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  1. According to this article the WEF is a threat to democracy, freedom, and capitalism or private business. "For years, the World Economic Forum, an unholy alliance of political leaders, corporate elites and wealthy aristocrats, has championed ESG , the “environmental, social, and governance” model of business administration, whose central premise is that private business should be compelled to achieve social good." Bruce Pardy: ESG will kill capitalism, and freedom along with it (msn.com) But we know you approve of the liberal, neo-Marxist model of globalist world control of everything and everyone. That is what the primary purpose of the WEF is.
  2. Who said they have to bring in any kind of pseudo "experts"? But that's how the system works. They will try anything that they think might help.
  3. Shrinks are not real doctors. That field is full of pseudo science and questionable theory. They are often brought in by the defence lawyers for the sole purpose of getting a criminal off.
  4. Yes. I have no problem with treating mental illness but these days many people who murder people get off on "not criminally responsible". One was the bus beheader. I think he was released after a few years. People with mental illness who commit serious crimes should remain in institutions and never be released to protect society.
  5. Life is very short but there is an eternity we need to think about. This message from Tribal Trails talks about that. Time Keeps Ticking (Bill Jackson) | Tribal Trails
  6. The reason why it is impossible to have a true understanding of the world without God and his written revelation is because we are blind without God's revelation. It is a spiritual blindness that prevents us from understanding the world. The world is far more than what you see with your eyes and touch with your hands. There is a supernatural dimension and the material world is only a part of everything. God is an eternal almighty God and a spirit we cannot see with our eyes, but we accept it as a fact by simple faith. That is what God expects. Faith. Well, you said something there that touches a nerve. I have a son in his fifties who is a schizophrenic and has been for 30 years. Mentioning anything about religion is like poking him with a stick. It brings only a very negative reaction. He is almost impossible to communicate with on anything. I can only pray. I have learned that schizophrenics are in a serious mental condition that hopefully God will be merciful about. I am fairly sure they will receive special consideration. It may be damage by drugs. I don't know. Thankfully most people are not schizophrenic, at least, don't appear to be.
  7. It is impossible to really understand the world without the knowledge of God and his written revelation, the Bible. The world is a fallen, corrupt place with much evil. But why? In order to understand why the world is the way it is and what God's will for us is we need to study his written revelation, the Holy Bible. There are many website which explain things in the Bible also. We should not neglect that either. I don't consider websites as infallible or perfect, but they can be a useful tool or assistance in understanding God's word. Here is one such website: Graven Images: False Worship of God (biblehelpsinc.org) Some of the natives who have found the truth have a website which shows what they believe: Tribal Trails - First Nations TV with a Message of Hope We Serve An Amazing God (Rushia Klassen) | Tribal Trails
  8. Again you are claiming I am quote imposing unquote when I am not. I do not believe government should impose any religion on anyone. But by the same line of thinking, they should not be supporting, endorsing and referring convicted criminals to a false religious system. As I said, belief in God and written revelation is purely a matter of individual choice which we will be held accountable for in the judgment after death. God is gracious and merciful and willing to forgive those who recognize their sinful self and come to him in repentance and faith through his Son.
  9. This topic is really trying to point out the error of the government directing aboriginals to a native separate justice system. The reason why that does not make sense is the aboriginal justice system is embedded in false religion or paganism. They worship a false god or gods, false spirituality and neglects the true God. No possible good can come of that. "Man’s worship of God can never be correct until he holds in his mind a right concept of God. Some think of God as being like a grand old man who did some wonderful things for Moses and the Children of Israel many years ago, but in our day of science and progress he is simply out-dated. Others think of God as being like a little old lady down the street. He is so nice and gentle and kind. He tries to calm you when you are afraid, and so forth. Still others think of God as a man with a big stick. Every time you want to have some fun, he is there with his stick to prod your conscience. There may be some truth in each of these descriptions of God, but none expresses all the truth. The God of the Bible has revealed himself as an all-powerful eternal Being who is gracious and merciful, slow to anger and yet righteous and just in all His doings. God is invisible. In His full essence, God has no material substance and no bodily form, and so God cannot be seen. God is a spirit (John 4:24) and a spirit does not have flesh and bones (Luke 24:39). The benediction in 1 Timothy speaks of God as “eternal, immortal, and invisible.” In Colossians 1:15 we read about the image of the invisible God. These passages teach that God does not have a material or bodily nature. And since sight sees only objects of the material world, God cannot be seen with the material eye." Graven Images: False Worship of God (biblehelpsinc.org) Native spirituality involves dancing around in costumes to drive evil spirits out of people or things. Sometimes they use smudging and the smoke is supposed to also do it. This is a kind of witchcraft or sorcery and therefore is a false religious belief system. Why liberals endorse this type of thing is a mystery. One can only conclude they support it because they have no real beliefs or correct idea about God themselves. So anything goes. It should be mentioned that not all natives follow the historic native spirituality. There are some I know of who are Christians and believe some central things about God and the Bible. Their group is called Tribal Trails and they are based out of Prince Albert, Saskatchewan. They have a television broadcast on one of the religious channels and have been around for 40 years. I feel a very close tie with them. We are both believing in the same God and Savior Jesus Christ. Bless them.
