pre-marital sex is acceptable; others disagree and belief the Biblical principle that sex is to be only within the strict confines of marriage between a man and woman. Schools do not respect this principle. Consequently, they are contributing to the decay of the social order, i.e. the nuclear family made up of a man and woman and their children.
  20. Yes, because many people are suffering from mental problems, we cannot simply assume they know what they are doing. We are usually not in a position to tell other people what they are doing is wrong. You would be amazed how easy going I am with people.
  21. Also, many people who do abnormal things are doing it because they have mental problems. I think that is what is driving many things we see happening in the world today. I think a significant percentage of people are struggling with mental issues that affects their judgment.
  22. Of course not. I already explained why I disagree with it. I simply don't think it is possible to change. But I am not going to hassle anyone over it. I disagree with people covering themselves with tatoos. I think it is self harm, but I am not going to say anything about it. There was somebody in McDonalds the other day shouting and ranting. I don't agree with that but I am not going to say anything. I don't go around trying to police the world. But I am entitled to disagree with some things just as you are. This forum is the place where people make their disagreements known and express their opinions or beliefs. But most of us probably don't go around saying the same things to people we meet or know. It just wouldn't work out.
  23. Normal??? Can you give any evidence to support that? Fifty years ago, if you made such a statement to anybody, they would think you were out of your mind. What has been believed as normal for thousands of years is that a person is what they are born as biologically. It is only in the last number of years that some people like you think a person can change their sex or sexual gender. So how can anybody claim or believe it is "normal"? In fact, give us the proof that a person can really biologically and scientifically change their gender. You have to have some proof or evidence to say it is normal. Since you have none, I assume you are just making it up for the sake of argument. You love to argue and make outrageous statements if you think it goes against my religious beliefs. I really think that is the only reason you are making such statements. Since you claim that I am a religious nutjob for believing the Bible, I would have to say that makes you the bigot. You obviously don't believe in freedom of religion. You also misuse the word bigot. I never advocated that anyone just be discriminated against for being LGBT / trans. I said I simply disagreed with it being promoted in schools to kids and I disagree that a person can actually change their gender. That is not being a bigot. It is simply disagreeing about certain claims. Other than the two points I have stated, I think they should be treated respectfully in schools and not discriminated against in society as for example in jobs and housing. The only bigot is someone who calls religious people nutjobs. That shows extreme bias and unreasonableness.
  24. What are "trans rights"? What gives anyone the right to teach LGBT / trans is normal to school children? This is not just a religious issue as you paint it. This is a societal, medical, mental, health issue that has deep consequences for society. It is teaching kids that there is no such thing as a traditional or normal family made up of a male father and female mother. That is taboo now in the new progressive, liberal world. And parents don't have a right in many places to know what is happening to their kids in schools and have a say in it.
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