  10. Now that is a fact nobody would dispute. But there might be some things we can agree on. I don't know. I used to look at the world in a similar way. I never understood there is a supernatural world and the material world our bodies are living in is only temporary. I did not really understand there is a God who created the whole thing and is far greater than anything we imagine on earth. We need to realize that God created everything for a reason. We are not here as some kind of cosmic accident that just happened by chance. God created us for his glory. That might not be easy to grasp, but it is true. He has a plan and this life and earth is only temporary. He gave us free will. That's why imposing any belief system is not a useful way. That would be against free will. You and I and everyone must decide on the evidence and make up our own minds on these spiritual things. But God has not left us without anything. He gave us his written revelation that tells us a lot about himself and about ourselves, how we are fallen and corrupt and need to be redeemed from our fallen nature and made sons of God. That is what life is for as far as God is concerned.
  11. That is a clear contradiction of yourself. Spirituality refers to the supernatural or spiritual which is what religion is all about. That is nonsensical because speaking, reasoning, communication, presenting evidence is what life is all about. You do it on here and just did. It is hypocritical to say what someone else speaks is "imposing" but what you say is not. Do you get the hypocrisy in the statement you made? If you believe in freedom speech, which I assume, at least theoretically you do, then you should respect other people's right to speak their beliefs and stop calling it an imposition which is insulting.
  12. You need to separate false religion from everything by persuasion or choices. But you cannot separate God from Government or life. Atheism or neo-liberalism is a blasphemous disaster as we see. God will not be relegated to the outside of anything. “And Nadab and Abihu died before the LORD, when they offered strange fire before the LORD, in the wilderness of Sinai, and they had no children: and Eleazar and Ithamar ministered in the priest's office in the sight of Aaron their father.” KJV Numbers 3:4 Atheism is a form of false religion and God would not be happy with it. Man needs some guidance for everything in life. He cannot reject God and just use his own mind as a guide. That has proven disastrous throughout history. We should be able to see that much. Would you agree? Secular humanism is a false god and leads to nothing good. That is why God say as the first commandment of the ten commandments: " 2I am the LORD thy God, which have brought thee out of the land of Egypt, out of the house of bondage. 3Thou shalt have no other gods before me. 4Thou shalt not make unto thee any graven image, or any likeness of any thing that is in heaven above, or that is in the earth beneath, or that is in the water under the earth:" Exodus 20: 2-4 KJV Notice if we reject the true God and make our own minds our god, we are in effect making a false god. That is why secular humanism is a false god.
  13. I think you are off on a kind of tangent. I know I risk saying anything to you because you may go rogue as you have inthe past. But if we can speak in a calm way maybe we can understand each other better. Religion has various meanings. There is true religion and mostly false religion in the world. True religion is simply recognizing and accepting the fact God is a fact of life and everything has a connection to him and his will. Secular humanism on the other hand is way of looking at everything that tries to deny the existence of God which is folly and the Devil's game. You do understand the difference?
  14. The fact is everyone has their false gods at times in one degree or another, Christians included. Nobody is perfect in this life. However, there are clear things that we need to learn to give us guidance in life. If one does not accept that guidance that God has given us, they are like a ship without a rudder. All sorts of evil practices can become acceptable and we become blind to being able to discern between right and wrong, or good and evil. That is why is is so important to take this business seriously and take God's revelation to us seriously. That way we can work to avoid doing things that result in a lot of pain and suffering.
  15. One evil does not justify another. You sound like you are trying to justify evil. That's what people do when they are unregenerate and oppose God. You need to be delivered from darkness. Read the New Testament and believe. Ask God to come into your life and open your eyes.
  16. No, I have known long ago native spirituality involves the powers of darkness. As the government website says, it involves "spiritual" or "spirituality" which may refer to religion or religious things. However, native spirituality is not Christian or Biblical. From a Biblical point of view, it is false religion (pagan). Definition of paganism - a religion other than one of the main world religions, specifically a non-Christian or pre-Christian religion. It was the main religious practice prior to European settlement. Native spirituality still exists and is still practiced by some aboriginals and in some locations. Medicine men still exist as well. Healing lodges are a part of this. This is what the government justice system apparently sends some people to as verified by their own website which I quoted above.
  17. Probably one of the biggest reasons to recently surface as to why federalism as we know it is a failure is Trudeau's new policy called "just transition". This has the potential to destroy the energy industry in Canada and ruin the lives of millions of Canadians. The government of Alberta is right to be alarmed. This could be the straw that breaks the camel's back. "Natural Resources bureaucrats estimate upwards of 2.7 million workers — about 14 per cent of the entire Canadian workforce — will have their jobs disrupted to one extent or another. There will be “significant labour market disruptions” in nearly all sectors. “We expect that larger scale transformation will take place in agriculture (about 292,000 workers or 1.5 per cent of Canada’s employment),” the memo continues, “energy (about 202,000 workers or one per cent of Canada’s employment), manufacturing (about 193,000 workers or one per cent of Canada’s employment), building (about 1.4 million workers or seven per cent of Canada’s employment) and transportation sectors (about 642,000 workers or three per cent of Canada’s employment). Not everyone in those sectors will lose their job or have to pull up stakes (and their families) and move across the country when the Liberals shut down Alberta’s largest industry." GUNTER: Don't believe promises of 'well-paying jobs' from Trudeau's Just Transition plan (msn.com)
  18. That really shows your ignorance. "they must choose to follow Indigenous programming and spirituality. Once inmates have expressed a sincere desire to participate in the spiritual correctional services offered at Indigenous healing lodges, they are entitled to participate in those spiritual practices under the Corrections and Conditional Release Act (CCRA).'" Indigenous healing lodges (csc-scc.gc.ca) If stating the truth is racist not much I can do about it. The truth is the truth even if you can't bear to hear it. Do you have any idea what aboriginal spirituality means? It might involve teaching about their ancient beliefs but could also involve smudging, dancing, costumes, etc. to drive out evil spirits. That is part of native spirituality.
  19. Pierre might make a bit of headway if he stressed the failed bail and parole system and Trudeau's reluctance to fix it. All Premiers signed a letter to Trudeau demanding action on bail reform after the killing of the OPP officer after a dangerous offender was released on bail. This is what Trudeau said about it. Trudeau told reporters in Saskatoon today that he understands "there's a real concern out there" and "challenges around impacts, particularly on Indigenous or minority groups" have to be taken into account." Now does anyone really think he gets it? It was an indigenous guy who stabbed twelve people to death on the Cree Nation in Saskatchewan last September and an indigenous guy who allegedly shot the OPP officer in Ontario in December. One was released on parole and the other released on bail. Trudeau still has the gall to mention "challenges around impacts, particularly on indigenous or minority groups". This is just another reason why he has to go. The system is completely dysfunctional. Don't hold your breath that he will do anything about the disastrous bail and parole system that is costing innocent first responders their lives.
  20. The federal Liberals and NDP are big believers in bureaucracy. Big government is the solution to all problems in their thinking. "Bureaucracy begats bureaucracy, building its own demand and transforming people into managers designed to meet bureaucratic needs. A bureaucracy designed to serve patients ends up serving its creators instead and protects those who work inside. Economist William Niskanen offered a definition of bureaucracies in his book “Bureaucracy and Representative Government.” Roughly speaking, he says, 1) bureaucracies consist of people who do not earn their income from what is left over after costs are subtracted from revenues, and 2) bureaucratic revenue does not come from the sale of output per unit rate. Many people refuse to discuss bureaucrats or bureaucracy for fear of causing offence. The managerial and chattering classes see such talk as impolite, ill-defined, or perhaps unhinged. But forcing a word out of fashion — or relabelling it as management or administration — does not remove the reality it describes. We need bureaucracy, just like we need surgery. Surgery saves lives when nothing else will do. At the same time, there is nothing that surgery — or bureaucracy — cannot make worse." There is nothing bureaucracy cannot make worse | TheSpec.com
  21. One of the main ideologies of the federal Liberals (and NDP) is that government can do things best. Since Trudeau was elected in 2015, he has increased the size of the federal civil service by about 25% or increased it by about 75,000 employees. We now have a very large federal civil service. It also seems like the voters do not really have any say in it. The federal system is really out of control. Perhaps this is one of the key reasons why the health care system is in a crisis. It is run by bureaucracy. Five major problems with bureaucracy are outlined in this article. The first point is: quote 1. Rigidity Stampedes Creativity: The whole bureaucratic system is formed around rigid rules and regulations. This excessive form of rigid structures stampedes creativity and restricts growth. In all types of officialdom there is always adamant, inflexible and unaccommodating. Furthermore, bureaucracy requires everything to follow a given system, which diminishes any chances of creativity and out-of-the-box solutions. With the modern-world changing fast and evolving in light of new challenges, this rigidity of bureaucracy is a big problem for any organization or government. unquote Five Problems With Bureaucracy | WallStreetWindow.com
  22. Premier Ford and his health minister just announced this morning and answered questions about expanding private care for certain surgeries in Ontario and getting people who have been waiting a long time the care they need. What do you think about this? The opposition Liberal and NDP parties are opposing this. Ford has said repeatedly people will still pay with their OHIP card. Of course the unions are opposed to expanding private care even if OHIP pays for it. What is it with these unions. Whatever works to get help for the people who are suffering or who need health care should be the top priority. This article describes the problem with bureaucracies. Private businesses are not under the same bureaucratic constraints as government run institutions. They seem to be able to operate much more efficiently. Hopefully this will help to reduce the waiting lists and waiting time for people needing medical care. This is already apparently being done in Ontario, but just being increased. Some other provinces do this somewhat. Of course ideology of the left opposes any private care and think only public institutions can do things. However, the public health insurance plan is paying for it. A lot of their opposition may have much to do with unions. That puts unions ahead of the well-being of the public. quote Typically, if you walk into a shop or any other private business, you will quickly be attended to. On the rare occasion when a queue forms in a private shop, the staff rush about briskly and efficiently, like bees in a hive. By contrast, if you visit a court registry or a department of motor vehicles, you will be asked to take a number and wait, often for hours, as bored and complacent bureaucrats shuffle around and chat with each other, yawning and smiling dreamily while in front of them people are waiting. Government departments involving clerical work are even slower. The pace dawdles to fill the available time. While a developer can retain an architect to draw up plans, have an engineer review them, a quantitative surveyor cost them, and a lender commit millions of dollars, all in the space of one or two months, government approval of the plans can take years. A private individual subject to this torture can call, write, complain, and rage, all to no avail; it is either the government’s way or not at all. unquote Bureaucracy is slow | GoodGovernment.org
  23. The B.C. Conservative party is the only party which will remove the carbon tax and cut back on ideology being taught in public schools to kids. I will support them in the next election if I have the chance. The B.C. Liberal party is really just NDP light.
  24. Far more than ten years ago. Guess you didn't know Premier Gordon Campbell of the BC Liberal Party started the carbon tax in BC in 2008. We have probably been paying the scam tax longer than anyone else in the world. That's your left wing province of BC. Charging GST on carbon tax is not a tax on a product or service. You should know the difference. It is a tax on a tax. Yet the federal government thinks the people don't know the difference or care. I guess they found at least some gullible people that don't know they're being had. Either that or people are too dumb and believe the federal government can do no wrong. The federal government also puts GST/PST on shipping charges when you order something online. Another scam. These are not products or services. The GST stands for goods and services and PST stands for provincial sales taxes. Carbon taxes and shipping costs are not "goods and services".
  25. Another thing that just came to my attention is: "OTTAWA — There are concerns at the highest levels of the Canadian Armed Forces that this country won't have access to the same cutting-edge military technology as its closest allies because it is not part of a security pact between Australia, Britain and the United States." Military concerned by Canada's absence from American-British-Australian security pact (msn.com) This is a result of the liberal pacifist ideology that dominates the federal government.
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